I don’t have Twitter so PLEASE record and post these “spaces” on your rumble channel???? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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"And on Saturday, the world will see first-hand." Except only your readers are looking... At least Trump has advised he will be submitting classified evidence in the case they brought against him, and AG Paxton is suing Pfizer for fraudulent data representation and public claims causing untold public damage... About time you did the same kind of thing instead of virtue signaling to your converted mate. Just saying...

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Face it, you've invented a new game of solitaire, Debate Solitaire. Onto one age old argument favoring malice over incompetence, or more accurately, malicious incompetence is the unwillingness to engage in a debate by any of these provax clowns public or private.

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What did I write that is conflicting?

Independent thinkers back up their accusations with proof.

My posts were very clear.

It's a shame you can't comprehend my valid points.

Have fun with the polar bears, lol!

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I've read the eugyppius report and it makes certain valid points. For one, I discount any affects from people past the age of 80 (Joe Biden) Look, past 80, the body begins it's shutdown process. Some progress quickly, others take longer. Especially with VAERS I filter out ages past 80 because I remain unconvinced that the aches-and-pains that inevitably come with old age can be reliably tied to a vaccine symptom. What everyone needs to focus on is "the spikes". A multitude of anomalies across the health spectrum (from cariac issues to authism to clots to life insurance death benefits) all increased SUBSTANTIALLY, in concert, starting in 2021. To wit: the American vaccine program killed, on average, 157.7 Americans each year from 1990 through 2019, according to VAERS. In 2021 alone the American vaccine program killed 9,917 Americans, according to VAERS. That last sentence is FULLY reproducable using the Dec 24 2021 release of the VAERS dataset. This requires explanation.

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And what's up with the OneID stuff???

Are you controlled opposition?

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Steve, tell me you didn't write this LIBTARD gobbledygook NONSENSE!!!




Perhaps the "SCAMDEMIC" and the mRNA gene therapy JABS have "red-pilled" you, but you need to seriously issue a "mea culpa" for the climate nonsense you espoused 15+ years ago.

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Well, the facebook "factcheckers" say your analysis is flawed and incorrect and flags your information as "false" , so I wonder if they'll show up to debate you? LOL

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One of the people who got the data initially from Steve Kirsch has done his analysis, and it's not anywhere near as dire as what Steve says. HIs analysis shows the shots may not be causing any great increase in deaths. A critic of the shots wrote this substack post about an analysis of this data by William Briggs.


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Your conviction and dedication to expose the ugly underbelly of our healthcare system corruption is both appreciated and admired. The "Plandemic" has benefited me in clearly demonstrating I can no longer blindly trust an M,D.s advice, major media or hospital treatment. Sadly, many of those complicit in these hippocratic oath violations are not doing so with intent. The brainwashing and propaganda that must be endured to obtain a medical degree is effective. Once that degree is in hand any subversion of the dark money protocols is met with punishment by the equally corrupted medical hierarchal boards, institutions and worst of all Government. I have seen courageous M.D.s censured and punished for doing the right thing. I am ever so thankful for them and truth crusaders like you Steve.

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Dec 8, 2023·edited Dec 8, 2023

Can't wait! I hope there's at least a few more Blazing Saddles references made during the discussion. "Data? We don't need no stinking data!" - vax-apologists (as joked in Steve's MIT presentation) https://youtu.be/VqomZQMZQCQ?si=DfA25cArVpNFMRko

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FWIW, Steve, I've been following you on the COVID fiasco from the beginning. I have your copy of the New Zealand data and am going through it now. I have reproduced the Medicare graphs of the USA folder (I use R). Can people sign up for this just to watch the "debate"? :)

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No one in their left mind will rebuttal the truth, they are scared of it! [and us]

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Real Truther is not really one person, he has a gang. If you haven't heard the Truther Gang in action they have a X space to denigrate anti-vaxxers. They also invite them on X with pretend politeness. When they come in Truther Gang talks over them and asks stupid questions. I'm paraphrasing from memory but Steve Kirsch went in a while ago and spent about 15 minutes saying "are you going to let me talk?" while they listed questions, talked over him and said "ok, you have no answer on that" without letting him speak. They went on and on about NZ having no deaths.

Steve finally got these words in "show me the record level data for NZ." That was about all he got to say while they denigrated and talked over him, making fun of record level data (because they figured it would never come out.) Later they claimed debate victory (there was no debate) and made a joke X account called Record Level Data who said in a post something like "I'm so lonely, Steve can't find me!" Their "logic" was to pretend the record level data would agree with them but nobody will ever see it so they win.

When Steve Kirsch got the record level data from NZ a short time later my jaw hit the floor.

If Truther Gang comes into this X space get a bucket to puke in. You might need it.

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Steve! Good luck with finding any DELOPULATING Vax-purveying hypocrites prepared to stick their heads above the parapets.

We'll be eager to see if I/we're wrong!

Why are some of us not surprised at this frightening news?

When will this pre-meditated Mass Murder by injection cease? Too many of us now realise Covid was a deliberately engineered farse and the DEADLY Covid injection is a deliberate CULL organised by the many insane WEF 'Insane Elites' for their Global Warming depopulation targets!

In December 2023, an unfairly 'disgraced' UK Member of Parliament, Andrew Bridgen organised a debate with many Doctors, EXPERTS, and other 'Anti-Covid Vax HEROES'. The headline topics; Covid, the DEADLY VAX and 'Excess Deaths' following the Covid injections called 'Vaccines'!

Every Doctor and medical EXPERT in attendance lays out the same truth, but typical (MSM) Mirror media coverage is tainted with the need to describe all these 'highly qualified medical experts' as 'Crackpots'.

It's the financially implicated media's simplest way of pretending the Covid Scamdemic was not a Plan to create a false need for a depopulating injection that the evil injection makers designed to increase their massive wealth whilst depopulating the planet. The desire of the Insane Elite of the New World Order (World Economic Forum) and their 2030 'Great Reset'!

"They (you & me) will own nothing but they will be happy" is the prediction of WEF leader 'Fuehrer' Adolf Schwab!

Adolf Schwab also predicts "Let them eat insects". He, like the other WEF lunatics, is totally insane!"

This insanity will continue as long as DEADLY INJECTION makers enjoy ZERO LIABILITY for the 'Excess Deaths' their injuries are causing."

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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"Shootout at the OK Corral" this Sat, 9am PST on X Spaces https://kirschsubstack.com/p/shootout-at-the-ok-corral-this-sat

The engineers rule! Steve Kirsch on the vax damage, Tony Heller on Global Warming. And of course, I'm right with both of them. http://SmartestMan.Ca/fauci and http://SmjartestMan.Ca/globalwarming

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