Parents are getting what they voted for they should be happy when kids start dying by the thousands the parents should be delighted they voted for Adams now he's giving them the full benefit of his brilliant educated brain power.

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And, another thing, regardless & despite WTF the mainstream media & his family claimed narrative Ray Liotta died from COVID-19 inoculation injection adverse event being marketed as Sudden Death Syndrome MY ASS!!!

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It’s pretty f-ing scary these guys take themselves so seriously.

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For the next 3 weeks:

The ones that rule you and their minions get to dance around their secluded 2,000 acres. Do you think they're 6 feet apart? They weren't last year :D

20601 Bohemian Avenue

Monte Rio, California, United States

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Moloch will have his sacrifices.

The Grove members will be pleased tomorrow night when they have their Cremation of Care ceremony.

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I have an 18 month old boy who was born at 24 weeks gestation with chronic lung disease, he got Covid and beat it. Worst symptoms were a little cough and fever for the first day or two. It’s insane for ANY kid to be getting the homicidal shot for Covid. Oh yeah and they are pushing Remdesivir on children and infants too, they wanted to hospitalize my boy for 3 days and put him on the drug, we said hell no

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Why is that no matter where children are, in their mother's wombs or in a classroom, people want to annihilate them? Criminal insanity on parade.

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this should make us redouble our efforts to get the truth out and stop this genocide especially of the young.

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I am friends with a NYPD Detective that served with Adams, who was known for causing trouble, and was promoted out of the situations he got himself involved in. He chased promotions by being a troublemaker (with no basis in fact - based on Race allegations) - Departments got rid of him by promoting him. He has risen to the highest level of incompetence, and it shows.

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New York Mayor Adams is a life & freedom suffocating python belly crawling snake ass nefarious deviant just like his peers LIGHTFOOT from Chicago.

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Urgent! Euro Parliament Conference. Today 7PM CET: Identity and Democracy Group Conference - "POST-VACCINE FLIGHT RISKS – Are you safe on board a plane?"

Legal and aviation experts present to the European Parliament with Q&A

At 7pm Central European Time, Lawyer Philipp Kruse and GAAC aviation partners from Navigants Libres (France) and Airliners for Humanity (Switzerland, Germany and Austria) will be presenting to the European Parliament "POST-VACCINE FLIGHT RISKS – Are you safe on board a plane?", followed by a Q&A.

Sponsored by Christine Anderson MEP.

Please consider watching and sharing the session in your networks.

Video livestream from the conference on this link. https://www.europarl.europa.eu/streaming/?event=20220705-1930-SPECIAL-OTHER&rampActive=true


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This link shows that NYC became an underhanded bully to coerce the unvaxxed teachers even after they were terminated. The mayor bragged 90% of New Yorkers are vaxxed. He bragged that NYC will be a national model, and that rivalry moves everyone, and that this is about equity, GOING OUT INTO THE COMMUNITIES AND THE NEIGHBORHOODS. My uptake was slow as I like to digest the thoughts around the edges. The unfair treatment to the teachers is the key, that is what shows NYC plans to mandate the illegal EUA COVID jabs.

These jabs are illegal because HHS criminally evaded forming the legally required Institutional Review Board to evaluate ethics, morality, and conflicts of interests as well as Genetically Modifying humans.

It is illegal to even consider EUA products without first conducting a systematic review of existing treatments that can be repurposed, specifically because these products already have a known safety profile.

Once EUA products have been put into the marketplace, I believe it is a criminal felony for anybody to bribe, coerce, or mandate any American citizen in effect to sign up to be part of an experiment without the dangers yet known.

At best, it is gross incompetence and gross unprofessionalism for the FDA to release EUA products into the public sphere recklessly without having defined mandatory stopping points.

These mandatory requirements and orderly protocols are required I believe by the federal statutes pertaining to EUA products.

We need to start immediately communicating these things to our local, state, and federal elected representatives while demanding that they immediately repeal the 1986 vaccine act as well as the former Bush Administration's Prep Act, because it is insane that all the rules are being broken at the same time they have connived to place all of us in the greatest unConstititutional "takings" of our lives and our happiness if we die or become disabled without the ability to sue for COVID "vaccine" "takings."

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Amen! I could not agree with you more... Adams is SICK and is only wanting to be a puppet for the globialist because they hand him dirty money as he speaks out and demands all to take the vaccine. I personally think the vaccine mandates falied myseribly, so they are frantically coming up with new fake mandates to get the people to compile... so so evil !! BUT God.....

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Jul 5, 2022·edited Jul 5, 2022

He is in bed with big pharma #$%&@#! his brains out.

Or, his brains hopped out of his head decades ago. You decide. But any parent with children who doesn't flee that den of iniquity is dooming themselves and their innocent children to oppression and illness.

Sorry, the mRNA poison death shot, (to quote a great man, recently deceased, who unlike the Nazis impersonators running New York saved thousands of lives during Covid, despite the the dark side's attacks banning HCQ, [a big gun in the war against death from SARS-COV-2,] and kept saving life,) those toxins being injected into babies now is making me mad.

Frankly furious.


The evil nature of our politicians and FDA and CDC regulators is making me ill. They are incestuous @#$%&! who sold their souls to the devil himself, decades ago.

Fouci deserves as many lifetimes in Hades as the number of lives lost to his lies.

Those who created SARS-COV-2, a bioweapon if there ever was one, and the mRNA "vaccines" which are actually GMO for humans, and deadly for many to boot, also deserve multiple life sentences in the hot place. As many as their actions have harmed.

Our grandparents dying alone, terrified and suffering when early treatment would have saved them.. Our children psychologically tortured to suicide or deep psychological harm. Our generational family businesses bankrupted, sold off to multinational corporations with the federal and state tax collectors skimming one third of what's left as a thank you for the privilege of killing your income and livelihood.....

I have seen enough evidence. This whole "scamdemic " was planned.


I think it's time for a new 4th of July.

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Mass strike--shut NYC down if he dares.

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Think of it . . . Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island all under his rule.

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Have these people all been bought and paid for by Pfizer or Moderna? Or are they just stupid?

They are either crooked or stupid. They can't possibly believe that children being pumped full of mRNA-->spike protein is a public health solution.

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