Hello, I’m catholic and I’m disappointed with this pope on so many levels…

One clarification: the pope is infalible according to our belief only on matters of doctrine of the faith. For all else, is like any other human being. Still his influence is enormous.

One cardinal tacit principle that has been broken is the non intervention in to politics and human affairs unless it threatens the spirituality of its members.

This principle has been broken and violated by this pope, no doubt. He talks about ideology on his speech (in Italian) but fails to look at the evidence. He just needed to consult with archbishop Vigano and many other good Catholic scientists to at least refrain to emit any opinions that may lead to harm, physically and spiritually of many catholics.

He also suppressed the Latin mass, one of the most beautiful, solemn and highest expressions of divinity for the believer.

I truly simpatize with many Christians, orthodox and Jewish friends that see this error.

I’m starting to believe that this is the “black pope” prophetized by St. Malachy…

Or the third pope left by Fatima apparitions…

I have a school classmate and friend priest at the Vatican. He told me a few years ago that the job is to big for this pope, something is amiss. I’m starting to understand now.

I am actually going to print this article and mail it to the Vatican together with Robert Malone’s conclusions.

I think is valid to question with good foundation, like in this excellent article, views that contradict solid data and scientific evidence.

Thank you Steve.

Fernando Orrego

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Religion is not your expertise Steve. Stick to your message. One should not throw out the baby with the bath water.

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I saw this link in Celia Farber's substack and the video answers the question regarding what is happening in some churches. In this case, the minister refers to the Arch Bishop of Canterbury but Pope Francis is obviously similarly afflicted. As this minister says here, "the Beast is now in the church". https://youtu.be/iXsE78wPlKg

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The Pope is captured.

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Rather than change my one true religion it would make more sense to declare that he isn’t the “pope” because he isn’t a Catholic.

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Just because the Pope is a bad man, doesn’t mean Catholicism isn’t good. That’s like saying there is a bad teacher in your school so the whole school is worthless. Seriously, if you want credibility, try not to be so dramatic

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People need to very, very, very carefully Discern a lot of people related to this and understand what is being done. Malone is absolutely not to be trusted and neither is Vigano-even though they MOSTLY say all the right things The Pope is FREQUENTLY mis-quoted from Italian and the source here is Evil WaPo. Francis obviously believes the Vaccines can save people and long ago the Lawyer-Bishops decided that saving lives with any vaccine outweighs the evil of using Aborted babies. Is he really dumb (or evil) enough to not understand what these shots that are NOT vaccines really are? Is Trump? Are all the rest of the worlds pastors, Bishops, politicians? People have been brainwashed for a long time when it comes to shots and told an over 100 year-old lie that antibiotics don't treat viruses when in fact they do. POTUS DJT told the WORLD that and I knew it since 2005 because I have 'Lyme' the actual Pandemic/Epidemic that is actually decimating this world now. That's what the infected sand-fleas are all about. Vigano seems great but he's nuts. All the way crazy and thinks these shots are the "Mark Of The Beast" but that the Latin Mass will save the world-even though it's been going on according to him for 1,000 years. The shots like 'Lyme' are actually a 'Malefice' a cursed bio-weapon that Satanists-Warlocks have performed Cursing Rituals over. You think Vigano is Holy? Read this : Vigano says in his interview with Vatican 1 boggle-eyed Robert Moynihan who looks scared to death- " Bergoglio acts on two fronts, an ideological one in which he wants to prevent any expression of dissent with respect to the failure of the new concilar path , and also a spiritual one, aimed at preventing the propagation of the objective good of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in order to favor those who see in that Mass a terrible obstacle to the establishment of the New Order, Novus Ordo Seclorum, that is the reign of the antichrist. It is not possible to believe that Bergoglio does not clearly understand the consequences deriving from his decision, or that he doesn't realize that depriving the Church of the Apostolic Mass is an assist to the Enemies of Christ and to the demon himself...the question of the Traditional Mass is not merely a difference of opinion or Liturgical matters... they wonder how it is possible Bergoglio shows so much fury against a Sacrosanct Rite that is over 1,000 years old unless he sees in it a threat to the realization of the Globalist Plan that he supports. By the Grace of God, the Faith of the Church is not in the hand of the Argentine (Francis is actually ANOTHER ITALIAN whose Italian parents fled to South America to escape Mussolini) over whose remains the Vatican vultures is already hovering". Malone? He uses terms like "tight as a tick' and brags about his CIA contacts and experiments with HUMANIZED mice. The Pope and Trump at least CARE about people...

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Steve - this is so upsetting. I am not sure the best way to contact the pope - letter? I'm happy to try. I assume you would be ok with my using your resources here? Thank you for all you do.

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Just another idiot. No matter his official title.

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Contained in this post on SubStack called "The tick tick tick of the Vaccine Bomb" I have a prayer that I wrote months ago about Satan (the Popes buddy) https://lawrencebutts.substack.com/p/the-tick-tick-tick-of-the-vaccine

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"Vigano is an Italian Catholic prelate and former papal nuncio to the United States under Pope Benedict who has lived in hiding since August 2018, when he published a bombshell letter highly critical of Pope Francis."

Vigano has become a watchman on the wall and a hero for traditional conservative Catholics. He often writes about the existence of a "deep church" led by the heretical papacy of the Jesuit Pope Francis, who is working to achieve an evil agenda with the corrupt deep state within the United Nations, World Economic Forum, governments of the world, big corporations, big pharma and big finance.

"The "deep church" is actually aiding and abetting the crimes against humanity, which Vigano appears to believe will end in global genocide. Then, following a mass die off and economic collapse, in comes the new world order or "Great Reset."

"It is equally obvious that the ecclesiastical hierarchy in so far as it lends itself in supporting this massacre plan on the global level is an accomplice to a crime against humanity, and even more to a very grave sin against God.

"The Bergoglian Sanhedrin [of Pope Francis] is clearly integral to the plan of the Great Reset. On one hand, because it is pursuing ends that have nothing to do with the purpose of the Catholic Church. And in the other, because it hopes that its complicity can bring it some sort of political and economic advantage in view of the New Order.

"This criminal complicity is there for all to see," Vigano continued. "And is further proven by Bergoglio's obsessive campaign, which may mean by moral blackmail, wants to impose inoculation with an experimental genetic serum on everybody. In recent days, he has gone as far as to involve cardinals and bishops from both North and South America in the shameful propaganda, including Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. They too share responsibility for a grave crime against humanity. Such a scandalous subservience of prelates to the infernal globalist agenda has been surpassed only by the recent heretical rants of Bergoglio himself."

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Archbishop Vigano Warns of Jesuit, Marxist, Freemasonry Plan for New World Order [aka Great Reset]


"It's a big club and they are ALL in it."

Jorge Bergoglio aka “pope” Frankie is the anti Christ and an agent of the Satanic pedovores that are running the ongoing democide and covaid$ crime against humanity. In the good old days of Al CIAduh's Plan Condor terror in Latin America this demon was the “confessor” and amigo of his military putsch buddy, the thug General Jorge Vidal who has the blood of thousands of Argentinians on his hands. The Roman Church is evil when it allows Berg-oglio to terrorize the flock of sheeple that are its victims. What's with the name, Jorge?

The vatipedovores have for centuries shown themselves to be among the most evil pigs ever to walk upright, more than their Satanic partners who unashamedly flout their evil. These whited sepulchers will burn in hell for their crimes against humanity. Because that's what all this is about; a war between good and evil, light and darkness.


El Silencio




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The POPE a false prophet and liar. Time to leave that apostate perversion promoting church.

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He must have the same advisors as Sotomayor... who woulda thunk it?

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I should download all the documents Steve has posted, and ask the same questions to the bishop of Sacramento California. See if I get a reply, and if anything else I would know that a person with some authority of the Catholic church would have the facts and could pass them along to the pope. However I don't think this will do much of anything. I will need to do some more research, but at this time I'm reading about a investigation in the Vatican concerning "CRISPER" and the Vatican's possible investment venture into this technology. There was or still is an investigation on the Vatican's investments in a drug company that makes abortion pills. Well Abortions are not accepted by the Catholic church and some might argue the ethics of "Crisper". So in my opinion I think that the Pope, the Vatican has a financial interest in pushing the SHOT. According to the Catholic church, your not supposed to talk about political agendas. The Catholic church is changing rapidly. But why? I think there is something very sinister happening here within the Catholic church and the Pope is the head of it all.

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Do the shots actually qualify as vaccines?

Aren't they called "gene therapy?"

Therapy is supposed to be about something enhancing or positive. If so, then why are some people dying or injured?

Does "gene therapy" belong in the body?

What substances are in these shots?

Are bodies "deficient" in these substances?

If not, then why take them?

Are we being lied to?

Thank you!

Lise from Maine (former licensed clinician)

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