It seems the vaccinated are at greater risk of disease than the unvaccinated. Why is that? Well according to the many 'awake' doctors, the vaccine was designed to kill off the natural immune system and replace it with a spike protein that opens the cells and allows other pathegions to get into those cells and make the host sick. ~~~~For the designers of the vaccine - it has worked wonders and is bringing in billions of dollars. The more psychological bullshit they put out about vaccine efficiency, the more the gullible swallow the propaganda and give their arm to the needle. It appears they cannot think for themselves. Never asking what is in the vaccine? What are the side effects? Will it protect me from the virus? (Which we have seen it does not). Can it harm me? Should I not be given a form of consent before taking the vaccine? Hundreds of thousands around the world are dead, maimed or ill, but still the eyes of the sheep are asleep. Wake up - it was called 'experimental' so surely that must cause some sort of awakening. Maybe guinea pigs are happy to believe the propaganda and then villify those who actually ask questions.

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It is not the evidently roughly 30% who are truly in the throes of delusion who need to be reached, but the roughly 1/3 of those who still have misplaced trust in the "experts", not having seen or been hit upside the head by enough of the truth.

Cracks are indeed forming and spreading, and many among them are getting hip to the scam. And as the effects accelerate, so shall the defections. The biggest obstacle is that medical professionals are disproportionately among the true believers, having been indoctrinated right from the beginning of their training. Medical science has become as dogmatic and irrational as the Inquisition.

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Regarding breaking the mass formation psychosis, a person I know who is an expert hypnotherapist said the only way to break the hypnosis, is by the same person who gave the first suggestion. In this case it would probably be Fauci. He gave the hypnotic suggestion that the vaccine is safe and effective and will get us out of the pandemic. He continues to repeat this hypnotic suggestion. This is why it is so difficult talking to others about the reality of the situation. I think it would be good if Steve Kirsch talked to some experts on hypnotism to find a way to reverse the hypnosis of those who are under the spell. Reasoning will have no effect if someone is under the spell. If you hypnotize someone to lift up their left arm every time you say the word 'blue' they will continue doing this regardless of any reasonable conversation anyone else has with them about not lifting their arm. Only you could break the spell if you are the one who hypnotized them originally. I do hope there is another way out of this. Possibly if all white coat male doctors that look like Fauci would volunteer, this could work. Can someone weigh in on this?

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You are fucking crazy. Vaccines are very effective and safe...

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Check out these people in the great white north! These truckers have very clear, very simple demands and they have a 50,000 plus convoy and truckers in the US on board. https://westernstandardonline.com/2022/01/truckers-we-are-not-separatists-or-terrorists/

They are making a real difference.

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FRANCE - over half a million cases in one day!

“Pissing off the unvaccinated” by isolating them from society is working really well heh!


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Bill Maher is turning the tide our way .... Seriously, have you watched his latest HBO Real Time (live) episodes? In the "Living with Covid" episode, he concurs with his guest Bari Weiss that Covid is a Pandemic of Bureaucracy. I loved the episode "Get up America" where in his myriad one-liners, he divulges that he can't deal with this shit anymore, sees himself as a mild variant not as getting older, doesn't want to live in "your" paranoid world anymore, and jokes about Biden's press conference and how Biden's get-up-and go has got-up & went.

Steve would be a great guest & could take his P100 respirator - it would be a good sequel to Bill Maher's episodes where he talks about Biden's give-away of N95 masks that come in 3 sizes: small, medium & virtue-signaling. I don't know the size of Bill Maher's live audiences but on You Tube and Twitter, he's getting almost 1 million views/5-minutes of each of his HBO episodes. Tweeting, retweeting & commenting would be a great way to change the narrative.

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Putting this out there because Steve has the most passionate well-informed readers/researchers. Dr. Mike Yeadon and others have spoken openly about how dangerous this vaccine is. Intentionally.

Andreas Noack was trying to break people out of hypnosis: I read this comment (on another substack)


Around 8:20 in this video:


"Everyone is talking about messenger RNA which has complex effects. The theory of mRNA is complex. But every chemist understands what this (the graphene hydroxide) does. You see the mRNA story is possibly a diversion. I cannot imagine anyone will be able to give me as a carbon specialist a proper explanation why these carbon razor blades are in the vaccine. This is war serum. They distract us with the messenger RNA. But people cannot collapse that quickly from that, right after the injection. Something else is going on."

A few days later, he was "violently attacked" and subsequently died.


My response:

Whoa. I haven't even finished watching yet, but what he's saying reminded me of something I heard about a couple years ago related to e-cigarettes.


A vascular surgeon who was researching this said the arteries he was seeing looked like "cut glass" inside.

Makes me wonder if graphene hydroxide was added to e-cigarettes in some way as a "test run"-- what kind of effect would it have?

We know BG is interested in population reduction. He's got $$ avail for condoms made of graphene.


When you've come to accept that we now live in a dystopic, sci-fi world, this doesn't seem like such a stretch.


This is Dr. Noack's wife, shortly after he died from the attack. Wen I first watched it, I thought he was attacked by some thugs:


Investigating the attack further, it wasn't by thugs, but appears to be a directed energy weapon:


For people unfamiliar with direct energy weapons:


Could Dr. Noack's explanation account for the high damage from some of the doses of shots?


I have been speaking to a family member who got both shots but he has been open to the information I've been sharing with him. After I sent him howbad.info, he could see there is no point to pursing the mandates unless the purpose is nefarious. Some doctors (Tenpenny, Merrit, Zelenko) were there at the stort, but when you look at all the evidence, pursing this course of action can't simply be hubris.

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Steve, Mikki Wilis just did an interview on highwire where he talks about this. Unfortunately, he thinks more people need to have a personal experience before enough percentage of people will wake up.

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just saw a clip of alex berenson on tucker/fox freaking out that the vaccines may actually be doing more harm than good. He mentioned a JAMA report on myocarditis that came out today.

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There is no admission from ANYONE that Celine Dion's problems are vax related (even though I am certain they are). No proof of Biden or Newsome being vax injured and there never will be. I pray that your other hopes and predictions come to pass.

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Steve, on your list of ways to convince people about this issue there is another very important thing. There should be a flow chart of sorts called "follow the money" because that seems to be why a lot of strange things were/are happening: perverse monetary incentives for hospitals from the CARES Act among others, and I just learned about HUGE perverse monetary ncentives to school boards: TheHighWire.com episode 249 last 30 minutes. To paraphrase the saying, love of money seems to be the root, or at least the legs, of this evil.

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Something has got to give. The narrative will crumble at some point. It has to.

If anyone's curious, I offer a psychologist's perspective on mass formation psychosis (I'm a psych professor and a quantitative researcher). See here: https://wearyprof.substack.com/p/mass-formation-psychosis-a-psychologists

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We will probably never know the whole Truth re: G. Newsom's health. Doesn't matter. He's one of a million.

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