It looks like 'household' is intended to be the sample unit for the second round of questions. It seems a bit of numeric data might be handy via replacing size classes with 'how many folks in your household'. To crosscheck the answers you get from using '120.000.000 US households'. Although classes pretty tight the 8+ might be anything, eg folks interpreting to mean 'folks for which I claim I would know if vaccine injured or dead'. Numeric would sort that out.

The 3/4 who had a covid death and thought the medical treatment contributed seems to be interpretable as to the 'selection bias' or whatever term is used to describe bias due to who is attracted to and answers the poll. What proportion thought the medical treatment was dangerous amongst those who had vaccines but no vaccine injuries?

Is there a way to see 'aborted' surveys? Does that have any use?

What happens if you strip the questions down to say 6 questions or so? Does the proportion of deaths worked as a proportion of the population start to come down?

"selection bias" or whatever that is in poll design seems would be the weakest point of this data. Repeat polls are showing similar results so you are getting some view of things consistently, but the view is not applicable to population. High precision low accuracy I would guess.

Excellent initiative and thank you for doing all this.

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Is there anyone who has or how do I FOIA request previous years SADS deaths? SADS.org used to have it on their site but strangely it's missing.🤔

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Just wait until kids start dropping dead especially kids under age 5 whose parents stupidly tragically got them vaxxed. When a million young kids drop dead maybe the parents will protest? No they will blame the rest of us who never got vaxxed. We will be the reason their children died. We are to blame.

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Well at least they didn't die from Covid they did the right thing they trusted CNN and got vaxxed and now they are dead. Better to die from the wonderful magical vaccine than to die from Covid. Right?

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Jul 27, 2022·edited Jul 27, 2022

How do we know the number of people who died of Covid, if the PCR tests don’t detect “Covid”, but any virus or virus fragment?

How do we know the number of people that died of the “vaccine”, when the numbers are being hidden, and the “vaccine” might eventually kill everyone who received it.

I’m guessing the number of people who died of “Covid 19” is zero, because the feared virus never existed, and the number who died of the “vaccine” will be near 100%.

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I've heard of more deaths, both personally and professionally (people taking time off for bereavement) in the past year, than I have in my 50 years on this earth.

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Please study if the vaccination damage is contagious. Does the vaccine shed. Does physical contact with the vaccinated spread DNA. Is the vaxx not only like AIDS but also like HIV?

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Completely unsurprising. Only about 50% of those I know took the vaccine. No COVID deaths in those I know personally. One elderly relative died shortly post vaccine. 1 GBS, 1 unknown serious autoimmune issues, 1 hearing loss/tinnitus. Rate of damage is far higher post vaccine than with COVID. Luckily saw this coming from earlier research. Did my best to dissuade people close to me from taking the vaccine (about 50% success rate, the mass formation was strong).

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Don't forget they keep on manipulating data by classifying anyone who got vaccinated but who got sick/was injured/died before 14 days after vaccination as being "unvaccinated"

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Jul 26, 2022·edited Jul 26, 2022

Hey Steve,

I work for a polling/survey company and we ran a similar poll in the late summer of 2021. Our results weren't quite as bad but far worse than what was being reported. As far as I remember 1 in 150 reported heart problems/chest pain/tachycardia of some kind in an "Other (specify)" text response -- the 18/378 in this survey seems pretty unbelievable but it's a year later. Additionally since the 2021 question was part of a multi-select question very few people selected the "Other" option but instead selected one of the button options. The button options were fairly mild symptoms.

The one suggestion I would have is to get the data from open text responses as opposed to single choice or multi choice responses. If they say they were injured in a single choice question, follow-up the question with an open-text question. It may take half an hour or so to code the responses but you will generally get better data and perhaps things you wouldn't otherwise expect.

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In 2020 the only person that didn't die of Covid was George Floyd. Going forward from 2021 all deaths were caused by ABV (Anything But the Vaxx).

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I have a suggestion. The disability data (FRED: LNU00074597) shows perhaps 3 million people disabled during 2021 & later. This, from a pop of 263 million (FRED: CNP16OV). Maybe in your next poll you can ask: "were you injured by the vax to the point that you can no longer work?" and "Are you at least 16 years old?"

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Steve - I'm only occasionally getting messages from substack when you post new articles. Say 1:4. Just FYI.

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Jul 26, 2022·edited Jul 26, 2022

How about:

The quaxx is infinitely more deadly than SARS-CoV-2.

That is:

The quaxx v. NOTHING (or at worst a stupid cold virus).

Other things that ARE deadly are called COVID-19:

Exemplified by hypoxia in otherwise healthy people.

A good hypothesis is that those people were poisoned (air, water, food, 5G).

It isn't plausible that one in the same virus with 99.998% survival rate is also deadly.

Never mind everything under the sun, such as automobile fatalities, called COVID deaths.


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Have you received a vaccine:

•Per survey

No 145 27.72%

Yes, 1 dose 56 10.71%

Yes, 2 doses 151 28.87%

Yes, 3 doses 121 23.14%

Yes, 4+ doses 50 9.56%

•Per current CDC data (https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#vaccinations_vacc-people-additional-dose-totalpop):

21.3% No

11.5% 1 doe

34.8% 2 dose or 1 J&J

22.7% 3 dose (or J&J + booster)

9.7% 4 dose (or J&J + 2 boosters)

Those numbers are very close which strongly argues that this survey is a representative sample of the united states for the other larger figures where most of the respondents answered.

I am not sure how to tabulate the % of who took what vaccine, but my guess from looking at this: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1198516/covid-19-vaccinations-administered-us-by-company/

Is that there was a very similar number of people who took each brand as your survey shows.

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You are wrong kirsch. It is FAR MORE DEADLY……THE VAX WILL HAVE ALREADY KILLED 10 x more than covid

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