Bieber revealed last week that he's been diagnosed with the rare neurological syndrome, which is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox and shingles.

In a video he posted, he showed how one side of his face was unable to move as a result and explained the diagnosis is why he canceled some concerts and plans to take a break from touring while he recuperates.

He ended his statement Monday by writing, "I know this storm will pass but in the meantime Jesus is with me."

If he had come out and TOLD the truth and said he will Never take another vacine he could have become a legend a hero a demi god.

Instead he follows the bullshit line. Bet HE never takes another vaxx.. just think how many lives you could have saved Justin!

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Here's a simple analysis I did of Florida excess deaths. While I'm not seeing a rise in total excess deaths anywhere near the lurid 40% (Insurance Co a few months ago), nor the Cyprus report here (70%?), there clearly are more people dying. Some interesting observations:

Slightly more total deaths in 2021 vice 2020. This doesn't mean the vaccines are culpable, although that is of course possible. It simply means more people are dying than "should be."

For the "very" old (75+), absolute deaths 2020 vs. 2021 are quite similar.

Averaging both 2020 + 2021's data, the largest jump in death rates is the 25-54 group, with the 35-44 cohort having the largest jump by far. On second thought, my unadjusted figure (> 40%) isn't that far off from the life insurer story's. Is this pattern (suspicious deaths in the middle aged) a feature in other populations?

The large jumps (in the middle ages) is present in 2020; therefore it cannot be due to the


If I were in public health, I would be very concerned that people in what is usually the prime of life were dying at much higher rates than just two years past. The apparent silence from government and medical is deafening.


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The CDC is defining "excess deaths" as being Covid-related, according to The Hill. More Orwellian language manipulation. Anyway, Covid vax deaths are Covid-related.

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Sudden rise in pediatric hepatitis in 18 countries. Epidemiologists are stumped. Vaccine related? https://www.statnews.com/2022/05/04/with-usual-suspects-ruled-out-disease-detectives-try-to-crack-mystery-of-viral-hepatitis-cases-in-kids/

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NZ deaths shot up (around July 2021) just after the vax programme got rolled out too.

This was months before covid actually got started here (around March 2022), so you can't blame it on covid.

We had flatline flu for 2021, so we can't blame it on flu.


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FWIW: I know people who had adverse effects to the booster, then died "unexpectedly" a couple of months later in their 50s and and 60s.

Also know people with painful whole body rashes that linger 6 months after vaccinating and with new diagnoses of heart disease, the symptoms of which started shortly after vaccinating. Bizarrely, many affected still claim "coincidence" and "trust the science" and the "expert" opinion of their doctors.

Was at a neighbor's last night for a small dinner party and two of them were who oppose vaccination still are genuinely puzzled, "Why do doctors go along with this? They have to realize the lie. Don't they care about their patients? Why choose medicine if they don't care? How do they justify the bad reactions?"

The opinion I offered is, "People who experience trauma often partition it off in their brain. They just refuse to actively remember or think about it. Years later, it may resurface and be better integrated into their memories, but not facing a traumatic experience is a survival mechanism. I think many doctors are doing that. Telling themselves it's not so bad and then denying it is even real, and focusing on protecting their license and providing for their families by denying the evidence."

It would be interesting to track doctor & nurse suicides looking back 5 years and going forward 10 to 12 years.

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I had one major Japanese entity (operating with an American license) lay me off in April of 2020 (one of 133 people let go on the same day). Mostly were people who worked remotely from a regional office somewhere in the US.

Then they allowed most of the rest to work remotely and did not require them to go to the office for many months.

There was talk about forcing the jab, but as far as I know, they never implemented a mandate.

However, knowing that the leadership is corrupt and quite stupid, I am sure many of them received the jabs and my hope is that the ones who made the decision are suffering in some similar way as we did. Or worse.

Goose/Gander and all that.

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"It is one of those tragedies"?

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But they argue...if I wasn't vaccinated it would have been worse...(maybe death)

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We have same problem in Alberta, Canada. ~4000 COVID deaths since March 2020. ~7500 deaths excess mortality overall since March 2020. What is causing the extra 3500 deaths?

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The Rule of Law has been weakened sufficiently, and the judiciary corrupted sufficiently, and prosecutors corrupted sufficiently (George Soros) that Law only applies to the non-privileged at this point. This undermines the Constitution and our Rights, which some elected officials have even publicly questioned(!!), and these are officials who are paid by The People to uphold and defend the Constitution.

The sum of all this corruption enables corporations, like Pfizer, to break the law, to bribe legislators to indemnify them, to "capture" regulatory agencies and use them against The People using fraudulent safety and efficacy tests. It enables Propaganda to be used by intelligence agencies against The People, enables them to spy on the citizens, and now that we have a Ministry of Truth, will enable them to silence their detractors in the name of "disinformation" (of which they, alone, determine the definition).

Over-centralization of power is what enables all this. Too much power over things like public health (Dr. FraudXi) are held in too few hands. The over-centralization of power could easily be seen in Big Tech censoring speech and, as most recently revealed, censoring people whom the Government did not like.

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May 3, 2022·edited May 3, 2022

We now have another mini-epidemic in my county. I'd send the DOH graph, but it doesn't explain the situation. However, a substantial number of new cases are among the vaccinated. Equal to, or slightly less than, the unvaccinated. More people are reporting Covid-positive who have had at least two doses, including two + a booster folks who are in the ER waiting for a bed or in one struggling for life. This is enough without getting into the death stats from the county DOH. We have a major Ivy League University here and another big college as well. Students are, of course, a major factor for the increase. Covid numbers spike in Autumn, mid-Winter and Spring. But these stats are across all demographics. Thanks for this latest email.

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You must risk your life and health by taking the injections; or else they’ll make your life miserable.

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It's very simple. Climate change plays a huge part in mortality, and Cryprus is closer to the equator, so the effects of climate change have been magnified there.

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of course the jab is killing more than the covid

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