today, 7/18/2022 the VAERS reports, quote:

"Found 173 cases where Age is under-20 and Vaccine is COVID19 and Patient Died", that for all cuntries. Now choose the USA only:

"Found 65 cases where Age is under-20 and Location is U.S. States and Vaccine is COVID19 and Patient Died" !!!????

ONE death in ~5months, when since start of the injections ~2021 within ~14 months there were 64 deaths??? So the deaths are happening only abroad??? VAERS is screwed, in my opinion.

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Have you heard of Dr. Bryan Ardis? I noted the correlation between these heart attacks and catacholamines. Then, out of curiosity, I typed “catacholamines and snake venom” into a duck duck go search bar. Try it.

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What is your credentials to criticize scientific integrity? Anything given to hundreds of millions of people will kill some. I have seen first hand how the vaccinated survive easily and rhe unvaccinated suffer terribly. Vaccines have saved hundreds of millions of people frim smallpox, measles, yellow fever etc.

I do not disagree that in some areas it has weakened like climate science, but in some areas like mathematics rigor is still diamond hard.

In a population of many billions of individuals there will be some sacrificed to protect the many, but your weitibgs reek of politics not science.

I believe in limited government but the one arena government belongs is public health.

Viruses hijack cellular replication and sadly many will die before the inmune response works but to have fatalities in a few parts per million is a reasonable price to pay until herd immunity kicks in.

Pandemics are the price we pay for high population density and modern economies. Would you like to roll these back? Who is to make these choices?

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Why are you muddying the waters by including ALL vaccines in your rant when this is about a rushed through 'emergency use authorization experimental gene therapy'? Is that your best shot? Even the CDC director just admitted that they were obviously way too optimistic about the outcome of such foolishness.

Also, your definition of limited government belongs to highly controlled communist countries, not free societies. It seems you would be much happier under that kind of rule, but don't expect to forcibly drag the 'noncompliant' with you by hook, crook, fear or guilt trip. We're not going along with it and that's never what America was about. Austria sounds about right up your ally. You can use your limited government there to force everyone into comfortable uber-compliance in the name of you feeling safe and apparently you won't get as much pushback. You'd probably love it.

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I'm a little edgy on my comment because of the audacity you seem to posses. I don't usually respond to comments that are meager and obtuse but I felt compelled for some reason. That said, here's a question that might burn your bun if you have to think about it too long.

"What are YOUR credentials to be criticizing someone else that obtains more credentials than you likely have yourself?"

You can start here GG:


PS. Don't forget to look at the references on the Wiki page

Steven Todd Kirsch (born 1956/1957 is an American entrepreneur. He has started several companies and was one of two people who independently invented the optical mouse. Kirsch has been both a philanthropic supporter of medical research, and a promoter of misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines.

Kirsch received a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in electrical engineering and computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1980.


In 1980, Kirsch and Richard F. Lyon independently invented the first versions of the optical mouse. Kirsch has started several companies. In 1993, he founded the search engine Infoseek, which in 1999 was sold to the Walt Disney Co. He co-founded Frame Technology Corp., bought by Adobe in 1995. In 2002 he was CEO of Propel Software.

In 2005 he founded Abaca, which made a spam filter.

In September 2011, he started OneID to create a user-centric Internet-scale digital identity system using public key cryptography to replace usernames and passwords with a digital identity compatible with the NSTIC goals.

Sometime before March 2021, Kirsch started M10, which markets blockchains for banks, but the board asked him to step down in the summer of 2021 amid controversy generated by his statements on COVID treatments and vaccines.


In April 2020, Kirsch founded the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF) to fund research into off-label treatments for COVID-19 among drugs already having FDA approval for other diseases, donating $1 million himself and also fundraising from others. He recruited what MIT Technology Review called "a powerhouse board" of scientific advisors including Robert Siliciano and management by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors. By October 2021 the fund had made grants totaling $4.5 million to various researchers.

The fund found a "promising candidate" for further study in fluvoxamine, according to MIT Technology Review. After funding a successful small trial which ended in November 2020, CETF provided further funding for a Phase 3 trial, which as of October 2021 was analyzing data. Kirsch, frustrated that CETF's scientific advisory board was not willing to promote use of the drug based on results of a small preliminary study, wrote a post on Medium titled The Fast, Easy, Safe, Simple, Low-Cost Solution to COVID That Works 100% of the Time That Nobody Wants to Talk About. Medium removed his access to the site, citing misinformation concerns. Kirsch also refused to accept the outcome of a CETF-funded study on hydroxychloroquine, which had found the drug ineffective; he eventually warred with CETF's scientific advisory board over CETF's treatment of both drugs to the extent that in May 2021 all 12 members resigned.

Vaccine misinformation

In May 2021, Kirsch posted an article online claiming that COVID-19 vaccines affect fertility, while also underplaying the vaccines' ability to prevent illness and death, both statements criticized by fact checkers as being inaccurate and misleading.[15] In September 2021, speaking at an FDA meeting and identifying himself as CETF's executive director, Kirsch claimed that the vaccines "kill twice as many as they save"; the FDA responded that Kirsch had misinterpreted data and that there was no evidence his statement was true. Reuters assessed the claim as false.

In October 2021, Kirsch founded the anti-vaccine group Vaccine Safety Research Foundation (VSRF), which created ads depicting deaths the group attributed to vaccines. Foundation advisors include Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, and Stephanie Seneff. Soon after, Kirsch appeared with Malone on the Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying podcast, which according to MIT Technical Review "introduced Kirsch to followers of the 'intellectual dark web'" and allowed him to access a "large and receptive audience to his claims about a fluvoxamine conspiracy".

Personal life

Kirsch and his wife, Michele, fund a charitable foundation, which by 2007 had given $75 million to different causes. In 2007, his personal fortune was estimated at $230 million; that same year he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and funded research into experimental treatments for it, eventually refocusing the family foundation on medical research. As of 1998 the couple lived in Los Altos and had two children.

Shall we all wait for your resume GG?

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debate is the cornerstone of our learning. In order to debate properly one must know and check the facts that are available. As a first hand witness to the devastation caused by this vector, post injection # 2 and the death of my loved one from a disease process that has no history in this person or the family, I can talk you that not only were the myriad of MD’s baffled and concerned, but could not say differently. 27 days after her death from IGA Nephropathy post injection, the National Kidney foundation released case studies of other individuals experiencing this injury, permanent I may add , and deaths. Since that article there have been many more.

She went from being a healthy fully functioning person, ate healthy , exercised religiously to a shell, suffered terribly and died.

We as her family have no recourse because they kept this vector program EUA. All we can do is honor her life by speaking out and asking everyone to open your eyes, read the evidenced literature from NIH, CDC, Pub Med , National Kidney foundation and on and on.

This program is an atrocity ! As a medical professional I

am appalled , saddened and fearful that we as a people are allowing the brain washing to continue instead of finding solutions to make this

vector a true vaccine, safe and effective for all!

All lives matter!

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To be silenced is the END OF ALL FREEDOM. Our forefathers were all geniuses.

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Mar 10, 2022·edited Mar 19, 2022

You don't need credentials if you have a solid argument and understanding. Steve seems to have both.

(I have a degree in Molecular Biology, I assume that counts as a credential).

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I have seen first hand how the unvaccinated who stayed away from hospital killing fields survived and have long lasting, broad immunity. SARS CoV-I patients who were tested for antibodies still had them 17 years later and they were cross reactive with SARS CoV-2.

I have seen documentation showing 9-10 vaccinated are filling up the morgues.

And I have seen how people are deceived into believing the vaccines are safe and effective. The answer is at howbad.info. Roughly 65% of the first and second doses delivered in the first half of 2021 were placebos. What you call vaccine efficacy is natural immunity from what turned out to be fake vaccinations.

From the small pox epidemic to polio and later the 2018 Spanish flu, all were man made. Small pox because of poor sanitation, poop/pee contaminated water, polio from DDT, children were sprayed with it, drank it and ran behind tractors spraying crops with it to cool off on hot days because they were told it was "safe."(Dissolving Illusions, Disease Vaccines and the Forgotten History by Suzanne Humphries, MD, and Roman Bystrianyk). Small pox and polio came back later with a vengeance from a vaccine induced form. The 2018 Spanish flu was caused by a military vaccination campaign.(https://vaccineimpact.com/2018/did-military-experimental-vaccine-in-1918-kill-50-100-million-people-blamed-as-spanish-flu/)

Data suggests the childhood vaccine schedule and influenza vaccine campaigns are behind most chronic diseases today. (https://vaxxter.com/new-survey-of-vaccine-free-group-exposes-long-term-impact-of-vaccination-policies-on-public-health-by-greg-glaser-and-pat-oconnell/)

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1918 Spanish Flu! My paternal grandmother had it while pregnant with my father born in May 1919. In her 40s she developed Parkinson's & died when she was 89.

The headline for your referenced site is: "Did a Military Experimental Vaccine in 1918 Kill 50-100 Million People Blamed as “Spanish Flu”?" It is a very illuminating article! Thank you!!! A must read everyone! It appears that to all vaccine manufacturers, we are all guinea pigs!!!

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What? This is not about every vaccine that was ever given. This is about particular vaccines, which have a very much less than stellar record with regard to adverse affects. And there is nearly wholesale denial of this reality. I am unvaccinated. I had Covid last year at 75 years old. I did well with it because I was following the advice of doctors who know what they are talking about regarding treatment! Yes, Treatment, which has also been denied by the institutions that are pushing vaccines at any cost. Do you even know what the impact of this particular virus? And at what point in the course of the illness, various treatments are very important? If treatment and the importance of early treatment was not denied (for the sake of the obsession with these particular vaccines), there would have been far fewer deaths.

I can only speak of these things because I have been researching Covid and the immune system and response since spring 2020. As for vaccines. Some are excellent. Some not. Some in the past have been taken off the market because of the frequency of adverse effects. We need to know the frequency and severity of adverse effects. It is part of the scientific process. Vaccines that do little good - leaky vaccines (which these are) and injure a percentage of people need to be off the market. And in any case, any vaccine that causes death or injury must always be a choice and never forced.

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Huff...... when will it end???????????? Pray hard and loud to GOD.!!

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lol, you're using scientific data to 'prove' you claim about scientific integrity being dead. can't make this shit up.

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I suspect massive trial fraud and wrote about it most recently here: https://sukwan.substack.com/p/is-the-death-of-a-two-year-old-why?s=w Most journalists can be bought off for a surprisingly low price. I hate to say it, but I was one. Many years ago I was covering a then small cap company for FinancialWire, then called Taser International. I'd noticed the controversy regarding deployment of Tasers with non threatening suspects and the outcry that perhaps these non lethal weapons were being used too much, in situations that didn't merit it and that they did have sometimes lethal outcomes. My editor axed my story, telling me roughly "You shouldn't criticize companies that are paying you." That was 15 years ago but has anything changed? It seems these problems have just become bigger

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Listen man, it is patently obvious that they withheld the vax information specifically because it *would* be *accurately* interpreted. Numerous heavy weight doctors and scientists have pointed out all manner of issues with their story and their "scientific" rebuttal has amounted to "nah uh". This is the language and these are the actions of liars that are consciously perpetrating a scam.

They just happened to kill actual "science" in the course of their other crimes.

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Steve, I generally agree with you about the death of scientific integrity. Sadly, this has been happening over many decades, especially since Dr. Fauci took over the government medical bureaucracy, Bill Gates joined in, the World Economic Forum/New World Order rose up, and the military industrial complex became so powerful.

I learned so much in RFK Jr’s book (last chapter is a must-read for the time challenged). See The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health by RFK Jr. at https://www.amazon.com/Real-Anthony-Fauci-Democracy-Childrens/dp/1510766804

As for other doctors, many have spoken up or supported scientific truth. For example, more than 17,000 have signed on to the Physicians Declaration – Global Covid Summit International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists: See https://doctorsandscientistsdeclaration.org/ and GlobalCovidSummit.org

Other prominent truth-tellers possibly not mentioned in your article include Drs. Vliet, LaTulippe, Ealy, Gold, Cole, Urso, Kory, Marik, Mercola, Haider, Marble, Orient, and countless others.

But not every medical professional CAN speak out. Instead, some toil behind the scenes or are not speaking publicly for many reasons (I’m not making excuses, just explaining):

• Brainwashed by mass formation psychosis thanks to government medical bureaucracies, medical schools, or medical societies and because they, too, are human;

• Not reading deeply or thinking critically — there’s a lot of that going around :-);

• Fear of being unable to help patients because they would lose (or have lost) their jobs or licenses to practice;

• Belief that by working behind the scenes to change minds and care for patients they can accomplish more;

• Guilt about encouraging or performing vaccinations only to learn the horror of what they’ve done;

• And more.

So what can we do about this?

• Continue to write and speak out as so many of us already are doing;

• Educate others who appear receptive (I’m finding receptive people in places I don’t expect);

• Encourage others to speak out;

• Encourage and support doctors who form private membership associations, independent practices, and subscription based non-insurance care;

• Teach YOUR OWN doctor! Share selected articles and information with doctors. Most docs started in practice with a sincere desire to learn, to care for people, and to practice good medicine and science. Even “traditional” allopaths can be brought back from the brink, especially if we treat them respectfully but with confidence that doctors and patients can help one another.

• If your doctor will not listen to you, find another doctor who will (NOT easy, but well worthwhile). Patients (while still in decent health) can vote with their feet and dollars.

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Steve you are such a hero! It's ironic that I just finished listening to episode #1 of Revealed Films End Game and the commenter below linked them as well :)

Here's episode #1 of Endgame (hoping the link works for others interested)


I was extremely inspired by the conversation Patrick Gentempo had with G. Edward Griffin. I thought of you Steve when he was speaking and I hope you don't get discouraged because you are creating a movement to get the word out no matter if mainstream keeps ignoring or discrediting you. Here's what he said:

"If they have opposition, they ignore it. And 9 times out 10 that’s all they have to do because it will go away.  They have the money, the power, the media, and you have an idea or a book but if nobody reads the book you are a flash in the pan. You don’t have the resources to continue and pose a serious threat so they just ignore it and it goes away. So that’s the first thing that happened to me, they ignored me.  Oh isn’t this interesting, I got kind of upset by that.  The next phase of course on their part is to demonize.  I’ve begun to see a little bit of that happen because they will try as more people get this message, my message, yours too, they will demonize us and say those people are racist, or crackpots, or fascists, or they owe taxes, they molest little children, or they have these conspiracy theories, hahaha things like that.  Unfortunately, many people of the world will believe it because they read it in a newspaper. And that’s pretty effective and eliminates most of their opposition.  I don’t know what lies in store for me but my crusader gene will not allow me to stop. If we don’t win this war it won’t make any difference. It won’t make any difference we lose everything. We have to fight, we have to win.

History has always been determined by a minority.  An extreme minority  3% or less.  All we have to do is reach that little 1% or less of the population, who are willing to dedicate their lives to this thing and put the story out in a plausible and reasonable way and explain it and show the pros and cons and then larger numbers will follow along. That’s how it works, that’s the encouraging part.  We are living in a great period of history and we have a wonderful opportunity with the tools of communication that we have to really make a difference in the world"

-G. Edward Griffin

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There are only three civilized avenues left open to the truth now: the courts, the upcoming elections (assuming they’re not already compromised), and the last resort, parallelism. Our side has been winning in the courts with the right cases. Steve did a post recently saying something like “Reasonable minds may differ” is all a court needs to shut down hard evidence. At this point, I disagree, depending on the judges presiding over a given case. We partially won in scotus, the DoD was denied a request to use EUA vaxes and treat them like Comirnaty bc they say so, and ICAN won in CA vs the San Diego school board trying to auto-mandate Covid vaxes. Uncle Steve has a pile of evidence and I’ve said it before, this is all preaching to the choir if it’s not taken to court or shown to a politician/leader willing to fight. These upcoming governor and congressional elections are going to be the most different than any other in recent history as far as the voters (and lazy non-voters) making their voices heard via throwing the bums out. Covid and its handling gave us all a great reason to bother voting, including those who don’t vote. Enough Non-voters may finally recognize the danger we are all in and I hope a groundswell of them make a real diff on our side. The last resort, parallelism, is what I saw from the beginning: red states will get redder, blue will get bluer. I’m planning a move to an anti-globalist state. The only question is, how long will globalist forces allow that to be until they resort to violence to clench the win? However. Between now and then is our time to win based on evidence. I hope the Fullemich efforts in Europe (which I think caused the sudden openings, starting with the UK, the country specifically cited by the law suit) will make a difference too.

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The state of Pennsylvania is very impressive. The next TX/FL of the northeast/Midwest.

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Here's a question I've pondered. It relates to two of my adult children who got vaccinated against their parents' advice. One of them got had to get vaccinated spring quarter of his junior year in college. He got Delta 4 months after his second shot, as did 6 of his 7 vaccinated roommates. Has our son's natural immunity (and his roommates) been affected by his previous Covid vaccination? What do we know about this?

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Thank you for your efforts. You are doing a good work. Where I live the fear is still rampant and ubiquitous, which is disheartening. Masks everywhere, avoidance behavior, darting eyes.

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One unusual side note is the choice of journal for their paper. In February 2021, the pro-vax editor of that journal, John McConnell wrote an op-ed praising the safety of the COVID vaccines. Exactly one year later, the journal announced on February 25, 2022 that he’s dead. Did he die after the booster? What did the autopsy show was his cause of death? We are not allowed to know that. Nobody is talking. You gotta love the transparency.

You’d have to have a heart of stone not to laugh!

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When the brilliant David Boehm developed a theory of quantum mechanics that went against widely held views in the physics community, it was Robert Oppenheimer who said “if we cannot disprove Bohm we can all agree to ignore him”.

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Steve - Here's another opportunity! "This is an opportunity to have your voice heard, no matter who you are: a researcher studying the issue, a health care worker, or someone who has seen the effect of health misinformation on their loved ones or community. No dataset is too big and no story is too small. We want to hear from you!"


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ooooh, my. How many others missed that!-- like me. I was thinking march is spelled m-a-y. . .!

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