Simple, cheap, and available water purification tablets like those sold in the Wal-Mart camping supplies are KNOWN for 80 years to destroy viruses almost upon contact, which is the reason MOST American water treatment facilities inject CLO2 into their finished product. That's right, you have been drinking this ALL your life. But it's available for ten bucks and has been proven by direct clinical studies all over the world. Every microbiology textbook explains the biochemistry. Trump 45 mentioned it at the start and was summarily attacked by the needle-pushers, who WON! But YOU can vote with your pocketbook and stay healthy. Potable Aqua and dozens more.

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I am getting quite a collection of posts on my phone! The most immediate observation about masks comes from my experience spray painting wearing a full respirator. If one can smell thinners then obviously there are gaps that allow particulates to get inside. These masks have activated charcoal filters and 40mm of fluff to make them work. For anyone expecting a silly scrap of paper or cloth to even come close to this degree of protection is dreaming.

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Feb 2020 documents. Fauci and Collins,well aware of Wuhan lab leak , collaborates to prevent or discredit the info, concerned with disrupting “ World Harmony”. Because wars have no effect on “ World Harmony”, but having funded and participating in creating Covid 19 in China and having sold out all of the necessary elements and ability to produce 90% of every life saving and OTC palliative meds and vitamins to China has us totally dependent on China.


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How effed up is SCOTUS voting to force mandate vaccination of healthcare workers? The data they used was from the Delta wave.Delta currently accounts for less than 1% of infections.Omoron has a literal O% mortality rate, is milder in unvaxxed cases,mild in vaxxed cases and the case numbers are greater in the vaxxed.The vax is neither effective or safe, still unapproved by the FDA, has not been studied for future adverse effects, there has been zero study of acquired immunity, therapeutics which are curative have been banned, most healthcare workers have acquired immunity and the vaxxed workers are allowed to work while infected due to a severe shortage of workers who’ve been fired or quit.The document drop thanks to Project Veritas includes the fact HCQ and Ivermectin ARE CURATIVE! Combined with hospitals incentivized w/ 30k per patient deaths marked as Covid vs patients who died w/Covid, but not Covid related. One would think Sotomayor,Karen and Breyer’s insane misinformation episode would have inspired a more informed decision, but Roberts and Kavanaugh are worse.I don’t want liberal or Conservative jurists. Only objective Constitutional experts who are apolitical on the bench. 9 Jonathan Turleys.we have no Jonathan Turleys.


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When you think there was a difference between the Left and Right , the Uniparty Duopoly proves otherwise. W Bush gave Fauci the power to totally destroy the American Dream and crush the American spirit. Obama upped the ante.Trump fell prey to his own ego driven stupidity and leaning on Pence to appoint his “Pandemic Response Team”, the Uber-Corrupt Entrenched Bureaucratic Cartel.If he really gave a rat’s ass, he would own it.Navarro, Rudy were the first to expose the truth and it was early into the Pandemic. That “We The People” funded the virus that was killing us physically, economically and spiritually. We paid to create was has enslaved and destroyed us


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Dr. Mark Siegel is possibly the dumbest person on the face of the planet.

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I would be thrilled if it was proven the virus was leaked from NC or any American entity funded w/ tax dollars. Though it comes across as cold and crazy, it may be the wake up call long overdue.

Our government is corrupt, run by too many sociopaths for far too long. Expose all the players. Take the politics out of the mix. Both parties ( the Uniparty duopoly) are complicit. This shit has gone on for decades . The sell out started long ago and we were asleep at the wheel.

Anybody that spoke/speaks out is immediately smacked down as a conspiracy theorist. Maybe because there are actual conspiracies.

Try to find a medley of Presidents and high ranking officials using the term “ World Order” as a positive . It’s stunning. Globalism is death.

I’m Jewish and for whatever reason, it is very common for American Jews to equate anti-globalist sentiment with antisemitism.If anything, the most virulent antisemitism stems from the hub of globalism, the UN.Just as imbecilic is blaming a “ world takeover” on Israel of the Jews. If anything, it’s the opposite.Israel has to fight every day to exist. Hardly a scheme to rule the world. They can’t even agree amongst themselves.Israel is on the precipice of self destruction. The current coalition government is literally ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood .It’s unbelievable. The left , no matter where it is empowered , always advocates for the most dangerous,hateful and ruinous of society, seeing them as a victim class.

And the right mistakes leftism for what was once classic liberalism.

Meanwhile, the right empowers the left by focusing solely on the wedge social issues the No Longer Liberal Dems use to defeat them time and again.Abortion and LGBT crap.They are absolutely dense.

Screaming about using aborted fetal tissue in vaccines and research, blaming it on the Dems. Well… it was Bush who grew lighted stem cell research and it was Bush who honored Faustus with a Presidential Medal of Honor. Ford was President when Faustus pushed the H1N1 Pandemic that never was and a National vaccine imperative that resulted in permanent adverse injuries and several deaths and Reagan who tapped Faustus as the AIDS Czar resulting in mass murder.This 80 year old four foot fascist has prevailed for nearly 5 decades. Pharma,China ,globalism and cronyism has destroyed democracy

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Dumber even than the masks is complaining about not having enough access to mass testing. Choose any common ailment and test every person within the population for a single specific, most will test positive.

Prime example would be staph. A PCR test cranked up to a supercharged level of isolated specificity, every human would test positive for staph. We all carry it. However, we’re not all infected. The Covid tests are so cranked up that a single dead Covid molecule in nasal cilia( hair) qualifies as Covid positive. It’s a scam and people are willingly walking into a trap by their own design.

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Director Shi of the Wuhan lab, brought the synthetic WIV1 Spike Protein to the U.N.C Lab in 2014

Watch this short video and its comment on the very same Spike Protein - called WIV1!


Are you getting the picture yet?

WIV! was inserted into an existing U.S.A. bioweapon called SARSr-CoV in 2014, at the same location.

DARPA started the construction of SARSr-CoV in 2002! That's right 2002. Once again, it has its own patent.

SARSr-CoV contains lots of HIV inserts of it own!

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mother trucker

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you look like a horse

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