Would you like me to post a transcript of my videos? I just started using otter.ai which I've been meaning to start using for a while. Also, let me know if you want the transcript in the body of the article or as a PDF file or Word attachment to the article. Thanks!

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Thank you for the work you are doing to expose this deadly vaccine and the truth regarding the stats. I appreciate you.

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Can we get Ryan to refute the two complaints against him for misdiagnosis of cancer. I am on board with Dr Cole but would like to have the facts of those two cases which the media appears to be smearing Dr Cole with in order to undermine his COVID opinions.

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Yes, please.

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Steve this can be done anywhere but requires

(1) the funding for the immunohistochemistry (because governments will not pay for it)

(2) an optimised protocol for the immunohistochemistry including reagents and a positive control

(3) clinicians willing to request the IHC

(1) and (2) are the biggest stumbling blocks

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The video will not play.

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Beautiful interview, straight Q, straight A, thank you. Dr. Ryan Cole is going to be remembered forever. T.S. Eliot came to mind: 'A condition of complete simplicity / (Costing not less than everything)'. Wish there were more medical people interested in the way they will live on in our memories.

And yes please, transcripts would make it easier to keep the information available. Best of all as a PDF file.

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Thanks Ryan Cole. You represent the best of humanity. Yes, indeed. Why did all these other so-called doctors go into medicine? pathetic.

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May he be protected.

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Robin Monotti + Dr Mike Yeadon + Cory Morningstar

Forwarded from


I made this list with musicians only, from the last 3-4 weeks: -Daniel Barenboim diagnosed with vasculitis and “serious neurological problems”

-Ringo Starr Cancels Concert Due to Illness

-Chris Martin's ‘serious lung infection’ causes Coldplay to postpone tour dates

-The Avalanches cancel remaining North American tour dates due to “serious illness”

-Alan Jackson Pushes Back Pittsburgh Concert, Citing Health Concerns

-Rapper Post Malone goes to hospital with ‘stabbing chest pain,’ postpones Boston concert

-German rapper, Bushido’s wife - Anna-Maria Ferchichi is now in a wheelchair

-The guitarist of the reggae singer Edson Gomes' who fainted during a concert in João Pessoa on Saturday night is in serious condition

-Lindsey Buckingham Cancels Remaining UK Tour Dates Due to “Ongoing Health Issues”

-Lil Baby cancels show “body completely shut down”

-German singer Melanie Müller has a stroke (at 34)

-The singer of Heredeiros da Crus suffers a cerebrovascular accident in full concert

-Popular Odia singer Murali Mohapatra collapsed and died while performing at a Durga Puja

-Philly drag queen Valencia Prime, 25, collapses and dies while onstage

-Yogesh Gupta had collapsed during a performance and was declared dead due to a heart attack.

-The singer of Antihéroes dies in Seville after suffering a heart attack on stage

-Roberto Gonzalo, bassist of Tierra Santa, suffers a heart attack mid concert in Zaragoza

-Queen's funeral: Five military personnel collapse - including two RAF musicians and a Gurkha

-Bin Valencia, former Argentine rock group musician, dies in full concert




Oct 16 at 05:58

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Correlation may well be causation; it can be assumed to be so if someone suddenly goes downhill in their body within a couple months after the shot.

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Probably because the virus has caused 1.06 million deaths in the US so far. Sixteen people have died recently from eating peanut butter. https://nonutsmomsgroup.weebly.com/blog/remembering-those-we-have-lost-to-food-allergies Considering the odds of dying with vs without the vaccine, why scare people over an unproven theory? I haven't heard any talk of pulling peanut butter off the shelves.

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