We have known about problems with vaccines for a VERY long time. After all, there was outright mercury in them for decades! Now they say they took it out. Now people think all the injuries are from aluminum but it still looks like mercury to me. Why should we believe they took it out. They use it in the manufacturing process and supposedly remove it. What the fuck does it do in the "manufacturing process?" How do they filter it out? Why should I believe them?

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Sep 11, 2022·edited Sep 11, 2022

Interesting from Steve’s article… I never even knew it existed…

“And after autistic children are chelated, why do they improve?“

I googled “chelated” and understand you eat or inject something, to get lead mercury etc out via urinating.

But the links from google say it does not work and is dangerous.

Does anyone know of articles /info/ first hand experience about chelation?

Will it help older adults?

Would giving a point of blood, remove some lead, mercury etc?

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Dr Slayton vacines don't work stop being a denier this is a Mexican saying it we always follow and are uneducated but I did my research and from experience from my kids one which almost died with the flu shot and we who have gotten the flu shot in the family get more sick than the ones in our family who didn't and I confronted my kids dr with the evidence and she said it was true that they have harmed and killed children but that they were still going to give them so stop with your sickening medical mentality because all those drs that know this and still support and give these shots have blood in their hands and all for money and being cowards!!!!

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Vaccines are outdated, barbaric old tech. MOST pharmaceuticals come with harms and many were pushed through by a rigged system and bought regulators. Media is owned by pharma so we don't EVER get the truth. Even SSRI's have been proven to be nothing more than a harmful "placebo" by the largest meta analysis ever done and there are CRICKETS in the media.

I don't even take paracetemol anymore. I use herbs and supplements and only sparingly. I don't trust the "science" as it's always skewed towards profit and not health.

I only received one vaccine, the DwPT, which stopped my breathing at 5 months of age. Our doc said "No more for this kid". Nowadays docs gaslight parents and insist on goving further vaccines to vulnerable children - one friends paed tried to get her to bring her child to hospital to give her her "necessary" shots for school despite the fact that her 9 month shots had stopped her heart and she had spent a month on a ventilator and somehow, miraculously pulled through. This was his recommendation instead of writing an exemption letter.

Most doctors are nothing more than sales reps for pharma and don't have even a rudimentary facility for critical thinking outside of inside-the-box diagnosis and drugs.

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Scientifically there are definitely problems with using this paper to say that there is causal relationship between vaccines and illness and it’s due to selection bias. This study didn’t look at the number of kids who actually got sick, they looked at the number of kids who were taken to the doctor. This is important. It’s entirely possible that parents who choose to vaccinate their children are more likely to take their children to doctors especially for minor ailments. Christian Scientists for example don’t believe in any modern medicine so they don’t get vaccinated but also won’t present to the doctor for sinusitis but it’s not because they don’t get sinusitis. What this study does show is that the consequences of vaccination on the immune system need to be more thoroughly investigated.

It’s also worth asking the question if it’s worth more children having more mild diseases if it means fewer children have more severe disease. My grandmother almost died as a child of Measles Meningitis, the fact that she survived with no long term brain damage was nothing short of a miracle. Knowing that and knowing that there was probably a genetic component to the severity of her illness I would be willing to risk my son get sinusitis, allergies, and a pile of other minor health problems rather than meningitis in the face of a measles outbreak.

There is little doubt that American children are being over vaccinated and that likely causes a plethora of issues that need to be investigated but it’s also important not to be hasty when it comes to potentially life preserving interventions.

Also the strongest science suggests it’s actually acetaminophen that causes autism, it’s not vaccines it’s the post vaccine medication causing the issues.

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By giving his parents informed consent and them deciding for their kids. Those that were unvaccinaed . Dr. Paul Thomas medical practice lost revenue. Pediatricians make money with every shot. we've increase the number of shots the US children receive and yet child health outcomes are getting worse. asthma, eczema, allergies. Seems like it's true with our pets as well . Just like with the covid hacksines, a lot of shot have not been tested against a control group. I've heard some diseases were reduced about the same time in history as Indoor plumbing became commonplace in the US .as a child I had chickenpox and measles and so I may transfered cpox and measles antibodies to my children by nursing them but i don't know if antobodies continue to transfer. So if we don't have a control group we'll never know the best outcomes.

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Thanks for the article, but I have no idea how to understand the key figure (the graph). Please rewrite this article explaining it, since that's the main thing in this article.

What's RIOV? What do the numbers mean on both the horizontal and vertical axis?

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Autism rates have risen with the increase in childhood vaccines for sure!

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Now we're talking, Steve. Would it be safe to say you regret giving your children all vaccines (assuming as a parent you did)?

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And yet colleges still require vaccines and boosters and at SDSU are bringing back masks???!!!! https://thedailyaztec.com/110844/news/sdsu-reimplements-facial-covering-requirement/

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"...did not find enough evidence to support or reject a causal relationship between mercury in vaccines and neurodevelopmental disorders."

It isn't the tiny amount of Thimerosal (a mercury-based vaccine preservative) that is the problem. If there is a problem, it is the vaccines themselves.

The tiny amount of mercury has been demonstrated by many studies to be well within the hormetic range for mercury. Hormesis is the finding that in small enough doses almost all toxins are stimulative/beneficial instead harmful. Mercury clearly exhibits this bi-phasic dose-response, and the doses in vaccines are clearly in the positive range.

If you aren’t familiar with hormesis look up the work of Edward Calabrese, who pioneered the revolution in low dose toxicology based on the hormesis phenomenon.

Hormesis is critically important to get right because it generally implies that low doses of toxins in the environment (such as low dose radiation, low dose mercury from coal burning, and many other low dose exposures) are not a health problem. That’s why the EPA refuses to recognize it. Their power comes from casting all kinds of industrial byproducts, fuel burning byproducts, etcetera, as dangerous, so they are hostile to theory and evidence that reduces that power.

There might well be a hermetic range for even the worst vaccines, but the evidence seems to be that standard doses are harmful.

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Love your work, Steve! What's the source for that great stat: today 1 in 30 kids affected by autism; pre-1970 it was 1 in 2500. I love the power of that stat, but... is it truly apples to apples? Is that "today 1 in 30 kids are somewhere on the spectrum, pre-1970, 1 in 2500 were somewhere on the spectrum"? How well did we even understand "the spectrum" pre-1970? This stat all by itself is like a nuclear bomb, IF it is truly apples to apples.

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Next move = We're coming for them! Now is the time to make them pay for their arrogance!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed 'cos we're not as stupid as they thought we were!

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Dear Men and Women of the Cloth: Each of you represents the belief and actions of hundreds of your parishioners who in turn, as you know and trust, can influence the belief and actions of thousands. One single Sermon from just one of you honorable human beings before God, standing strong from the Pulpit, can do more to stop the poisonous inoculations and through faith and science, save many lives of infants, children, and of women and men of all ages, than this entire forum membership can do in one month's time. I respectfully implore you to do just that this next Sunday, a day of worship, reflection and hopefully a day of Action. May peace and God's Grace be with each and every one of you Forever.

Kindly and asking for God's mercy for those who have lost their way, circulate this URL to those who believe in you and therefore believe through you in God's infinite wisdom and mercy.

https://www.bitchute.com/video/v0GmKlkUrFJk/ runtime: 62 min.

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Aug 23, 2022·edited Aug 23, 2022

This is an open letter which could and should be circulated to EVERYONE CONNECTED BY PHONE, PC, and BY COMMUNITY CHURCH, SCHOOL, in short, by all means necessary.

The message:

As soon as you are able to carve out 62 minutes from your life, do two (2) things.

(1) see this vid: https://www.bitchute.com/video/v0GmKlkUrFJk/

(2) carve out another hour and send this link to EVERYONE YOU CAN THINK OF AS WELL AS THOSE WHO ARE ON YOUR CURRENT EMAIL LIST. and,

within your email message and phone calls and personally handing this URL to everyone you see, know, and meet anew, tell them to do the following:

For every person who follows your request to view this vid and forwarding this link to those who they love, know and even dislike, as our petty difference are no longer relevant -

EXPRESSLY INSTRUCT, PLEAD AND BEG IF NECESSARY, that every person who receives this URL and views this vid, WITHIN ALL FORWARDING of the url TO OTHERS -

include a request each recipient then forward to at least two other people with the express request they do the same, to wit: follow the pattern set to send this URL to at least two others.

If only ten percent of those who receive this message and in turn send it along to at least two others who in turn do the same, everyone (100%) of connected humans on the planet will have received this message and viewed this Video within one to two weeks time. It's simple math: 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 to 32 to 64; that says it all. Can we do this? Will we do this - we have no choice, so yes, we will do this.

The will of the people must be known to such extent that we stop this ongoing scheme or we die.

90% of us may die anyway and the silver lining is those who think they will live will not. Those who are "lucky" and live must have their heads clear to clean out the psychopaths now in place (meaning those of them who also live as most of them will die as well) to preserve self determinism. It is that simple.


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