According to the HHS


We have national health emergency's for Covid-19 / Monkeypox and the Opioid Crisis.

Why don't we have one for Myocarditis? The world death rate for Monkeypox is something like 25 people.

Myocarditis certainly has killed more people recently. The rise in cases / deaths is obvious.

"WHO" at HHS determines when to declare a National Health Emergency and what are the determining factors?

Only the Director of the HHS at his personal discretion? No others are in on the decision? Just one dictator?


Director/Dictator Xavier Becerra is a Lawyer / Economist / Politician .. not a doctor (although he is married to one)


I wonder if he'll listen to anyone from his alma mater (Stanford) about lifting the Covid-19 National Health Emergency?

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Hi Steve, others are asking on another Substack site:

"I heard Stanford quietly has scrapped their vax mandate. I think Atlas and Battacharya are both there or at least affiliated?"

I had posted about the Reps. Chip Roy,Thomas Massie and the Freedom Caucus holding an excellent hearing this week with testimony of Drs. Scott Atlas, Jay Battacharya, Martin Kulldorf.

So do you think that dropping vax mandates are side effects of more recent public pressure and exposure?

Dr. Scott Atlas in particular was determined, fearless, and let no opportunity to make a point go by, well prepared, and had so many ideas for reform of HHS and all its OPDivs as they are called (NIH, CDC, FDA, and all the rest) and about academia and science journals.

It would be great to keep that discussion rolling and ongoing --how to reconstruct the system-- with Dr. Atlas and any others focused on that topic in your VSRF weekly call format.

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Stanford students have already been given enough mRNA doses to make them all sterile, so the eco-perverts who run Stanford already have what they wanted.

Pfizer knew that the limpid packets that deliver the mRNA are preferentially absorbed by the gonads, where they hijack cells to mass produce the toxic spike proteins. Fauci knew it. Gates knew it. Many people knew it. Probably everyone at Stanford who studied mRNA gene-therapy/ vaccine-therapy knew it.

Giving this to young people was and is speciecide, which is exactly what the eco-perverts want. Sure there are plenty of go-alongs who are driven by the money. Putting the mRNA Covid vaccines on the CDC's childhood immunization schedule (a shot every year until age 18), will be worth many hundreds of billions of dollars. But it is the extreme power of the eco-perverts--the ones who see killing off the human race as a necessity, the one's who are right now unplugging our energy systems and our agriculture--that allows the more mundane monetary interests to feast like flesh-eating bacteria on a living body.

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Because they have been brainwashed by the MSM, especially their TV.

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Steve, thank you for all the great work.

I just called the Stanford Health Clinic and they do require the COVID shots and booster for all students.

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RSV Respiratory virus exploding amongst kids under 5 right now. In normal life kids of all ages are

intermingling with each other allow RSV immune build up however due to the Covid lockdowns and restricting kids from being together RSV is becoming a serious issue with small children going to the hospitals.

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The stay up to date with the latest bivalent booster may no longer be required (just recommended); but the way I read it on both their health alert and student affairs Covid information, it still sounds as if the Covid vax is still required.

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Is there any updates from Stanford today? In the comments, many mentioned that they believed Stanford still had the jab requirements.

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Nov 14, 2022·edited Nov 14, 2022

Stanford will drop the jab mandates until the tuition check clears. Then look out!! The National Guard will need to be deployed to campus to ensure jab compliance...

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Same for us in the UK! It's all WEF driven by those that intend us harm and slavery! Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed and proud I joined the dots first!

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Why do you think Pfizer & other makers should avoid responsibility and ultimate LIABILITY? They just churn out useless but deadly unaccountable potions with no consideration of the unwitting public.

The buck stops with BIG PHARMA and their unquestioned LIABILITY!! The pathetic UK Government is already accepting Compensation Claims for Injury or/and DEATH BY VAX! That's MY TAXES paying for Big Pharma's devious avoidance of morals and responsibility! Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed and fighting tyranny!

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Protests work.

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Testing is an "important tool" for staying healthy? What they say is scary after seeing this video:


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Now what about medical school students?

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They can tell that lawsuits are coming for them now the truth has been exposed completely and even Pfizer admitted they never tested them for transmission. What a load of BS. They knew it didn't work and was very dangerous not just from the Covid trials, but also from a previous mRNA trial where all but 4 of 200,000 participants are dead since 2013. All the animals died too. They knew it was a killer and I believe everyone pushing them knew too. Why would all of them do fake injections in front of the cameras. We could see the cover on some needles and others were hidden while the injection was supposed to be given.

People are going to hang and they all want to start hiding now.

We need to keep all the records of who said what when and how much they go paid by Big Pharma including the MSM. Those who said they got the jabs should be tested with blood samples to see if they have they symptoms of clotting.

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