'Argue with Reality, Welcome to Hell' It is what EVERY narcissist does because that is what they are, liars (satans minions). Intellectuals cannot admit failure, cannot say 'I'm sorry I was wrong', will never apologize. Because their entire lives are lies built upon lies, they cannot even remember what the truth is nor peace...their entire lives are cover up for the sham that they know they are.

that quote about welcome to hell is from dr daniel amen phsychiatrist and it is so perfect for what we are seeing now in gender identity, politics, global warming and all things biden/obama/gates/fauxci, just more hell put on us from narcissists of the highest order.

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so in all likelihood this vaccine will kill more people then the virus kills. who is going to pay any price for this mistake, if it was a mistake?

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Steve. Steve! You (and a few others) are doing the work that our lying government agencies are paid to do.

What does the FDA do all day everyday throughout the years and decades? We are paying them to deceive us!

I have been boiling over with anger since finding the truth about this fraud put upon all of the world. I was jabbed injured and two family members died from jab most likely.

Your efforts really help to expose the horrible people that allow this horror to happen.

Also, knowing that there are warriors fighting for us is good medicine for our well-being.

The least I can do is subscribe.

Thanks Steve

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I printed the paper…. One wonders how much of the data is being scrubbed on a daily basis.

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Apr 1, 2023·edited Apr 1, 2023

Sadly, a "survey" is a dumb way to prove this. This actual medical data is gone.

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So here's the problem with this kind of survery: "The sampling using Dynata is based on opt-in sampling, respondents deliver high quality data, they are diverse and have community norms of honesty and accuracy [7]. The survey was opened to the Dynata panel until the required number of

responses was obtained from each category of the stratification variables age, sex, and income, as required for a balanced response set. With opt-in sampling there is no response rate as classically defined in survey research"

In other words, this is a self-selecting sample rendering it useless for analytical purpose. All statistical theory revolves around having a "RANDOM SAMPLE". It's that simple. Anything else may not be used to dray ANY CONCLUSIONS about POPULATION. This quackery use of statistics is completely out of control. And now they have resorted to what they call "panels". These people are paid to take surveys! Is that the kind of data collection NASA should use? Engineers?

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My husband were under medication for a heart valve and yet very energetic. That one valve stayed stable until he passed away last month . We did learn recently his second heart valve was shredded, so were his lungs. His cardiac report in 2021 was fine. He had 2 Moderna shots of 2021. He was happy then he had no side effects. Since he was an older gentleman, he passed away of "old age". Nothing will ever show in statistics. I can tell you I consider him a Cov shot victim. I'm sure unfortunately we will be seeing more of long term effects of this crap. For now it's younger people that die suddenly that make the headlines. I cry for the elderlies we have lost and for whom no one raised an eyebrow of suspicion.

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No support in the Word for eating bugs. They eat the bugs, we eat them, must be a reason.

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If four hundred thousand or so kids go missing a year & never knew one. Yet I know eight conservatively after the vax & they were done. Thats my study about as good as this number. Do your own see what you get & wonder. Cause we are not to ever know. Thats the psychological warfare show. So keep your head on a swivel. They want brutality & stupidity drivel. It's been manufactured from the start. Millimeter radiation could be responsible whole or part. "Isolated & purified" Where is it? No Coch postulate? Christine Massey 172 FOIAs all man made in a lab. No sample from the over one hundred years standard, sad.

Their calling half of us terrorist again. Starting climate grift burning the food production pens. Slaughtered livestock as eating bugs expand. Talking digital currencies & control of your hands.

You best get with your neighbors & Attorney Generals. Get all your evidence push the cops to do the labor. We have them on fraud causing death & if they don't do their lot. Pull their bond for deriliction of duty puttem on the spot. Take responsibility you are an ower of this republic. No more hoping for some magic. Lead the law with the evidence. Court proof fraud & immunities get chucked over the fence. Pressure is what we should always be doing. It's our republic we should always be moving. The longer we wait the heavier the lift. Frankly who's buying any of these grifts. Treason has been institutionalized against the constitution. Time to learn some law time for restitution. Better move now with the pen. We can't go to swords to make it end.

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Absolutely. In International Law nothing supersedes the Nuremburg Code. These clot shot mandates are a blatant violation of it and as such constitute crimes against humanity. Also the fact that Ivermectin is effective in treating it means that the EUA is in fact a fraud.

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And here's a link to a view "from the other side of the hill." Perhaps this David Gorski fellow would deign to debate Steve Kirsch? Nah. Debate is not how science works. Plus, he might lose. And then he'd look bad. And that might get his next grant application rejected by NIH.


"For everything else, however, like most biomedical scientists in academia, Dr. Gorski must beg the NIH and other granting agencies for the money to keep his lab going." -- David Gorski

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The placebo group's symptoms are not believable. Either they didn't use an innocuous placebo or they massaged the numbers. What was the placebo?

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Hi Steve, could you always link the peer reviewed article that you are citing? It would be excellent if you did do that. Then we could all know what the source was.

Meanwhile, I am discussing with the FDA the issue of how persistent these synthetic mRNA molecules are that were created by Pfizer and Moderna. It is unbelievable but the FDA seems to think that the mRNA that is used is no different from naturally produced mRNA and so it lasts only hours to days. THAT IS WRONG. I showed them that empirical evidence shows that these vaccine mRNA are long lasting. The Stanford study in 2022 found intact Pfizer mRNA in lymphode germinal centers 8 weeks after vaccination. see Röltgen et al, 2022 Mar 17, Cell.

Also, there are articles on various chemical modifications that are employed by Pfizer and Moderna (Morais et al, 04 November 2021, Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology).

Basically, the FDA is proceeding under a false assumption here. They assumed that the vaccine was short-lived like endogenously produced mRNA and that is wrong and the patent details that the FDA must have read should have made that clear to them. It is very, very weird to me that the FDA would not admit to me what the half-life of these drug-company manufactured vaccines are.

Also, they deny that the S1 spike protein translated off of these engineered mRNA molecules could pose its own health risks. There is plenty of published research on SARS-CoV-2 S1 spike protein to understand the known interaction it has with the coagulation factors that lead to hypercoagulation and blood clots.

What the hell is going on here?

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I understand the under reporting of side effect but have no clue how you go from those stats to death. There is zero evidence presented on how you arrive at that number. I totally agree that side effect were under reporting but based on data presented don’t agree with death

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