Hello, Steve! I am writing an essay on this subject and wanted to include a hyperlink to your podcast

where you mention the Stanford meeting ("Very nice, Steve, we can't fault your numbers, but the decision's been taken at a higher lever") at about an hour and fifteen minutes and 50 seconds in: "Covid vaccines have killed over 200,000" from 2021 -- but, surprise, surprise, the video is no longer there.

Can you somehow reissue it?

I think in the entire tsunami of "covid policy" sewage, the $64 question remains: WHO GAVE THAT ORDER "at a higher level"? Because every elite institution in America (not UK, curiously) got the same order.

There have been three weird medical-related student deaths (that I am aware of) at the University of Chicago since September 2021. No news, heard through the grapevine on two of them, we're supposed to pretend they're explicable (one "drugs", supposedly; one unexplained; one diabetes, supposedly. No autopsies to clarify. Definitely no information to parents.)

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They don't need to insist we get the shot now, because they will soon start putting it in OUR FOOD. Injecting chickens and cows and pigs will be injection this month - and adding it to processed foods in the factory. They have been working on this for 20 years. Maybe it's already in the cornflakes - would we know? Look @RenzTom on twitter

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It’s like those of us here know. The whole getting the clot-shot was nonsensical.

Ask any vaxer why they aren’t getting their boosters. It’s all nonsense. But The powers that be won’t cone out and say that. And the sheeple, don’t want to admit it to themselves.

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I have finally been noticing a shift in advertising. Not enough to fool me just yet but i agree with the comment that Stanford is following he money. About time.

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Apr 7, 2023·edited Apr 7, 2023

Fauci's poison death shot should have been withdrawn from the market in early 2021. Big Pharma and its political/corporate minions always knew it was neither safe nor effective. That's why government and corporate big-shots like Biden, Harris, Fauci, Gates, Bourla, Pelosi and Schumer never were vaccinated. They got saline.

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The relevant UK minister in the roll-out period, Nadhim Zahawi, is on video in Parliament confirming that those who got a placebo "will have the same privileges" (odd choice of words) as those who got the vaxx. Which makes it sound like the pigs-who-NEED-to-eat-apples in the UK Establishment took pains to ensure that THEY won't be dropping dead from #ClimateChange like the plebs.

Also, a French alternative presidential candidate, Jean LaSalle, is on record saying that neither Macron nor many of the members of the French governing classes got the real thing. LaSalle started getting suspicious of the whole business when he submitted to the vaxx and required four cardiac surgeries as a consequence.

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Lucille Packard is dropping mask mandate starting April 12!

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Lucille packard hospital is stupid or corrupt or both for ever mandating it. No science has ever supported the assertion that masks prevent transmission of disease particles formerly known as “virus”. I agree it’s good they are finally dropping the anti scientific virtue signal.

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Edward Dowd said the financial system is crashing and that's why the created this COVID emergency. How many trilions of dollars do we have in unfunded liabilities? How long does anyone think we can continue printing cash?

COVID is a coverup for a crashing financial system. COVID is depopulation to get out from 10's of trillions of dollars worth of pensions and health care, and installing "hackable biosystems in the remaining humans so they will "Own nothing and be happy about it."

That's the stark reality we're confronted with.

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Absolutely, the financial crisis was about to blow…and then “Covid happened. Then everyone accepted the “pandemic” as justification for flooding the system with new money. Ppp, “stimulus checks”, etc….all found its way into banks as new deposits. The people never would have tolerated another bailout, but that’s precisely what happened, and the fools didn’t notice! That’s my perspective in summary. Covid saved banking temporarily. Browse headlines from late 2019.


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Edward Dowd said vaccine sales are down. It appears to me they've moved on from "COVID," toward inserting nanotech into humans via the food and water supply.

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Major medical schools and hospitals are in a pickle now that the jab is becoming widely known to have been a tremendous blunder wrapped in profiteering with a side order of prostitution to Big Pharma and collusion with tyrannical government officials. Thousands of deaths are on their hands but worst of all, those deaths seem to NOT be on their conscience - they aren't admitting their evil - they CAN'T admit their evil; they smugly and self-righteously try to sneak away as if their collusion in democide never happened.

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Apr 7, 2023·edited Apr 7, 2023

They aren't bothered because there was no "blunders" made. The jabs are working as designed. The pre-clinical trials where every animal died proved what they needed to know.

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Biggest conspiracy of my long life. If you read Shakespeare or the Bible you'll realize that conspiracy is the normal human condition. The Wikipedia article on you Steve is a complete smear Job which is typical of anything remotely "political" on the website I used to contribute to. ALL you need to know about the "rule of law" and Western societies in general are two words (Julian Assange)! I don't know about other societies but they would have to be really bad to be worse than us.

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Rockefeller Medicine Men and those of the same ilk long ago corrupted the Colleges and Universities.

Should I or those who simply have nothing to do with these institutions even care in what they do, say or state?

Colleges and Universities largely reinforce the agenda's and narratives of the 1% of the 1% and it was no different with 'covid-19'

Imagine a small group having a persuasive control over such instituions that stamp out mindless flesh that only enriches the 1% of the 1%, reinforcing their 'industries' (Banking, Medical, Military, Media, Compulsory Schooling...etc...etc...)

Since 23 December 1913 a small group of parasites have had this land under their control through the practice of Usury.

When a small group can create the money supply out of thin air, loan it at interest thus requiring more money creation until the supply is so inflated the money becomes 'worth less' or 'worthless' (you choose) the financial power literally create the confusion, fear, dystopia, tryanny that will allow the finanical power to enact much more control.

Without the ability to create money out of thin air the financial elite cannot foment the wars, be it the war on coronaviruses, war on poverty, war on communism, war on inflations, war on drugs, war on obesity, war on terror and any other war which is really nothing more than a war on the people.....

Wars allow for money creation that enrich a few while enticing those who seek a fortune to give up their scruples, morals, common sense and cognitive thought to rush in and assist the racket....

War is a Racket!

Steve you are barking up the wrong tree but then I understand you are tied to this practice of usury as evident by your wealth....and you can say you worked hard but this practice of usury creates winners and losers and it has nothing to do with how smart you are or how hard you worked.

Whether you know it or not Steve you are just another layer of distraction that prevents the people from seeing the true issue and that is those that create the money supply....It has always been this way since the days of Jesus overturning the money changers table in the Cleansing of the Temple Mount.

Calling you out Steve....

Forgo your own wealth to point out the Money Changers of the day (the Fed) or reduce yourself to being just another shill for the Money Changers. After all none of these pandemics, financial crashes, wars, bad government...etc...etc... could occur without the 'money changers'

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What will they do about the students and staff who were forced to leave on account of refusing the vaccines? This is a rhetorical question to which the answer is known. Nothing.

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What I want to know if what is the bigger picture.

Cov isn't it. All these diversions.

Horrible when you can't even drink, let alone, grow safe food from water after boiling it like the old days. New times for us all. Sometimes science isn't bad in the hands of those that want to help, not hurt. Everyone has been lying to us for years. People can't figure out what xx xy is, the weather is snowing 60k away, yet I am at 32 degrees C. Messed up. All diversions just, like the barometre measurements that I keep asking about but no longer exist. Physics and their fake constants, things that suddenly appear that were not there moments ago. Strange new world. Hopefully the NEW world will bring with it some of the old morals that we cherish, and if not, then I hope I can last long enough to enjoy what I have left enjoying remnants of the old world and some of the good in this new one I am living in right now. Learn. How do you treat non vac v vac. Not everyone or thing is bad. Just a few with I don't know what agenda or for, powerful few, and a lot of tail hangers that are afraid, more afraid than we know. Idiots? No. Just trying to survive like us all and not willing to acknowledge they are being/were mislead/used. Killed their children, disabled their partners. Desperate, sad people. You know better, I know better yet I am willing to help if they want my help, if not, so be it. When they are ready, I will be here, just as I am sure you will be too.

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Thanks Steve. A little bit more of the back pedaling! Their legal advisors have at long last worked out that anyone or organisation enforcing the injection mandate are legally liable for any harm or deaths due to their own policy.

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Can you explain how after all you have done they are still manipulating the science world?

Five minutes after reading a paper on genetic revision in the liver of children (short of the long) acceptance of peanuts I get an ad for save the children for a donation for PEANUT PASTE.


People have gone off science. They don't trust us any longer, even when we know we are the only hope they have. But once again another dodgy group is playing god with our children.

I was wondering why the logo for Save the Children has been blurred out for some time, I guess I know now. NIH? Are they playing monkey games with them too?

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Sorry but on topic - if just.

Could you explain to me how - just today I was reading about peanut allergies and manipulation of genetics make it possible for a better treatment for children with allergies to peanuts, Stanford I thought was in on this at one point in a break through to the allergies.


Moments AFTER reading that article, I get a Save (or FEED) the Children ad on my t.v. to donate money for PEANUT PASTE to feed the starving Africa nation children? This was a fresh article, with all the genetic coding, proper NEJM type article published paper and very expansive, and also a full 60 second commercial that we have never seen before for PEANUT PASTE !.

What the heck is going on with that? They are still testing that in mice, not on humans, or did I miss read. Can you enlighten me on what is going on with that?

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