Don´t be fooled. It's temporary. Believe me

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Tegnell also said many different things in his interview with Unherd


1. On vaccines:

"I think the big change, since we talked last time, is really the vaccinations. There, we really found the tool that’s going to make the difference. And all the other things we have tried are not going to be very important anymore, because reaching and achieving a high vaccination level is the one way we can get out of this pandemic. There does not seem to be any other way, really."

2. Winter (ie, we are in it now):

"I really do believe that we’re going to have a much easier winter than last winter. Because really, 95, 96% of the people that got badly hurt last winter, they are now vaccinated, and they have good protection. And I think we have every reason to believe that that protection will last through the winter. There might be groups that need another shot; we have plenty of vaccines and resources around that we can give them that so we can keep on protecting them if the need arises."

So, in short, most countries (Norway, Sweden, Denmark) that are ending various restrictions, are pushing the narrative that it was the vaccines that ended the pandemic there.

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Government Data Shows The “Unvaccinated” Are Less Likely To Get COVID

Data from the U.K. from Aug. 16 to Dec. 5, 2021, showed people who had been vaccinated accounted for four of every five COVID-19 deaths, the Gateway Pundit reported. Further, a U.K. “technical briefing on SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern” found that as of Dec. 29, the fully vaccinated make up 74% of hospitalizations due to infection from the omicron variant that now dominates Western nations.

CDC Director: “What Vaccines Can’t Do Anymore Is Prevent Transmission”

The European Union’s top health agency warned that getting boosted every four months could harm the immune system’s ability to fight off the disease.

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Thankfully, parts of Canada are doing the same, while not using the words, "pandemic over."

I think they'd be terrified to open up all sorts of litigation, particularly given what other provinces are (still) playing at.

The Great Pandemic of the Mind.., 2022.

How anyone fell for any part of it is still beyond me.

I never thought I was smarter than most. I did think most people were on the same playing field. In the past two years, I have learned the opposite is true, and it didn't make me happy. Now that I am aware of this sad fact, however, will I continue to expect humanity to see the lies for what they are? Likely so. I guess I'm not ready to abandon all hope.

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It was over about 18 months ago, but better late than never.

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So what can we do?

I suggest running a petition to demand the refund of all our property taxes starting March 17, 2020 and until the county lifts all restrictions.

No one has the power to declare people "essential" and "non-essential".

And we should not be required to pay for our own prison cells.

Especially businesses that had to close for months on end.

If more than half the county petitions the courts, they would have to refund taxes.


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I'm very happy for Sweden; they are clearly using common sense and logic, and real science in their decision making. But, since you mentioned dr. Cody - we have a similar fascist/idiot here in Canada as well, dr. Bonnie Henry of British Columbia. Two years into the plandemic, she's now hell bent on forcing ALL (incl. naturopaths and TCM practitioners!) medical staff of all levels to be fully jabbed, or be fired. Two years... with this crap ending, she's forcing that ridiculous mandate "to keep people safe"... Everyone, well, except for the cult of covid braindead progressives, knows these jabs were never effective in prevention or transmission, especially now with Omicron sniffle going around. People are VERY angry with Henry, and the government in general. No wonder she needs bodyguards to keep her safe; her and Trudeau are the two most despised creatures in Canada.

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Thank you Steve. Sweden and Finland are leading by example. Living with viruses and bacteria builds natural immunity. WHO will not back down because they clearly have a different agenda. Our governments cannot admit they were wrong and will never apologize. Sadly, most law abiding citizens follow the status quo, trust mainstream media and are blindly compliant.

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Good on you Sweden, at leased your politicians have the guts to do the right thing & tell the likes of Dr. Death FAUCI to Piss Off,!!! This is great, NOW the rest of the WORLD MUST FOLLOW..

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England also lifted all restrictions, whilst Germany and Austria are even planning mandatory COVID vaccinations. In Germany you still arent allowed to visit restaurants or shops if you are unvaxxed, or ride public transportation and to to work without a daily COVID test. Vaccination totalitarianism.

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Feb 11, 2022·edited Feb 11, 2022

Steve, you're assuming lockdowns (that penitentiary term) were about health and safety, rather than social and economic ruination, their realms of efficacy. We should hold our authorities to account for their criminal success and the ongoing ramifications through the damaged, trustful lives. Mere surcease of the crimes are not acquittal or exoneration. The leaders and their accessories must pay their debt to society via harsh, penal sentences. Recklessness and stupidity are not outs, either. They knew the disruption, injustices and damages to be wrought; as some political or NWO gains. A consensus on their shamefulness will also not suffice. The next steps: Investigation, assignment of blame, prosecution & sentencing. Injurious caprice by the elite must be clearly defined as felonious conduct leading to indictment. A so-called experiment, taking no heed at all of viral and pandemic medical history & measures, is a ruthless act perpetrated by blatant psychotics. Life sentences in mental institutions might be an attenuating option where premeditated injury and murder cannot be proven beyond a shadow of doubt. Think Tribunal as an antecedent to the courtroom. Wreck them publicly, and then judicially.

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Feb 10, 2022·edited Feb 10, 2022

I've read a number of comments claiming the black community is the least jabbed group in the USA. It was suggested that only 30% of blacks have been jabbed. This is perfectly understandable given the sordid history of US government medical experimentation on the black community. Liberals in government and the media are ignoring conservative anti-mandaters...they reflexively abhor patriotic white males. They always characterize any predominantly white male group as privileged racist misogynists....as Trudeau has just done in Canada.

What about the ongoing discrimination against blacks via the same mandates? I suspect this would be politically more problematic for the liberals. Perhaps more attention could be focused on this. Publicly confront the liberals with their own racial discrimination and hypocrisy.

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My money is on March 1st, Biden’s state of the Union address where he will declare victory over the pandemic 🙄and then his admin and the Dems will march full speed ahead towards the midterms declaring that the “ science has changed” 😂

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Feb 10, 2022·edited Feb 11, 2022

New Zealand parliament grounds live stream - police seen with battens - watch live here https://www.facebook.com/ChantelleBakerNZ/videos/1004628730456604/

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"Meanwhile in high tech Silicon Valley"

I am in Silly Con Valley. Look at what we've done! We've made high tech gulag when it was our precise opposite intention. We kind of deserve what is happening to us.

One thing I've learned over the last 2 years is people have both a lot less intellectual curiosity and critical thinking than I thought all these "geniuses" once did, and they have far less backbone and principles than I ever possibly imagined. I am entirely disillusioned.

Silly Con Valley ain't the place to be anymore in "high tech".

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From an NZ politician Winston Peters:

We were told to get vaccinated once, then twice, and now three times – and we have done that. So why still is Labour persisting with these crushing, inconsistent, and thoughtless mandates that only serve to attack kiwi’s freedoms, businesses, and livelihoods?

It is clear that Omicron is much more virulent but much less dangerous – this is a fact. The so-called expert modelling has been so far off – to a factor of tens – that we have had enough. Huge swaths of ordinary kiwis have already made their minds up - they will no longer scan, they will no longer test.

The removal of freedoms and the forced compliance of a great number of kiwis, has served only to create a huge divide in our country. It’s now them and us. Whether Labour knew it would happen and took the risk anyway or whether they still just don’t accept it, the reality is that the often contradictory, inconsistent, and nonsensical nature of the mandates they have imposed are the sole cause of the protests we are now seeing.

Let’s be clear, the vast majority of those protesters are not violent anti-vaxers – they are pro-freedom. They are ordinary fed-up kiwis like me and you. New Zealand was built upon the sacrifices of our forebears who fought and died for the very freedoms these protesters are trying to hold on to. It is any wonder there is a large number, a silent majority, of kiwis who have grown frustrated.

There are many countries around the world that are starting to say that mandates are no longer justified – the reality is they are right. The Prime Minister has been forced to say that it is only a matter of time before these mandates go. It now seems that time will be when it suits the Labour party, not the people. The problem is for too many it will then be too late.

The unavoidable fact is that if Labour was properly prepared, didn’t delay, exhibited a little less hubris, and didn’t show extreme inexcusable incompetence, we wouldn’t be in this position in the first place.

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