Just to make sure you all got the point of the article is that the data does in fact show it was the opposite of what they thought.

Do you think they would ever implement my list had they known the true facts?

Of course not.

So by turning the tables, they can get a sense for how ridiculous their policies were.

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Brilliant, Steve

Read what they told us, flip it like a pancake, and act accordingly. We've been naive (for which read trusting and decent). We live and learn

1 we'll never trust medicines (any commercially produced ones) or some doctors, or most hospitals ever again.

2. We realise that we can cure pretty well anything even advanced cancers with hefty doses of vit C, even vit D and other foods.

3 We now know that governments and agencies, supposedly testing medicines and procedures on our behalf, lie.

Did you see the covid summit in the European Parliament? I have never in my life seen a roomful of such angry doctors. Dr Jo East Anglia

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Thanks to Steve and many others who had the fortitude to stand against the hammering of lies into our heads by the public health authorities. We need justice for both the vaxxed and invaxxed. The tide is turning and we must build bridges to those who were fooled. We must jail those that purposefully lied.

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Steve, I believe that you have misunderstood the analysis in the FDA briefing document (September 17, 2021 )

"Responding to an FDA request, Pfizer performed a post hoc analysis of protocol-specified

COVID-19 cases accrued during the period of July 1, 2021 through August 31, 2021

(corresponding to the Delta variant surge) <bold>among participants 16 years of age and older who

completed the 2-dose primary series.</bold>"

Group 1 was described as "mean of 9.8 months post-Dose 2 at the beginning of the analysis


Group 2 was described as "mean of 4.7 months post-Dose 2 at the beginning of the analysis


It seems clear to me that ALL of the subjects in the analysis had completed their Dose 2 months prior to the analysis period starting July 1, 2021.

Simply understand what was being investigated: to measure the waning of the vaccine's immunity prior to the start of the Delta outbreak. It waned from 51.6 up to 70.3 cases per 1000 person-years over the mean 5 month period between the vaccinations of the two groups.

It wouldn't make sense to compare groups that weren't similarly vaccinated when investigating waning immunity.

BTW, I've also explained the paradox with the Cleveland Clinic data in a comment in https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/very-large-cleveland-clinic-study


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It appears that they knew a lot of things... relatedly:

Brianne Dressen Exposes Fraud in the AstraZeneca Clinical Trial and US Government Coverup

US Senator Ron Johnson Holds Expert Panel On Federal Vaccine Mandates - Nov 2 2021




BRIANNE DRESSEN: So as you know, a year ago I received my covid vaccine when I gladly signed up for a clinical trial here in the United States with AstraZeneca. I, ah, as a participant of a clinical trial, I was constantly reassured that if something were to go wrong, there would be thorough and meticulously developed protocols in place to provide a safety net, that the data would be collected and the benefits as well as the risks would be assessed and disclosed to the public. I never had any issue with any vaccines, so I figured this was going to be a smooth easy ride, no big deal.

Prior to my involvement, the pharmaceutical company agreed to pay any medical expense as a result of possible injury. Unfortunately, for a lack of support on their part, we have had to refinance our home to pay for our medical expenses. Like Maddie's* trial, we had a tracking app. Like Maddie's trial, our tracking app had predesignated symptoms in a bullet list with no free form to add any other symptoms. So anything like tingling, tremors, seizures, paresthesias, heart problems, limb weakness, there was no way for us to track that through the app.

The clinical trial report published by the New England Journal of Medicine, I have that slide,** says that the second dose is required to continue in a study. Because my reaction was so severe, AstraZeneca told me I was not allowed to get the second dose. They dropped me from the trial, my data was lost, I was excluded from the trial results, my access to the trial app was deleted. This is different than what is found in the report, which says that these individuals chose to forgo the second dose. Because I couldn't finish the series, I was removed. Why wasn't this data matter?

The clinical trial report also says, serious adverse events will be recorded from the time of signed informed consent through day 730. I last heard from them on day 60. I am almost at day 365, that is 10 months of critical safety data gone.

I continued to suffer and decline as the trial progressed without me. So what are the agencies doing about this? As we have heard, there's a lot of questions that need answers. The heads of the NIH, FDA and CDC have known first hand about my case and thousands of others. These direct reports began as early as last December. I, along with several injured physicians, continued to reach out to the FDA through emails, phone calls. We did video conferences with Peter Marks* and Janet Woodcock,** constant emails with Janet Woodcock and myself directly. We have literally asked, and we have begged, repeatedly for them to acknowledge these reactions. They declined.

They know about, they know that their lack of acknowledgement has created insurmountable barrier to our ability to receive medical care from doctors who rely on these agencies for information. They know about the issues with the clinical trials, they know about the deaths, they know about the lack of followup on VAERS,**** they know about the injuries to children. They know about Mattie. [points to Mattie, who is sitting in a wheelchair with a feeding tube taped to her cheek]. I have discussed Mattie with them. They know about the mandates imposed on the injured. They knew about the suicides as the results on months-long suffering. They know about the aggressive censorship. They know about the media censorship. They know about the scientific censorship. They know all of it. And they have for months.

What does the NIH know? I was one of a lucky few to go to the NIH for research in this area. There was about 50 - 60 people that participated in this research. There was invasive testing, all of the top-of-the-line tests you can imagine, tests that aren't even available to the public. We were instructed by the NIH not to talk about the research. We gladly complied, confident in their reassurances that they would publish their research last summer, which would finally open the door for all victims, [gestures towards the other panelists] all of these people, to receive appropriate medical care.

Unfortunately the NIH is no longer accepting calls on behalf of the injured. This happened shortly after the FDA met with us. This vital lifeline that saved hundreds, myself included, and maybe thousands, that lifeline has now been cut off. The NIH has told me and others that this is an immune mediated response to the spike protein.

CDC, FDA, NIH: We do exist. Your system is broken and you know it. You are constantly and persistently telling the public that your review of the data is thorough and your safety signaling systems are robust when in reality there is huge gaps in your system, every single step of the way. You are not taking care of those who suffer severe adverse reactions. Stop telling the public that you are.

Your refusal to take action means there will be more like us. Take responsibility for your role in the suffering of good Americans who did their part by taking the vaccine and have no idea this could happen to them.

Here is your proper informed consent. If you get covid you will get medical help. But I'm afraid to tell you, if you have this reaction [points to herself], that reaction [points to other panelist], that reaction [points to other panelist], Mattie's reaction [points to Mattie de Garay], Doug's reaction [points to Doug Cameron], you are on your own. The government won't help you. The drug companies won't help you. Your medical teams will have no idea what to do with you. Financially you will be on your own. You will be completely on your own.

I would like to finish with a letter from a friend [pauses, starts to cry] that I received a couple of months ago.

[reading from letter]: "Brie, I cannot take this any longer. This has taken everything away from me. My career, my family, my life. My body will not stop attacking itself and this is beyond the worst amount of torture. They have further erased my very existence. Please accept my apologies, I must bid farewell to this world. Please tell our stories. [pauses] Please make sure the world knows the cruelty that has been imposed upon us. Goodbye my dear friend, I will see you on the flip side."

Rochelle Walensky, Janet Woodcock, Peter Marks, Anthony Fauci, you erased her, and the many others like her. Their blood is on your hands. You cannot bring my friends back but you can save others from their fate if you finally just tell the truth.

If the government won't help us, if the drug companies won't help us, who will help us?

Thank you.


# # #

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Very enlightening video from this NZ doctor about the non existent virus we’ve all heard about. Many, many people have done their research and have come up with the same conclusion - it is non existent. Should open in Odysee not my FB…

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WARNING: I'll provide the overview, readers must fill in the blanks, deploy their respective networks and make it count. Time is of the essence.

We have observed, processed and given thought to the massive amounts of sabotaged food supply chain over one year: arson of production facilities one hundred and counting, thousands of beef cattle, poultry, eggs, milk needlessly wasted with brutal coercion visited upon producers, and we have asked, "what do these events constitute - what is the mission / its meaning?"

The last piece of the puzzle, the answer to the conundrum is now clear, and it is a threat to our total population. During the period calendar years 2021 through 2022, we see -

our national labor force has been reduced by death, disability, injury to the tune of 300,000; 1,260,000; and 26,600,000; respectively, which in the aggregate has reduced U.S. labor force by one third (1/3).

see 2-links below:

For Ed Dowd's findings & conclusion Summary: Runtime 2min 20sec total

https://www.bitchute.com/video/KJRDJgKsV5ti/ START @ 5min 8sec to Dowd's FINISH @ 7min 30sec.

For Ed Dowd's methodology with more detailed data charts: see this video:

https://www.bitchute.com/video/CM6TM9EorcHg/ Runtime: 56 min.

Does it not stand to reason our military has suffered an equal reduction in able bodied service men and women? Certainly military injections of C19vax is equal to or greater than civilian as to dose per person.

But here is the "kicker" - the last piece of the puzzle: Spike protein and known dangerous synthetic and nano materials are replacing manufactured food shortages, placed into our morphed food supply chain production - I do not have to tell you there is ample evidence these inclusions in plant and animal based food which are intended for every breakfast lunch and dinner table in America, are poisonous and CLEARLY is the result of a concerted effort to reduce our nation's population by death, disability, injury sterilization, miscarriages, and other maladies.

Are we going to just sit back and literally spoon feed ourselves with this junk, or are we going to do something about it?


And here is how we do that. All of us reading this now, know someone who knows someone who is a practicing attorney with license to practice in Federal District Court. Make that person painfully aware , by way of your network, that he can stop this entire fraud with just one temporary restraining order by any Federal District Court Judge, and until he does just that, he along with the rest of us, can watch his family, his children, his parents be slowly but surely injured, disabled and even killed every time he puts food on their table, every day of every week of every month. Let him know the BOOSTER SHOTS are now being seeded into plant based food products this coming growing season. Let him know spike proteins are likely already in his meat products he serves his family this evening, or will most likely be by the end of this month.

And as to the researchers, scientists, medical doctors reading this, Each of you has the network and skill sets to do the necessary and sufficient research to hand deliver to your attorney of choice. DO IT! Please. thank you for your time. jeff sweet michigan.

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Of course they knew , Steve. The only ones not allowed to know were those that would become collateral damage! All of this mess was so “ in your face”! It is beyond ridiculous that there are still people in this country who still mask up and rush to get the next lethal injection!

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Obviously you're not serious about treating the vaxxed inhumanly. After all, there are plenty of vaxxed people who took it *under duress*, or genuinely believing that it would be a good thing (i.e., they were LIED to). I couldn't possibly hold it against people to that extreme.

The only people I could hold it against are those who were pushing it from positions of authority. Those people either knew better, or had the obligation to know first before pushing it. THOSE people are criminals and should be held accountable.

As for the vaxxed spreading covid.... I'm not vaxxed, so I have no reason to worry about being exposed to it. Get a nappy sunday afternoon and back to work on monday.

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I love your 9 examples, in fact I'm fantasizing about them right now....

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The just thing to do, in equity, IS to reprimand and censure the vaccinated. Equity court demands it.

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Seriously, why are not there people on trial for this stuff?

Also, seriously, why are they putting mRNA into food? And what is in the mRNA, from what/which DNA was it derived?

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Why didn't they warn us at the time?

It would have caused hesitancy to take the Covid shot and inhibited Biden administration mandate plans.

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Vaccination increases your risk of diseases of several types none of which should be called COVID infections. COVID claimed infections are NOTHING more than an unreliable test result. There are no specific symptoms of alleged COVID that are not present with other illnesses and toxins.

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Morons! "JESUS & I" ToLD you, there is no such thing as COVID19. Why do you keep spreading this LIE? Of course the vax's are BioWeapons, just as "WE" stated when "WE" Declared BioWeapons Illegal on July 19th 2021. All politicians & judges are blackmailed now; As not one of these godless fools was wise enough to see the #Truth. Only KTP will save you. Keep denying K ✝️ P and your America will continue to erode to nothing.... Read the #LittleBook from Revelation 10:9 Only Found on "Political Moron dot Com", and then you will understand #GOD has already provided the #Victory against this evil. Hear GOD'S Messenger. The Time to Gather is nearing...

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