Pal Alexander is on a similar theme for hospital fakevax certificates whistleblowers. Steve Kirsch's comment from the public indicates the threat of severe extortion is very real.

The implication is that law enforcement isn't going to follow up on any extortion events.

To me, this says you will need to place the responsibility for whistleblower safety upon those whom they are blowing the whistle on. Anything untoward to the whistleblowers family, pets, friends, neighbours or friends of family needs to be prosecutable upon those most to gain from a silencing. I know this is beyond the law, but they in turn get the chance to own up as to who in the background is powering the continued extortion.

Its very deep and very systemic and it needs to be exposed and called to account

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I'm a freelance journalist and I asked the media affairs coordinator at the Alabama Department of Health for statistics on the number of Alabama children (age 0 to 18) who had died from Covid. I was told by email that the ADPH "could not provide this information." Think about that. I was trying to get definitive information because I couldn't find a definitive answer in my research (from the ADPH's Covid dashboard) and the CDC's dashboard. State press reports rarely if ever provided a definitive number. FWIW, my bet would be that no "healthy" Alabama child (a child without severe pre-existing conditions) has died FROM Covid in the entire pandemic. So this is the information my state's trusted public health agency wants to keep from the public: What is the mortality risk of dying from COVID for a healthy Alabama child 24 months into the pandemic? Odds are this "risk" is 0.0000 percent. I saved the email if Steve wants to see this answer.

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Too many dastardly self ameliorate selfish disciples of BIG PHARMA & for profit versus for patient medical healthcare professionals sold their souls.

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Steve, in looking at whether restrictions between Canada/US border have been eased, I came across this page, and am fairly amused/disgusted by the statistics they claim re vxd/unvxd. Where do they get this stuff?


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Steve could you please look into some information from Dr Rima about WHO and their plans for the entire world and actions that needs to be taken to stop it? In this video she is talking to James Roguski.Dr Rima had been exposing the globalists for decades iin case you didn't know..

This is a SOS message!!! I grew up in Europe and we used that term a lot. However, we need millions to know about this and get involved and you know how to do that. Thank you for all you do for humanity.




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Here we have a debate challenge to LAPH's Ferrer from a brilliant local MD/PhD - please help spread the word and/or write to Ferrer if anyone (timely) sees this and supports the proposal! https://twitter.com/houmanhemmati/status/1518454194176282624

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Apr 24, 2022·edited Apr 25, 2022

When you are direct participant in one of the Greatest Crimes against Humanity you will do everything in your power to keep the truth from coming out. But the truth is coming out. Slowly but surely.

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If we all submerge the FDA and CDC with these requests, could they wake up or continue to ignore us.

Can you give me the contacts infos so I can ask and forward it to all my friends to ask?

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This is worth reviewing, as it was quickly buried.


COVID vaccination and age-stratified all-cause mortality risk

"In the European and Israeli data, we find that COVID vaccination correlates positively

with mortality 0-5 weeks from vaccination, before associating with lower mortality 6-20 weeks

from vaccination."

"Preprints and early-stage research may not have been peer reviewed yet." - hmmmm. . . I wonder why that is????

On another note, the CDC data is damning if you crunch the numbers.

I have shared this site before. I encourage everyone to bookmark it, as it's difficult to find. https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/nvss/vsrr/covid_weekly/index.htm#Comorbidities

Review "Comorbidities and other conditions." 988,653 (as of 4/17/22) = total covid deaths between 2020 and 2022.

"For over 5% of these deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned on the death certificate." You do the math.

And why are we jabbing young people? Look at the number in the 0-24 age range. One death is tragic. However, until we know the real root of death and exactly how many jabs the person received, we really know nothing.

I've followed so many passionate people risking their jobs and reputations, but each person/group has its own following. These people need to be connected so that all of these data points can be shared and compared. Enough with the hodgepodge approach! People need to connect across the globe.

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Surely you know that the lack of answers to these questions will just be a few more straws on the proverbial camel's back. They might bring the collapse sooner, but they most assuredly will not bring it by themselves.

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Apr 24, 2022·edited Apr 24, 2022

I am pretty sure that "Kelly Richards" is a bot, and the purpose of "her" posting is to entice people to go to that incomehd dot com, no doubt, malware-implanted web site.

Kelly, if you are real, humble apologies and you can post proclaiming your reality, and explain what got into you, advertising in comments on substacks, which is against substack terms and conditions.

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Getting through to our youth is vital. We must do so apolitically , strategically, honestly and undauntingly.

They need to understand we were once them, most of us engaged in less than savory activities and aren’t here to judge, preach, moralize or push an agenda. Put ourselves in their place, but not wimp out. If I’m disgusted by both parties, the imbecilic sloganeering, lecturing, pretense and ideological dogma- imagine what they feel. The Republicans are so fucking clueless that it is unbearable. The Dems are such fucking liars and pretentious bigots it would be laughable if not so effective.

There isn’t a visible/audible public, widespread platform for free thinking, pragmatic, diverse representation, discussion or sharing ideas, our own experiences, who we are or why we are who we are. This is the classic scenario we were warned of by Huxley, Bradbury, Serling,Orwell,Bertrand Russell, Solzhenitsyn, Sowell,Pat Moynihan, Eisenhower, Hesse, Asimov, McLuhan, Styron,Rushdie RT all

Ironically, this divide replete with censorship has created the once unthinkable… a growing coalition of divergent ideologies , socio-ecomic , religious, cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds actually finding common ground.Seeing the light that no matter our differences, something nefarious is taking place and nobody is safe!

If someone told me a year ago that Russell Brand, Glenn Greenwald, Majid Nawaz, Brett Weinstein, Kim Iversen, Naomi Wolf, Jimmy Dore, Matt Taibbi, Tulsi Gabbard, Heather Heying, Jordan Peterson, Glenn Beck, Tucker Carlson, Ron Johnson, Steve Bannon, Raheem Kassam, Asra Nomani, Dave Reaboi, Jim Hanson, Dave Rubin, Mehmet Oz, Ayaan Hirsi Al Laura Ingraham, David Webb, Megyn Kelly, Lara Logan, Lee Smith, Nigel Farage,Caitlin Jenner, Robby Starbucks, Ric Grenell, Kash Patel, Israel, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Israel, Morocco, Sudan, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Italy, ( the aforementioned nations pre-Biden),Gordon Chang, Victor Davis Hanson, Aaron Rogers, Tom Fitton, Jonathan Turley, Charles Ortleb,Elon Musk, Kyrie Irvin, Kanye, and other former rivals would be playing for the same team… the team known as freedom is the most important and effective way to turn things around. Or we will all perish

Hence, we are all the real target of the global Deep State. We, meaning those who realize “ we” doesn’t mean collective forfeiture of our psyche to partisan talking points, requisites or fear of mob mentality and persecution are the real heroes .

We can still disagree on various issues, but allowing for discussion without attack, judgement and demeaning is healthy. It’s a learning experience and game changer.We are individuals gifted with the ability t learn, think and grow… together. That type of unity makes us stronger. That is what the powers that be fear most. It is why they use constant propaganda to weaken and divide us.

There is something extremely bizarre when a once free people collectively worships “ The Man”. As per mis and disinformation, it’s not limited to one side. I don’t know whether in certain cases it is ignorance, laziness , hubris or corruption, but it is making matters far worse.

Hannity is a prime example. He constantly bitches about the Democrats in his excruciatingly obnoxious redundancy, interruptions and making himself the subject of every feature. And then gives wrong info. Case in point: He has been going on for two weeks about Trump being like Reagan in foreign affairs philosophy. He uses examples of Reagan employing the Contras to overthrow the Nicaraguan dictator.Like that was a good thing. Trump was against US involvement in regime change and very much against arming supposed opposition “ freedom fighters”. He’s been espousing Trump’s belief in entering foreign nations and “ bombing the shit out of them”.Going on about Reagan’s “ success” in using the Mujadeem to overthrow the Soviet control of Afghanistan. This crap is the antithesis of Trump’s foreign policy ideology. Trump took out IISIS, not the Afghani puppet government. He took out Soleimani who was planning an attack on the US military facility in Afghanistan, but never took action inside Iran. He wasn’t going to take out Assad, Rouhani, Abbas,Putin, Castro, Maduro or any other sovereign national. That was the job of the people.

It was Carter who collaborated with the Contras and caused the hostage nightmare pre-Reagan and Reagan who stupidly took the same path and failed epically and attempted a coverup. Look how well it worked out.

Or the Mujadeem defeating the Soviets in Afghanistan. Another gem. The Mujadeem aligned with the Taliban and radical Islamists. Even the Soviet takeover of Afghanistan was far less savage and destabilizing than the Taliban.

How about our love affair with the Ukranian Azov Battalion Nazis? Using them to perpetrate the false flag Orange Revolution Maidan Massacre, regime change and installation of Poroshenko, an Azov Battalion enthusiast. We’re still providing arms to the fucking Nazis.Just as we have armed Al Qaeda in Syria , Libya, Nigeria, Niger, Somalia, etc.

Or the “ Arab Spring Freedom Fighters” aka Muslim Brotherhood , Houthis, Hamas,and all of Iran’s terror proxies. To oust Mubarak, who had honored the Egypt/Israel Peace Treaty for 25 years and allowed for a secular vs theocratic prison.

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the problem is VAERS data will always be subject to attack. Why is it they only provide a VAERS "strawman" database to the public, but VSD , based on ICD codes, is not easily available to the public. You have to jump through a multistep process to get access to the data. https://www.cdc.gov/vaccinesafety/ensuringsafety/monitoring/vsd/accessing-data.html I wish there was an open VSD. Dr. Katie Sharff (who Vinay Prasad has featured) has done a couple studies on myocarditis using VSD and has found rates much higher than reported and therefore a URF for VAERS of ~40.

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Question... Children's Health runs ads constantly on Pluto streaming service that the vaxx is safe for kids, & that they want to get it so life will go back to normal for them... When an ad comes on for a drug, most of the ad is about the possible adverse reactions that is required by law. Why don't the vaxx, which has horrible adverse reactions in children, not running a list of adverse reactions during the vaxx ads?

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