As Icke says….this is the “there but no further group.”

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I think this approach is admirable, and hits these degenerates in the wallet - as well as giving some negative publicity to the jab & drug firms.

The only snag is, I suspect that in the 'cause of depopulation worldwide' they will take the financial hit gladly. It's going to take prison sentences to sort this out.

These maniacs are ideologically driven and intend seeing it done no matter what. I suspect they'll be compensated via tax money on the sly.

In the same way, the Western/G7 economies/peoples have been thrown under the bus, like some devil's poker game, to take out Russia followed by China.

This is failing badly, with Japan, Britain and Germany in recession - and the US is in terminal decline. Their debts to GDP are 255%, 104% and 65.9% respectively (2023 figures). The US debt to GDP is 123% and its gross debt is 34 Trillion and climbing - with the INTEREST alone coming to 1 Billion per year!

By the way, 34 Trillion is $34,000,000,000,000 when written out.

Yet, even now, they're all sending billions to Ukraine.

Regards, Andy. 18 Feb. 2024.

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Oops, the interest on US debt should've read 1 Trillion dollars per year. (not 1 Billion)

This is unimaginable and it amazes me that anyone would ever lend money to the US when it's pretty clear a default/collapse is on the cards.

Regards, Andy. 18 Feb. 2024.

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"Share this post with every lawyer you know" , dear God why ? Lawyers produce nothing ,they only take. Lawyers only provide money for themselves and other lawyers. The world is more costly and complex because of them. Just take one look at the US tax code ! Blacks Law dictionary ! When a word in legal documents has more than one meaning , that word has lost all meaning.

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THE ELEPHANT THAT TRUMP WILL NEVER ACKNOWLEDGE (and its way beyond the clot shots)

99% of Alt media won't touch this. Listen


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Complete and utter waste of time. Einstein and his definition of insanity come to my mind…

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If we are not sure which script is unfolding here - a hint:

Chimera ( Mission Impossible II - Film -2000 )


"Chimera was a virus created by Biocyte Pharmaceuticals and its cure is Bellorophon. Biocyte intended to release the virus in the public worldwide so they can get massive profit from monopolizing its cure. The virus and its cure are based off the Greek myth where the hero Bellerophon defeats a monster called the Chimera."

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This I would like to introduce:

Weekly lab leak news

Update on Baric's silence, DURC & lawsuits


JIM HASLAM - 15.02.2024


"Where is Ralph?

Dr Bryce Nichols of Rutgers University called Congress looking for answers. He asked the bipartisan “Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic” if they interviewed Dr Ralph Baric of UNC? The answer was no, since his name is not on their website. The same Congressional committee interviewed a long list of virologists involved in the famous Fauci Gate emails:


Dr Kristian Andersen of Scripps in San Diego told Fauci on Jan 31, 2020 that SARS2 “looks engineered.”

Dr Bob Garry of Tulane in New Orleans basically said SARS2 was engineered on Feb 1, 2020, during a Mardi Gras ball.

Dr Mike Farzan of Scripps basically said SARS2 was engineered.

Dr Ian Lipkin of Columbia claimed to know about SARS2 by Dec 15, 2019. On Feb 11th, he said “we have a nightmare of circumstantial evidence to assess.”

Dr Peter Daszak of EcoHealth gave closed door testimony in Nov 2023, but the Congressional committee never released a transcript of the interview.

Dr Tony Fauci gave two days of closed door testimony. The full testimony was never released, but he ‘did not recall’ over 100 times.

Dr Ralph Baric of UNC has been never been called to testify. I strongly believe we will never hear from him, since he is ‘too big to fail.’ ..."


And so we are looking for "Disease X" :

WHO Director-General's speech at the World Governments Summit – 12 February 2024


An excerpt - Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus:

"... There’s been a lot of attention on Disease X recently, but in fact, it’s not a new thing.

We first used the term Disease X in 2018 – the same time as I spoke here at this World Governments Summit – as a placeholder for a disease we don’t even know about yet, but for which we can nonetheless prepare.

COVID-19 was a Disease X – a new pathogen causing a new disease.

But there will be another Disease X, or a Disease Y or a Disease Z.

And as things stand, the world remains unprepared for the next Disease X, and the next pandemic. ..."


Of course, I may add - as long as we are allowing the GoF - research, the ePPPs ( enhanced pathogens with pandemic potential ) and demons in the freezer.

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To make Life easy with regard the Legal side of all this COVID POISON. When a person such as FAUCI

has told LIES, there should be a minimum 3 months in jail. For something as serious as this, this EVIL FAUCI Should & Must be Punished. So amend the LAW NOW,!!!!

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We need the toughest and most innovative lawyers in the world to fight the frauds! I was talking to a guy an hour ago at an auto parts store and his cousin in the military of course had all the shots and recently had a double mastectomy, my brother is still recovering from mouth cancer! The inability to sue gives the crooks carte blanche to put out their dangerous protocols!!!

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We need lawyers in Australia to take up the fight

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I’m an attorney who (for health and lifestyle reasons) does research and brief writing for other attorneys. I work for plaintiffs’ and criminal defense attorneys. If any attorneys out there could use some research and writing support in Covid-related litigation, let me know.

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I'd pass this along, Mr. Kirsch, but I'm still catching my breath after the last post about the simple ways to prevent Glaucoma - which I was hoping against hope would not be another "for subscriber's only", but was.

REALLY????? A stock tip for subscriber's only, OK. But simple ways to prevent Glaucoma? Behind a paywall??

Jesus Christ.

Well, it's your substack and all that. But wow.

Good luck in the Stanford study. I'm sure you'll share the results with subscirber's only.

And by the way, you have every right to charge admission or not, but why not just make your substack by subscription only.

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Here's an interesting thing I just saw: ttps://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2024.01.20.576352v1

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I would also like to see lawsuits against all the other unnecessary vaccines, the aerosol spraying (chem trails), the genetically modified foods and insects (Bill Gates now releasing in Hawaii), 5g and on and on. So many things that have been forced upon us without our knowledge or consent that is detrimental to our health and the health of our loved ones.

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Will there be any breakout session or panels on the impact to subjects of these interventions on non-vaccine clinical trials that were ongoing in 2021? There is a huge untapped and easy to litigate pathway (should completely circumvent the PREP Act) that seems to be overlooked. Subjects were encouraged to take a separate experimental intervention without informed consent and without adequate regulatory oversight for the trial they were currently enrolled. Massive liability that has been ignored.

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If a significant number of lawsuits win, that should multiply into hundreds of more lawsuits. There are dozens of reasons these suits should win, even with big pharma immunity.

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