An armed ex con is seen entering an old folks home and then 30% of the residents are found dead. Yet he is automatically ruled out as the cause. "Safe and Effective" chanting continues..

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🤔hmmm, doesn’t take “rocket science” to figure this one out🤨🤨🤨

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Laughing about the insistence on a large cohort. I remember that Kentucky study that they used to coerce those who could demonstrate natural immunity. It had something like 260 participants, if I recall correctly. Consistency is not a big thing with these rationality deniers and acquired immunity deniers and sovereignty deniers. I know I'm being petty, but it's time to turn the tables with all the denier name calling.

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Adding to all of this, I’ve seen recently how city, county vehicles are beginning to park in certain places with their”health protocol” delusions proudly displayed. I mentioned somewhere previously that in New Jersey I had observed the pushing of vax in centers for drug rehabilitation and the like. Have they no limits?? The clear answer is NO. Be prepared as it is apparently not going to stop on its own.

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This happened at every nursing home, to some extent.

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A man more should know about: Ignaz Semmelweis (1818-1895), the medical pioneer who went against the establishment and paid the price.


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Steve, I'm a paid subsriber and I never get notifications of your new articles in my e-mail in-box.

Several of my paid subscribers say the same things happens to them with my new posts.

I wonder if something is going on to suppress the reach of certain Substack authors

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I imagine you would have seen this Steve, but it was sent to me by a local radio station. I played it (and was amazed, that you have already revealed all of this) but if I try to replay at (maybe over suspicious) it refuses to play. This is about Barry the New Zealand fellow who revealed the true stats of deaths from the jabs.


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This should be big news. I will leave the link here for new legislation in canadafor pandemic preparednesd. While i suspect others might find some concerns, what jumps out to me is a) that the legislation reflects wrong misinformation about the origins of sars2 b) that there is no mention or consideration of gainof function science . B really stands out to me


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Yes, they don't have to explain any data that doesn't include millions of subjects with a proper co trolled blah blah blah....but 4 people getting a complication from covid (out of millions) constitutes solid Scientific Fact in favor of vax mandates, lockdowns , masks, any violation they want--while of course far greater disabilities and deaths from the vax is just a minute acceptable cost being exaggerated for anti as agendas. Twenty five monkeypox cases warrants a global pandemic declaration requiring mass vaccination. But debunking it will always require a much bigger standard of evidence than you have, no matter how solid and massive the evidence you present. Forty RCT studies showing IVM works on covid are debunked by one pharma/gov meta study highlighting a single i not fitted or t not crossed.

Truth is based on tribal affiliation to too many people.

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Which diagnosis and treatment coded a bigger benefit from the insurance companies??

The US, Brazil, India, Russia, Mexico and Peru account for half of the global C-19 deaths and a third of the cases. WTF kind of GLOBAL pandemic is that? The US leads the ENTIRE globe w 16% of the deaths and 15.6% of cases. And WTF is wrong with US medical care??

Since 1/20 there have been over 11.5 MILLION deaths from ALL causes in the US, 8.9% attributed to C-19. There were 12.6% unnatural deaths, i.e. suicide, drug O.D., murder, accident. And cancer (18.0%), heart disease (20.8%) and assorted C-19 comorbidity deaths (10.2%) were EACH a greater share than C-19 alone. Ordinary flu/pneumonia/respiratory each were under 1.5%.

Would not know that from the lying, race baiting, fact free, rabble-rousing, anti-democratic, fake news MSM that rebranded the ordinary flu/pneumonia/respiratory as C-19 pandemic so they could stampede the electorate into deposing Trump.

Over 80% of C-19 CASES are among those UNDER 65.

75% of C-19 DEATHS are among those OVER 65 at 15% of the population.

26% of C-19 DEATHS are among those OVER 85 at 2% of the population.

33% of C-19 DEATHS have been in hospice, nursing homes, residence, DoA.

Per CDC data.

What kind of widespread pandemic is that?

C-19 is just Mother Nature and the Grim Reaper culling the herd of the too old, too sick, too many, too crammed together as Medicare/Medicaid cash cows in contagious badly run (BLUE) eldercare warehouses.

More like "big lie" scam-demic foisted on the public by the lying, science illiterate, race baiting, fake news scumbag press and NWO politicians.

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Keep pushing. The barriers are starting to fall. Former CDC director Redfield got a big attack of conscience last week. As to Fauci, while it would be nice to see him in prison, consider that you currently have an 83-year-old man formerly accustomed to hero worship, now--late in life--watching that all crumble down.

Still. the biggest problem is that public health is run by academic dweebs with little to no clinical experience. And, the NIH has WAAAY too much money.

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Let's be real Steve. They thought we were all much too stupid, entrained, and gullible to ever ask any questions or do anything but worship them, delirious with gratitude, placing our faith and total trust in them. They have more to come and soon, hence the distinct lack of any interest or concern about the truth coming out as they know the next stage of the evil plan is just around the corner.

And there's nobody regulating the tyrannical lunatics pulling the levers.

Time to fasten our seatbelts for a bumpy ride. We have a major situation and it's going to take all of us doing our part to demonstrate some real human values in order to shift the balance. For example, could we say that the actions of the financially powerful forces behind all this have any of the below in mind?

-1-Do No Harm

-2-Preserve Life

-3-Dignity, Respect, and Compassion for all sentient beings

-4-Protection and preservation of human rights

-5-Sovereignty of all states and individuals

-6-Deliberative democracy

-7-Freedom of expression

-8-Power with rather than power over structures

-9-Representation of world citizens in decision making affecting world citizens

-10-Transparency, accountability, honesty and integrity - with built in oversight and intervention

Please feel free to add... This is just the first few that sprang to mind. Point being, now is the moment for us to think hard about how we want things to be. What are the things that need to be put in place in a new free world of our design? Where our focus goes, energy flows. So dream big! This is a pivotal moment and we've got this. Together.

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Didn’t the same thing happen in Sweden? They didn’t lock down and had very few deaths until they started jabbing people and then the death rate went up. That happened in other countries too. Sure seems like a smoking gun.

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this was done by kuhnbandner, later by rancourt et al

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The Apple Valley Village death rate is stunning. It points directly at the causal nature of the COVID vaccines, but that isn't all... it indicates there must not have been any COVID deadly protocols in play prior to the administration of the mRNA jabs. Apparently midazolam, remdesevir and ventilators were not in play there in 2020.

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J. Laxton is a liar as well. He lies and fabricates that there are large epidemiological studies on 10s of millions of people receiving mRNA Gene Therapy and being healthier. The NZ data showed what a disaster these shots are, the ONS had to shut down their weekly numbers because the shots were an embarrassment, Steve has showed over and over and over what a disaster these shots are to humanity, and so much more, yet serpents like Laxton spout off completely false information and believe nobody will counter their deceptions.

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