does Richard Hirschman have a data set of his findings that we can gain access to?

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As Bhakdi et al have pointed out, if the mRNA gets into the bloodstream, then it will be expressed by the endothelial cells (which form the blood vessel walls). Then it could enter the blood stream. So could the covid spike protein be the core constituent of this white fibrous material?

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I just looked up Morgellons disease & there's a picture that looks surprising like the picture a person posted of something that is in people's blood after getting the covid vaxx..... Is there a connection between the blood clots seen in people's blood after the vaxx, the blood clots the morticians are seeing, and Moregllons Disease?

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what I would like to know is where in the body embalmers were seeing these clots, and what part of the embalming process would a mortician actually discover such a clot ? As a medical person , I would like some more anatomical detail.

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How would an embalmer know of someone's vaccine status? Especially an embalmer that has no contact with the family of the deceased and has only been contracted by a funeral home to come in and embalm for them. He says that he's never seen clotting like this and can think of no other explanation. Has he considered Covid being the cause of the clots, or has that possibility not occurred to him?

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Is this material being studied by anyone? This story should be the beginning of a research effort, not a one-off announcement.

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I wasn't sure if my last post went through earlier today, and so I am going to try to do it once again...

First, let me apologize because my last science class was "Earth Science" in high school. Prior to that I had a General Science class, where I do remember memorizing the bones of the body, but the muscles and vascular system were beyond me. I am not a nurse or a doctor, and so this is a simple breakdown of what I have researched.

This is in answer to Question #3. And this is an addendum to my post below from a week or two ago, with additional information and a summary.

These large rubbery clots that the embalmer found in the veins and arteries of the dead vaccinated are the result of COVID-19 vaccine injuries, from the mRNA vaccines which contain graphene oxide!

As I had stated previously, Dr. Andreas Noack posted a public video just prior to his suspicious and premature death while in police custody, exposing that the graphene oxide in the Pfizer vaccine (and other COVID vaccines) breaks down into "graphene hydroxide", which is the equivalent of minute razor blades that are shredding the veins and arteries of the vaccinated at the capillary level.


Now, the large, long, solid clots found in the veins and arteries of the dead vaccinated by the embalmer, are a fibrin buildup.

When damaged tissue results in bleeding, fibrogen is then converted at the wound into fibrin. This is by the action of "thrombin", a clotting enzyme. These fibrin molecules combine into fibrin threads that then entangle the platelets and build up a spongy mass that eventually hardens and contracts to form a blood clot.

Because these graphene hydroxide razor blades are now moving quickly through the blood of the vaccinated, they are cutting, moving - shredding, moving - slicing, moving; endlessly circulating through the veins and arteries of the vaccinated.

In an attempt to heal, the body is sending massive amounts of this fibrogen, to build blood clots, but because the damage is being done every second of every minute of every day in the body of the vaccinated, whole veins and arteries are being clogged with this material, resulting in these HUGE, rubbery blood clots, until the blood can no longer circulate, and the person dies.

I suspect if someone examines these huge clots, they will confirm this is true.

I would strongly recommend that the vaccinated take a fibrinolytic enzyme like Nattokinase to try to digest excess fibrin (a protein buildup) in the blood, which would allow for improved blood viscosity!

Because many have reported that the spike proteins are being "shed" by the vaccinated, it might also be a good idea for the unvaccinated to consider this as well!

Deborah Weaver


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This means that most of the dead people had severe vaccine injuries.

And we can now make the claim that the "vaccine" is the leading cause of death.

I think this disaster would shock anyone.

It is not just the strange clots, but they are now the most visible. Even cancer and other infections are increased by the shot, because of the weakening of the immune system. Additionally there is damage from auto-immunity, and the spike-proteins that stay around for months.

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Steve writes: "You’d also think that after his Jan 26 video, Hirschman would be contacted by the CDC, FDA, NIH, NY Times, CNN, Washington Post, and so on, wouldn’t you?"

Yes, in a sane world one would, but I wouldn't. I'm a freelance journalist who began my COVID research by working on an exclusive story about Tim McCain, a 39-year-old Alabamian who almost certainly had COVID in December 2019. Note the date: Tim, who spent 28 days in an ICU and nearly died several times, had a severe form of COVID at least one week before the Wuhan outbreak.

Why do I think he did really have Covid? Because he had EVERY Covid symptom and every medical record of his matches a severe case of COVID ... and he tested positive for antibodies in later April 2020. His wife, who also got very sick at the same time as her husband, has now tested positive for COVID antibodies three times. Given this evidence of "Case Zero" in America wouldn't you think that someone with the CDC or the Alabama Department of Public Health would at least talk to Tim and Brandie McCain or ask to look at their medical records? Or re-test them for antibodies?

I say you would expect such inquiries. But these never occurred. Nobody from the CDC or ADPH has ever spoken to Tim or Brandie McCain. To me, this is probably the strongest evidence that they DID have this virus in December 2019. The CDC and ADPH KNOW that if they did look into these cases, they would have to conclude that these were genuine cases - which would blow up the entire CDC and public health narrative about when COVID began to spread in America.

It's also maddening that nobody from the mainstream press is interested in these cases. I sent my feature story to every publication that accepts freelance submissions and they all passed with no comment or no request to see some of the supporting medical records the McCains had given me. My take-away: Do not trust anything public health officials say about COVID. And, no, they definitely are not "looking for the truth." If they were, they would have rushed to interview and examine Tim and Brandie McCain. As this embalmer story illustrates, the last thing they want to do is perform any "investigations" that expose their lies.

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Like the DJ said, "The hits just keep on coming!"

At this point, anybody who got jabbed should start taking aspirin, update wills, and start praying. I'm going to pass this article along with the admonition to not read it just before bedtime-- like I did. Rod Serling could have wriiten the screenplays for my nightmares. Even so I must add, keep up the good work! (And get some tissue samples to Ryan Cole or anybody who can identify them.)

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Hey Steve , this is a substack that I'm able to comment on due to a job that doesn't pay much and yet I'm a researcher .

In all my years I've never come across a time when information regarding a threat to humanity to be so ambiguous.

it's disgraceful and continues to be.

Thanks for letting me have a voice.

You're incredible

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Steve, are you familiar with this article just published in Nature? Seems to contradict the natural immunity research and I can't imagine this is true. Seems like a "plant" to me.



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I live in Australia where we now have possibly the highest vaccination rates in the world and a covid death rate one tenth pro rata compared to the USA.

Last year I fortunately travelled entirely around Australia speaking to so many including my own family about covid and vaccinations. Not one person knew of anyone who died immediately after vaccination or many months later or of suspicious circumstances and only 2 mentioned an adverse reaction with both resolved.

Surely this non professional evidence supports the professional evidence on this matter.

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From a Christian point of view, vaccines are not an option. Pius XII. was misinformed, so he was wrong when he changed the position of the former popes. Vaccination is perversion of medicine: The goal is not to cure a disease, but to provoke a disease. It is obvious that there was never a proof that a vaccine "immunized". It is obvious that not every vaxxed person is "immune". In fact: Diseases spread simliarly in vaxxed and unvaxxed persons. However the existence of vaccine injuries cannot be denied. Therefore, vaccination is immoral.

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Hey Steve, what is Richard’s email? Have some questions for him…I am investigating this issue.

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