The ad is real. Pfizer is promoting paxlovid without mentioning it by name since that’s illegal. My article is my take on the ad. It’s humor.

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Thanks Steve for all your amazing work. However, this particular headline, now on Revolver, seems confusing.

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Sooo.. is this drug a compound of the drugs mentioned?

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Read about it here:



Let's look at the death data (from covid-19) for those ≥80 years of age, from week 3 (the fraud) onwards:


Period A B C (covid-19 deaths per 100,000)


week03 39 309 270

week04 57 322 265

week05 78 326 248

week06 103 324 221

week07 114 280 165

week08 120 243 124

week09 120 190 70

week10 110 152 42

week11 101 141 40

week12 90 134 44

week13 84 122 37

Column A is deaths among those "suitably triple jabbed" per 100,000

Column B is the deaths among the un-vaccinated per 100,000

Column C is Column B minus Column A


So Column C is the number of deaths that are prevented for every 100,000 people who are vaccinated. If this number is negative then it records the number of deaths caused by the vaccines (per 100,000 vaccinated).

Graphing Column C we can see that as it approaches zero it levels off (from week 10 onwards). This is due to those presenting the data finding some fraud to keep the data positive, or simply making up the data. Anything, to keep the data from proving that the vaccines are killing more than they are saving.

Image/Graph http://www.preearth.net/images/deaths-caused-saved-by-vaccines.png

I must emphasize that the above data only records deaths due to covid-19. It does not record any deaths due to adverse reactions to the vaccine.

Anyway, after manipulating the data for the weeks 10, 11, 12, and 13, the evil people decided that the data was henceforth always going to show that the vaccines are killing more than they are saving, so they stopped publishing the data. To provide an excuse for this they had to arrange for the UK Government to stop paying for covid-19 testing, so that is what they did. In the week 14 surveillance report they state:

"From 1 April 2022, the UK Government ended provision of free universal covid-19 testing for the general public in England, as set out in the plan for living with COVID-19. Such changes in testing policies affect the ability to robustly monitor covid-19 cases by vaccination status, therefore, from the week 14 report onwards this section of the report will no longer be published."

The relevant data can be found in the following PDF:


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I heard a commercial for Disney this week..LOLOL You never hear that

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But all in good humor - Check out the Pfizer "Remarkable" ad! They are selling themselves and products as THE PATH TO NORMAL. Ooooh how Big Pharma is the shameless and examplary best of American innovation strategy (Austin, MAGA or Silicon Valley, red, white and blue)! It's a patentable (military-industrial strength) bio-extraction strategy. SMART? The best from Exponential U, or is that the WEF: Needle away symptoms and self-regulatory functions so you can sell back to people, a temporary sense of normal!

Thank you for your good work, Mr. Kirsch

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Asking for a validity/logic check - is my hypo credible - are the jabs causing more sick kids?

I know the jabs have caused reduced immunity ->more illness and death in adults.

Kids were injected months later and should be due for vaxx harm about now.

I also predicted in Sept2021 the deaths and injuries by vaxx-caused heart failure of athletes - approx. 900 football players; now competitive cyclists.


QUESTION - How many of these many sick kids are the result of poisoning by toxic Covid-19 "vaccines"? We now know that these vaccines were toxic and ineffective and should never have been given to anyone, especially children who were at no risk of dying of Covid-19!

How do we know? Because contrary to prevalent falsehoods, the Covid-19 vaccinated are now experiencing much more illness and death than the unvaxxed. Health authorities and politicians are trying to conceal this fact because they will never admit to their grievous errors.

We further know that the "vaccines" damage one's immune system and that leads to an increase in all illnesses, including cancers.

I published that the Covid-19 lockdowns were costly, harmful and ineffective on 21March2020 and warned our governments that the “vaccines” were costly, toxic and ineffective on 8Jan2021.

Proof: https://correctpredictions.ca/ - See the second half of the report, on Covid.

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Hi Steve, if time, please scan my latest paper - the second half on Covid-19. I expect you know most/all of this now.

I published that the Covid-19 lockdowns were costly, harmful and ineffective on 21March2020 and warned our governments that the “vaccines” were costly, toxic and ineffective on 8Jan2021.

This was not a difficult analysis.

I am an Engineer with expertise in energy and climate, NOT a medical person – this was just basic epidemiology and logic, once I found the quality data.

Every competent medical person and even some brighter-than-average politicians should have understood this reality more than two years ago.

This is highly credible evidence for lawyers and prosecutors that the Covid-19 Lockdowns and "Vaccines" should NEVER have happened.

Regards Allan MacRae Calgary





“The ability to correctly predict is the best objective measure of scientific and technical competence.”

Our scientific predictions on both Climate and Covid are infinitely more accurate than the mainstream narratives, which have been false and baselessly alarmist to date.

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The ad does not mention any of the early treatments you reference. I think you need to stick to the facts and leave the humor to less serious contributors.

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Twitter has locked my acct @GetsGreased for promoting this article.

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Steve!! Your article here was discussed on Jeff Rense talk radio live last night. If you go to Rense.com and replay last nights show, during his 2nd hour with fellow MIT Graduate Erika Kahn. Every night he discusses the Covid info and he reaches millions of viewers. He would definitely have you on his show if you contact him!!!!! Please reach out to him!

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No that was Malone. Kirsch didn’t know better. Malone looked for ADE and thought wasn’t showing plus wanted to travel plus thought would help with long covid. McCullough got covid and therefore saw no reason to get vax.

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Astonishing...covering their butt? Ok...so that ends EUA, right?

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I don’t hear the word ivermectin hydroxychloroquine and other medicine in the video.

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Drug companies will occasionally tell the truth (or part of the truth) when it is convenient for them to do so (such as when trying to take the market from a competing drug).

I read a blog recently about how for a period of time, Pfizer promoted the concept that blood clots cause heart attacks (which is much more accurate than saying high cholesterol will), but then pulled the research and advertisements for that hypothesis once they realized it would be much more profitable to just sell statins as well.


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May 3, 2022·edited May 3, 2022

I'd like to clarify a point to all regarding my comment on a talk delivered by Bourla, CEO of Pfizer in a recent video.

The speech by Bourla was not an actual advertisement for a new product where the brand name and specific use is given. It was more a general reveal of an up-and-coming product by Pfizer that incorporates new technology enabling physicians and others to track patient compliance (and potentially other data).

The talk was more on the line of revealing to Klaus Schwab and the world that Pfizer will soon be able to control patient compliance using this almost-ready-to-come-to-market product which will adhere to the plans for human control as described in Schwab's book "The Great Reset."

For many of us it is more a warning by Big Brother rather than an advertisement by the Pharma giant.

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