Added some additional text at the start and in the headings to make it clear there are TWO effects described in this article.

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These guys chat why the higher educated can not admit when there wrong

after 45 min mark


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I just learned about Dr. Michael Nehls, a best selling author in Germany.

Dr. Michael Nehls says lithium in very low doses- is a vital trace nutrient. Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s, vax brain fog, antidepressant brain damage. Watch his video (link below) and make up your own mind.

His major point is that our brain’s hippocampus growth happens through neurogenesis annd that we as humans, need memorable emotional stimulation, but that the vax and social isolation decrease hippocampus growth. The hippocampus is the heart of our biographical memories- these memories allow us to plan, think clearly, critically and make good decisions. The Ash experiments showed that 22% of people would stand against a crowd- but up to 45% would take stand if there were independent Leadership.

The vax and isolation make people more vulnerable to the “latest thing” because they can’t access and process their memories well enough. Nehl’s thinks that this 22% of independent thinking individuals is genetic- otherwise humanity would go in circles. With our ability comes responsibility. Help at least one person learn to think on their own.


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The thing that burrows into my brain every time is simple - with the death / injury data and depopulation agenda now so obvious why are so many politicians, so-called health experts and even folk we know so invested in the Nothing To See Here theory.

OK, some are paid to talk-the-talk out of fear of loss of position or privilege, some have succumbed to fear porn and are actually suffering from PTSD (cannot think straight or rationalize), some are genuinely as thick as pig shite and some are pure evil. Am I missing something here.

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"Since gender information wasn’t provided in the data, I used genderize.io to determine the statistical likelihood of each person who died being male or female."

Makes no sense to me. How does the genderize program work? This is key to the credibility of the entire article.

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Glad you are a monkey woman too

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How do you classify the people who appear to have died, but come back to life as zombies?

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Warning: slight hint of sarcasm

Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

In the illustrious realm of medical expertise, where knowledge flows like a never-ending river of wisdom, I propose a groundbreaking initiative: Medical Censorship among the learned minds of our esteemed community.

Imagine a world where dissenting opinions are a relic of the past, where only one truth reigns supreme – the truth as decided by an elite council of the chosen few. Gone are the days of engaging debates and diverse perspectives; welcome to the era of monotony and unquestionable consensus.

Why waste time sifting through a plethora of opinions when we can have a singular narrative? It's time to unite under the banner of "Mediocre Medicine" – where innovation is overrated, and conformity is the new frontier.

Let us form an exclusive club, a medical illuminati if you will, where only the chosen can speak, and the rest can silently nod in agreement. Dissenting voices shall be treated like ancient relics, best left in the dusty archives of history.

Think of the benefits! No more confusion for the common folk; they will be blessed with a singular path to follow, a medical gospel handed down from the heavens of our ivory towers. No more pesky patients questioning our divine wisdom; they shall blindly trust our infallible judgment.

And, my dear colleagues, the financial gains are simply outstanding. Pharmaceutical companies will line up, eager to sponsor our endeavors in exchange for the exclusive rights to dictate our medical narrative. We'll be drowning in a sea of research grants, all for the noble cause of conformity.

To those who dare question the brilliance of our vision, let us say: "Ignorance is bliss." Who needs innovation when we can revel in the comfort of the status quo?

So, my esteemed peers, let us raise our pens to sign this manifesto of mediocrity. Let us embark on this journey of censorship, where only the bravest will dare to conform. After all, who needs the cacophony of diverse ideas when we can have the soothing melody of a singular, unchallenged truth?

Yours in Conformity,

Drs. Craven Grabmore and Avarice Trembles

Chairperson, Committee for Mediocre Medicine

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Check-out the following Website on Chemical & Vaccine deaths and destructions:


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We need Kiwis to follow what's happening to the Italian Health Minister and do the same.


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How could you be so long on mRNA. You said it was a one trick pony with nothing else meaningful in the pipeline and then within a matter of a couple short weeks they have a breakthrough on a cancer treatment and the stock goes up.

Did you do any homework on what you were claiming about that company and stock and what would happen next?

Furthermore, why do you keep arguing about the shots being regulated by CDC or FDA if they are procured as bio weapon CounterMeasures and NOT regulated as pharmaceuticals?

You keep barking g up the wrong g tree.

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Is there a huge out cry in NZ? is the truth getting out in NZ?

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Dec 19, 2023·edited Dec 19, 2023

AND, the SV40 green monkey DNA hasn't even fully kicked in yet.

Simian virus 40 (SV40) is a monkey virus which was accidentally administered to humans, in the years 1955-'63, through contaminated poliovirus vaccines. WAS NOT ACCIDENTAL THEN NOR NOW. Funny how many ppl praised polio vaxxines as proof of c-19 vaxxines being the magical cure.

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Other than that, NZ has done a lovely job...

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Maybe this will help:


4-5% of deaths amongst the elderly in New Zealand-increases in rates of death per 1,000 in elderly cohorts around 20% - were there more than twice the vaxx deaths?

Maybe Barry's data can be dovetailed into this to identify a potentiall de facto mass murder that makes up the bulk of excess deaths - plus lot numbers - to Gore ad Invercargill.

80-84 year olds and 75-79 year olds particularly badly hit, not in 2021 so much, as in April to August 2022 - does this coincide with a booster campaign amongst the elderly?

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If mortality is declining with each shot wouldn't that be an inverse correlation and run counter to the idea of dose dependency?

What am I missing?

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