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I would not do it again.

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Where did I write that viruses don't exist? I question the definition of a "virus".

How do you know someone has covid when there is no test for it? The PCR test looks for a tiny bit of genetic material of a LAB CREATED SARS cov. 2 model (if you do the research, you will find that the "virus" is in silica, meaning computer generated, not natural!). The higher the amplification of the PCR test, the greater the likelihood of finding that genetic material; most labs seem to test above 30 cycles which makes the test absolutely meaningless. You can listen do Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor, describing how it works. Goats, papayas and motor oil had covid according to the PCR test..!

How to you know you have a variant? There is no test for any variants! Dr. Mike Yeadon debunks the whole variant story.

People get ill for a variety of reasons. As I mentioned, and I repeat myself, lack of certain nutrients and toxic exposure being the main ones.

I have been helping people heal for some 23 years, so I do rely on experience, along with the continued study of various healing modalities and how the human system functions.

You are allowed to believe what you want. But if you did some deeper research, you would come up with a lot of questions. Unless your point of view is based on dogma. Which mine isn't. I learn more about health and wellness every day. Until the plandemic, I hadn't spent much time researching viruses. But in the last 30 months, I have changed that, and have come up with a new understanding of the topic. It's a fascinating journey of discovery for those ready to undertake it. But it does require a lot of unlearning. The known for most of us educated in the West is the enemy of the truth.

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Steve, how many total responses did you get on NextDoor?

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For the short answer to your question, let me refer you to Dr. Mike Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer in charge of New Developments. Not an "anti-vaxxer" (moronic term anyway), but a scientist who spent his career in the belly of the beast and literally knows it inside out. This is the reply he sent to one of my comments:

"Unfortunately the entire global event is synthetic. There’s never been a new hazard. Just PsyOps, media fear, bad PCR, usual symptoms of usual illnesses, psychopathic level of cooperation & much direct lethal behaviour."

Dr. Mike Yeadon

As to the terrain theory, I just watched a fascinating interview about water. Having consumed and worked with living/structured/hexagonal/coherent water for 20 years, I can confirm this information having experienced the results on myself, my family members and many of my clients. It's worth listening to the whole interview as it offers us the solution to most of our problems.


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Here is a good idea for a poll. Ask to two separate groups of individuals.

Unvaccinated: Have you had any serious health events since the outbreak of COVID (after vaccine rollout)? (Heart attack, stroke, blood clots, hospitalization, cancer, disabled etc.)

And then run the same poll for the vaccinated.

It will produce clear signal that will be eliminate "coincidence" possibility if these two groups are polled. As we know, the companies destroyed the placebo groups.

This is a way of comparing "placebo" to vaccinated groups. You can run the results as a "percentage" to discount for differences in poll size responses.

Should be able to bypass some poll censorship as well.

We already know thanks to German and Israeli data, that serious health impacts are being seen. But it would be useful to compare to the unvaccinated groups in a more definitive survey.

You know what would be even better? A peer-reviewed study addressing these questions.

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Not sure why anyone would assume this wasn't done on purpose? They clearly ignored and denied the treatments for Covid that were proven effective. They also ignored the VAERS reports and trials that indicated widespread death, 1123 in the 1st 3 months along along with a 10% spontaneous abortion rate from pregnant recipients. To me this appears to be done purposefully and with malice aforethought.

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I lost 2 friends and one family member. That is if you choose to trust the testing. Both are unreliable.

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That numbers is bound to grow as time rolls on.

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We live in truly disturbing and dystopian times. I am old enough to remember when the Rev. Jim led 900 people into the Guyana jungle and he convinced them to drink cyanide laced KoolAid: even feeding it to their children!

For the life of me I just couldn't understand how something like that could be done. Sadly, I'm now seeing the same mass psychosis sweep this country and the world on a massive scale. These vaccines should have been seriously questioned and stopped by now! Most people are incapable of even being slightly suspicious of the safety of this mass vaccination program? The part I find amazing is that a majority are not even willing to look objectively at the results of this insanity.

Steve, keep spreading the truth. Even if you save just one person from death or injury you have accomplished a great deal. Thank you for all you are doing in conjunction with so many front line doctors who have given it all to save lives.

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The reason the CDC can say no one died from the vaccine is due to the fact it isn't a vaccine. So they are comfortable saying the vaccine didn't cause it. Just more of the word games.

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The people in power never like to admit they made a huge mistake. That’s the real problem.

there was no mistake. that is the real problem in your thinking.

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At this point, who cares about polls, surveys, studies, etc.? It is too late. People will die, and they still don't believe it was the vax. Honestly, I don't feel sorry for those people, especially the medical professionals. They can all drop, and I would not give a sh****. Play a stupid game, and win the stupidest prize. I hope all the med profs have fun in hell.

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Unfortunately 10% is not enough to cause the American people to push back. You'd need at least 1/3 of the people before it would have momentum, in combination with the non-mRNA'd who are against it.

"This is the type of story that got me red-pilled when it happened to one of my friends a year ago. In my friend’s case, she found that three relatives died a week after the jab, all perfectly healthy before."

I think people should start listing the states where these deaths are happening (or parts of Canada or specific parts of other countries) as this may give clues to what states/regions are being hit hardest. Of course it may show them being hit fairly evenly.

Additionally, naming at least the state or town/city makes it seem more real when all of this is anonymous/vague.

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Steve please keep polling because sooner or later it’s going move move into at least one pseudo-mainstream and then will be captured by mainstream as they all want to be 1st with the story be it good news or bad news for them or anybody else. They can only hide the truth for so long and we must be near a tipping point. Let’s hope.

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