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"No virus people" ...ah Steve, one day you will look for evidence (and proof) yourself rather than asking Malone, McCullough, and other "experts" if you should keep the faith. Read "the science" yourself...it's written in English. Here, read the first sentence after abstract. Ask yourself what does "...as modified..." suggest? Then listen to Andy Kaufman (Rooster in river of rats) dismantle this paper if you're confused.


Much of your work/research is great, and we appreciate you for that. Thanks Steve!

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Al Roker's forecast of, "Safe & Effective" is changing like the weather.

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You're catching up - finally! Another 'convert' that joins our army of fighters that will rid the planet of arrogant tyrants! Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed and ready!

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Dr John, when he says he can't remember, that means he can't say. Like calling the jab a cupcake.

And his facial expressions tell it all.

He suggested that people get the injections commonly referred to as vaccines and he probably regrets doing so,

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So here’s another NEJM article to debunk, Steve. (As written in the WaPo.) Right up your alley!


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The Saga continues: IOJ Begs Court To Fix Online System Blocking All Uploads! Still Waiting For Clerk To Deliver Documents Needed For Judges Order To Stop The Shots.


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Elections in America are totally rigged, and it's been that way for a while.

Has Nurse John formally apologized for being a cheerleader for the vaccines and boosters up until recently?

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Steve, the PsyOp is "Viruses are Real" which has been running for about 150 years now. Your team of virologists who don't run control experiments ..... BECAUSE THEY CAN'T RUN THEM.... BECAUSE THEY CAN'T FIND UNICORNS IN THE REAL WORLD....are at the forefront of perpetuating the real PsyOp.

How you can see this still baffles me. It's literally a self-evident truth that requires no special education to understand.

But I think I've figured out why you and many others can't let go of the unicorn PsyOp. You all need a perfect and complete MODEL ABSTRACTION to replace your existing mental construct before you'll even budge. You'll have a thousand questions, well then what about polio, what about rabies, what about small pox, what about chicken pox, what about this scamdemic, what about that one, what about bubonic plague, and on and on and on you'll go. I can answer all of these questions, but you won't like some of them because it's easier to hold firm to your existing mental abstraction than venture into uncharted territory.

No control experiments, no unicorns found in the real world and a complete failure to ever pass Koch's Postulates is the triple-whammy. Game over for unicorn theory. There's no getting around it. Nobody can explain this away and that's why nobody has even made a legitimate attempt to. It's an obvious farce staring you right in the face.

And if that's not enough, no dis-eases are CAUSED by things outside of us. Not cancers, not heart diseases, not autoimmune diseases, not degenerative diseases and every other one you can think of. They're all caused by the individual mental ruminations of an ignorant populace. It's this simple.

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I know some don't like Dr. Campbell's lack of candor. I APPLAUD HIM for maintaining his level of activity and quality of information without being cancelled. While I appreciate those of you, like Steve, who have the delightful (not sarcastic here) bluster to say it like it is and be cancelled off Twitter, FB, YT, etc, (you guys and gals are ALSO heros) we still need Dr. Campbell's voice on YT. He is getting his message across.

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John Campbell certainly got his message across without compromising the ugly details that seem to be deliberately hidden by all Media and Governments.

Amnesty - NEVER! Retribution - SOON!

I will NEVER TRUST Pfizer & other pharma giants again! Nor the Media and most Doctors that were complicit in profiting from the Covid Vax DEPOPULATION Exercise = "Do No Harm" is their PROMISE!

I've become numb to 'establishment' lying manipulated charts that 'sell' the concept of Covid dangers and associated (DEADLY) injection Safety & Efficacy. It's all part of the gravy train for Pfizer (et al) profits from useless injections that carry 'NO LIABILITY' = Nonsense! LIABILITY must be reintroduced IMMEDIATELY! Just COMMON SENSE!

Governments won't acknowledge the increasing numbers of fatalities since the Covid Vax was 'invented' just a few months after Covid was released. Suspicious - or perhaps a DEPOPULATION Plan??

Not many of us left now and it's getting worse by the day!

We, the unvaxxed, survive because we took time to study the Covid & vax con and associated lies, before taking a deadly 'leap of faith' in Medics, Government, Politicians and the PHARMACEUTICAL industry. NEVER AGAIN!

I'm sure Fauci spent days if not months trying to find inaccuracies, in the books about his decades of nefarious activities, from which he could create a litigation??? Sadly, he was 100% culpable from day one and will hopefully pay the inevitable price! Death by lethal injection for MURDERING MILLIONS. And now he's actually being given Rewards for his crimes?????

'LIABILITY' must be reintroduced for ALL PHARMACEUTICAL companies that make EXPERIMENTAL and seemingly DANGEROUS 'medicines' sometimes incorrectly referred to as vaccines. It's just COMMON SENSE!

Also, F*^k PAYPAL for thinking they could FINE customers $2500 for misbehaving or criticising CDC/FDA or Big Pharma's 'LICENCE TO KILL' (aka; Total Immunity from all LIABILITY), and without Adolf Schwab's agreement to proceed with the Plan.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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Someone shared this earlier. Questions. Antibody testing is used for virus nucleocapside and seemingly also the Spike. How specific are those antibodies? Ackording to Dr Stefano not at all. Why can't the Spikeprotein be isolated? It seems like nobody has done that. If I recall Sukharit correctly mRNA vaccine makes the cells display the spikeprotein on their surface. Making such endevour harder? My guess it's not the substack Boostershots that formed the views of Dr Stefano. Someone like Dr Ryan Cole should know if Spike(cells?) can be isolated directly. Thanks to original founder of article.


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Sorry buddhi, you need to do more digging and go down a few rabbit holes rather than just relying on what you've been told or believing the corrupted research studies, that are performed and funded by the same people who have a huge stake in the profitability of "vaccines". You need to start at the beginning of Dr Stillwagon's substack. He's hardly "uninformed" and has been calling out the dangers of vaccines for decades. He lays it all out, step by step. Have you seen these documentaries?

Trace Amounts


VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe




How about this book

"What Really Makes You Ill?: Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong"

(Free download) https://vdoc.pub/documents/what-really-makes-you-ill-why-everything-you-thought-you-knew-about-disease-is-wrong-54kinmfuvjp0

There's at least a thousand more references (with cited sources) that are out there that prove the there are NO good vaccines, but you have to be open to the fact that you were lied to and believed it, hook, line and sinker. The entire vaccine industry is a huge scam and always has been.

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Steve, can't you help a PCP NP out?? After all, so many ppl ask why more docs and healthcare pros aren't speaking out, even here. My book Gasoline -Observations After New Covid Inoculations, in Layman's Terms has red-pilled many. Find it here: https://read.amazon.com/kp/embed?preview=newtab&linkCode=kpe&ref_=cm_sw_p_kb_dp&asin=B0BBYQRYF3&tag=kpembed-20&amazonDeviceType=A2CLFWBIMVSE9N&reshareId=H7N0WWRNNX6B6830D88J&reshareChannel=clipboard .

Couldn't watch Campbell from the start, he was so reassuringly... wrong. Took him a long time to come 'round.

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