It's the "step toward returning to normal" line they all parrot back that I find most strange.

So after all the 5-11 kids are jabbed, and the ones that survive are getting boosters every 6 months, what else will they require?

Of course they won't spare the 0-4 years old, so that's one thing. Look forward to a warp-speed approval of that and quickly implemented mandates.

But notice they don't say "step toward ending the pandemic"

No, at this point there is no pretense to epidemiology and science, only control.

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The headling is not the story

The abstract is not the statistics

The statistics are not the study

The study is not the science

The science is not the truth

So many opportunities to abuse the economics of people's time to boostrap the illusion of induction of an idea.

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more scolding in the online version ‘consent’ . Exploiting two angles. Fear of authority and peer pressure. Go along to get along

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"Transgressing all ethical limits, one after another, until the end of the deadly totalitarian alphabet..." https://youtu.be/uLDpZ8daIVM?t=3548

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This is where we are heading, make no mistake: https://youtu.be/uLDpZ8daIVM?t=3548

So these articles from NYT are totally in agreement, the pun intended.

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