I see courttv.com trying to accuse Alex Jones of being a conspiracy fraud for some case about 5 years ago, I don't know anything about that, but they are probably trying to get him for telling the truth about the so called vaccine . We all know covid is the biggest hoax in history, and the physcopaths behind it , faucci, Gates, etc , but courttv.com never mentions that . Why can't they get them , and show us all .

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part of their sick genocidal plan by killing doctors and nurses, it will shut down clinics and hospitals, therefore making it difficult for someone to get the care they need...people will die because of lack of doctors and nurses, and like the infant (under 12 months) who just died of a fatal heart attack in Barriere, BC., because lack of response from ambulance service..it is all going beautifully according to their evil plan...ONLY God can save us from this. It is time to supplicate him...

(Psalm 91:14) God said: “Because he has affection for me, I will rescue him. I will protect him because he knows my name.

you can find his name at Psalms 83:18 or in the introduction of your Bible...critical if we want to be saved!

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This information is so important to know and share!

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This is horrifying.

On another note, in the United States, I keep finding places that will not take cash. At a Whole Foods nearby they have set up a parking ticket machine to get into the parking lot, that reads your palm. Fortunately it’s not set up yet, because I’m not going to do it.

Yesterday I got a salad at a Dr. Smood establishment, and they would not take cash.

Their plans seem to continue to go forward, regardless of the exposed fraud and tyranny involved that got us to this place.

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No it's s CULLING.


It's why we can't find any MDs in Scarborough and Toronto

I am 66 and have many 60 something friends who use MDs, I don't, but no one of these 12 or so friends and family have an MD any more.

The CULLING continues and you can call it any wrong name you want.

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The reason the data is not being kept up is the data managers are dying too!

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It’s a bit more complicated than that, I think. I am originally from Australia, so am familiar with Socialized Medicine - I have worked in both systems last in Australia in 2006 & in the US for years as well.

Think about it, during the Covid debacle, our country was basically working under a Socialized System, albeit a very generous & as it turned out dangerous System, that in IMO encouraged Medical Facilities to treat patients based on how much money they could make - e.g $39K to put patients on a Vent, among other paid incentives, for treatment. This resulted in the deaths of many in the US.

The Australian model does not work anything like that - you can have Health Insurance & I have had Health Insurance, since I was 18 , both here & in Australia.

My aged MiL had very good Health Insurance & in my experience, all that garnered her was more negative attention - i.e she was a bit of a hypochondriac, the the Medical Industry overserviced her, to the point of injuring her.

Her NP told her that she had a lump on her neck that might be cancer & scheduled her for an FNA. I called to ask what the results were & she told me that they stuck her 8 times & couldn’t get any tissue, so they discontinued & of course the ? Cancer DX went away.

Another time she was in hospital for a fall & about 4 hours before she was due to be released the Hospital did an emergency Tracheotomy on her because she was having problems breathing.

She was 90 & it took her 6 months to recover, so she had to spend more time in Hospital, in Rehab. It turned out that the reason she was having problems breathing, was because she had a lump of Mucus in her throat.

At the end of her life, she had another fall - her NP had her on Nortryptaline & Celexa at the same time, (a big no, no,) which IMO was causing her falls. She had a fractured femur & had surgery, was doing okay & was slated for release. Two hours before she was released, the Hospital put her on a Vent - $39K thank you very much.

She passed peacefully a week later at home. My SiL had POA over her, so we had no say in anything & they all just went along with anything the Medical Industry suggested.

A few years ago in NY State I was having a Colonoscopy - I never have any Meds ever for the procedure, (I’ve had 7 in the last 25 years), this Doctor agreed to my request.

However when I got into the office it turned out that his equipment was rather antiquated, so no modern HD equipment. He goes back on his word & asked if I wanted an IV & any Meds - I declined.

During the procedure, during which he was playing Jimmy Buffet & singing along, he had the Anesthesiologist come into the room to ask if I wanted any Meds - I declined.

He started asking me to turn over on my stomach, my right side, then my left side, then my back, then repeat. Nobody had ever asked me to do that before, so I determined that he was trying to make the procedure as uncomfortable as possible, so that I would give in & ask for Meds.

Let’s face it, I had good Insurance & the Anesthesiologist was standing around in the office & not getting paid, if I didn’t have any Meds. The more they asked if I wanted Meds - (the Anesthesiologist came in 3 times total) - the more determined I was that I wasn’t having them. I have a very good pain threshold , thank goodness. In the week post procedure - my abdomen was quite tender - another thing that I had never experienced before.

I make a point to not have any General Anesthesia, or Twilight Meds for any procedure, not Colonoscopies, Lumpectomies, or Cataract Extraction & I do fine.

We left NY State 20 months ago & moved to Free Florida - the whole State is rank.

Anyway I am really not a fan of Socialized Medicine, but I’m not sure that the System here is much better with all the graft & corruption.

Don’t forget the part that, that Traitor John McCain played in the Obamacare Debacle as well & if you get a chance read Sydney Schanberg on John McCain & his part on keeping Secret the Records pertaining to the Vietnam POWs.

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Depopulation through Vaccination. Agenda 21

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It is critical that We the People do not fall for the provocations. Violence is what the regime wants to provoke, which means violence is exactly what we must reject.


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In 2021, over 10 Indonesian doctors died from the C19 Sinovac vaccines. See here https://www.wsj.com/articles/covid-19-killed-26-indonesian-doctors-in-juneat-least-10-had-taken-chinas-sinovac-vaccine-11624769885

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Socialists aren't quick to admit anything that reflects badly on their flawless judgment. The vast unwashed do not need or deserve any explanation.

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Canada clearly does not need Doctors and Nurses. They made that clear with the mandates by firing many of them


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I think we have to be careful with this report. I am a canadian. I have been following some of this data. Stew made more than one mis-statement in his video.

And just because useage of a certain database where people post memorials about doctors has increased in the last couple years, does not mean there have actually been more deaths, it just means more people are using that particular database. We all know there is a problem, but let's not give anyone fodder to say how inaccurate we are.

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