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If you have an h-index of 5 or more and want to publicly challenge me on this data, or challenge Denis Rancourt on his study, please let me know by applying here. Your real name and a brief summary of your challenge is required.

Please DO NOT RESPOND to this pinned comment if you are not initiating a challenge or your comment will be deleted.

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// Huge failure // - Only if you assume their intention was NOT to kill and maim.

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My brother won't let me send him any conservative news like yours or Epoch. Him and his wife took the jab on the first go around. Her dormitt cancer came back with two different types of cancer and last night the took the Shingles shot. What say you community and Steve. All I'm feeling is I did my best...

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I am in the same shoes as you-my brother took the experimental injections as did my mom-despite my continuous shower of documents, studies exhibits of clots and blood piics after vax etc.

IN ADDITION all my personal friends, business associates and acquaintances that asked for documentation or evidence of non safe injections for Covid 19-EVERY ONE took the shots. Not one even stopped and said well maybe I will wait. I have basically stopped talking about it to anyone-minds are made up at this point and no one will deviate from their herd and we watch and pray they make it thru.

May God have mercy on us.

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There was no incompetence, they intended for us to be injured and killed. And they are not going to stop until they are stopped. We have to stop them.

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So let's say we are the CDC. The new marketing campaign would be that the COVID shot is 8% less deadly (RRR) than the flu shot, based on average deaths per day post-shot, so get the COVID shot. I have an h-index of zero, so I'm sure the CDC will be interested in my analysis.

Fantastic analysis, Steve.

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"So they look the other way while people are being killed by these vaccines." Only two types of people can knowingly do that - a selfish coward or a twisted monster. Whichever of the two such medical industry practitioners are, they should not ever be near patients/citizens, and I sure as heaven don't want these anywhere near me or mine.

Far from deciding that admitting the truth that they already know would "destroy faith in the medical community", may I suggest that their NOT admitting what is as plain as the nose on your face for anyone with even a basic understanding of statistical data and what it represents has already done irreparable damage to said community, and the longer those in authority in that community allow this status quo to continue, the greater the damage that is being done and the longer it will take to restore public trust - if indeed that can ever happen now in the way that it did as a matter of course in the past.

Remember, it was the Doctors who ushered in Hitler's tyranny and they used peoples' trust to lure them to their deaths in Nazi Germany. Those Doctors who knowingly put their head up their proverbial or willfully look the other way now are cut from the same cloth. Once this is all over, any who have done this should have their medical practice licenses revoked, or failing that, patients should just vote with their feet so the only people they "treat" will be those akin to themselves. Couldn't happen to nicer egotistical murdering tyrants...

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Here are famous secular quotes about how dishonest people twist words and feign stupidity:

* "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it." —Upton Sinclair

* MLK said “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

* Ayn Rand wrote: “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.”

* “How strangely will the tools of a tyrant pervert the plain meaning of words.” - Samuel Adams

* “Far more crucial than what we know or do not know is what we do not want to know.” - Eric Hoffer

* Ayn Rand wrote about the dystopian future, because she had seen it in socialist Russia before immigrating: “It was strange, she thought, to obtain news by means of nothing but denials, as if existence had ceased, facts had vanished and only the frantic negatives uttered by officials and columnists gave any clue to the reality they were denying.”

* Playwrite David Mamet, a shrewd human observer and story teller, had a famous saying, essentially: …‘in order for democrats, liberals, progressives et al to continue their illogical belief systems they have to pretend not to know a lot of things’… By pretending ‘not to know’ there is no guilt, no actual connection to conscience. Denial of self-evident truth allows easier trespass.

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Hi Steve

I'm just wondering about this paragraph about 'humps' being probably due to delta: "So the first 'hump' in the plot below [approx August 2021] is probably the COVID delta deaths, exaggerated by the size of the cohort and the second peak is the December 2021 peak again exaggerated by the size of the cohort."

Given that covid deaths have been shown to be highly correlated with hospital protocols, as you mentioned earlier ...: "Could this elevation in deaths be due to an after-effect of the COVID virus itself? No, because as we learned from Denis Rancourt’s work, the excess deaths were not caused by the virus itself, but by the different COVID treatment protocols deployed in different countries."

... would a better explanation for the 'humps' be these hospital protocols during the waves of delta?; or possibly even deaths of people vaccinated but categorised as vaccinated for the first week or two after injection?

All the best, Ralph


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Next time there is a pandemic, why don't they do something that will save millions of lives. Instead of foisting and forcing a worthless and dangerous vaccine on everyone to make money, simply institute a pandemic tax and give it to the pharmaceutical industry. At least then they won't do any harm, except financially, with one more tax. I guess it would be sort of like a protection racket, where you pay to keep them from destroying your health.

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Because this was not to make money for the manufacturers. Think about all the laws created for the past 20+ years that all became active when we got locked down. Think about all the laws that were broken to get the shots to market and keep them on the market illegally until the COVID shots could get full approval and then get on the children's schedule, where the manufacturers then enjoy full liability protection, no matter whose arm is injected. This was not to make money for the manufacturers, although they did benefit greatly. No one can argue with that. COVID was to manufacture consent for proof of vaccination, aka "vaccine passports" which will quickly turn into a Digital ID, which was the entire point of COVID. We are in an invisible weaponized architecture. The point of no return for humanity is not when each person uses a vaccine card or vaccine passport "just that one time, so I can fly or go to a restaurant or visit a loved one in the hospital," it is when we have collectively reached critical mass. Critical mass is a point at which enough will be using or demanding vaccine passports from each other that the powers that be can instantly switch us to a Digital ID to track our social credit scores. Critical mass is invisible to you and me, but being tracked by the powers that be, whomever they may be. Critical mass adoption of vaccine passports is the point of no return in this invisible weaponized architecture. The majority of humanity was led there without even knowing it, just like cattle in one of Temple Grandin's cattle mazes which calm them so they don't know they are about to be slaughtered. A cattle maze is a weaponized architecture. https://open.substack.com/pub/alixmayer/p/point-of-no-return-the-vaccine-passport?r=tx5vo&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=web&showWelcome=true

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OK, I've now read your substack article. I was appalled when Apple immediately rolled out the digital passport apps on their iPhone, which I have. You can't delete it, but I ignored it and deactivated it as best I could. Also, I always turn off all location services on my iPhone for everything. I will turn them back on briefly if I have to order an Uber, which I did when I had some vision problems a few years ago. I don't care if I can't fully use Google maps. I deactivate and don't use any of my health monitoring apps. They're are even apps that track you when they're not on, including your physical movements. I think when people became aware of that they got rid of them if they cared about it. For quite a while I wondered why there's so many many apps for mobile devices but not as many for laptops and desktop computers, and it's because they want to be able to track you. I use very few apps on my iPhone. Use a VPN on my MacBook most of the time. I'm lucky I live in Florida where we don't have the same problems as California. I'm 75 and I've had two vaccinations in my life--smallpox and polio--I don't know if I had the Salk injectable polio when I was much younger but when I was about 14 I had to walk over to the elementary school to get, as did all the children in the country, the Sabin Oral Live Attenuated Polio Vaccine on a sugar cube. I remember walking home afterward thinking, well I don't seem to have a fever or anything. I believe it caused a lifelong series of neurological problems starting shortly with the inability to get a full relaxed breath, sometimes shortly after the vaccine although I didn't link it at the time, and a few years later when I was 18, dystonia in my neck and shoulders and partial paralysis at the beginning of the soft palate which affected the beginning of the swallowing motion and my singing ability--placement of the notes and closing of the vowel sounds, which frustrated me my whole life. It felt and still feels like a postnasal drip I can't clear. All this was made much worse by the medical establishment from prescribed neurotoxic medications over the next six years or so. I also had, when I was about 19 or 20, cramping in my calf muscles every night at bedtime for a week that was so bad I could feel the muscles tearing and the calf muscles became shorter. It felt like I wanted to take a comb and run it through the calf muscles to stretch them out towards the ankle. All these locations, neck and shoulders, throat, abdomen, diaphragm, and breathing muscles, and calf muscles are all places that polio attacks. Of course, none of the doctors recognized any of my symptoms as symptoms of polio, especially the effect of the vaccine, as polio had been eradicated, but the same symptoms were previously known to be versions of polio. The polio vaccine can sometimes result in a full case of polio but more commonly it will allow the emergence of other enteroviruses in the gut which create the same symptoms as polio. This is the so-called Non-Polio Acute Flaccid Paralysis (NPAFP.) In India, between 2000 and 2017 the oral polio vaccine caused 493,000 cases of NPAFP. That vaccine was used up to 2000 in the United States, especially earlier. I wonder how many tens or hundreds of thousands of people in the United States were neurologically damaged but it was never acknowledged to be from the live oral polio vaccine. I believe that if my initial problem with getting a breath wasn't directly caused by the polio vaccine, it set in motion the emergence of similar enteroviruse(s), soon after and over a period of years, causing my neuromuscular issues.

Anyway, that's enough of that.

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That's one part of it I guess along with the push to do away with cash and digitize all currency. Chain stores do that now privately in a way by giving you discounts if you allow them to track your purchases, even if you pay cash.

By the way, I hope you only used an anti-itch cream temporarily, rather than a vaccine, for that itch to start writing again.

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Another test the Medical Cabal will never-ever do is compare the death and illness results of those who did not take the Toxic Covid Shots with those that did. They know it would prove without a doubt that the deaths and injuries in the study are totally associated with the shots, not covid or long covid. They could never explain their way out of it. It would end any debate and they can't have that. There is too much money and power at stake, no matter how many people die and get injured.

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How do you separate out the overly assessed and reported covid deaths from the mass of data? It seemed like anyone who died from any respiratory illness was diagnosed as a covid death. People who smoked for 60 years died from covid not emphysema or cancer. I’m sure many people died from flu (and probably would have died anyway if covid wasn’t a thing) but they were reported as dying from covid even after getting a covid vax. Also, many people were assessed as dying from covid that tested positive but showed no symptoms; the famous skydiving accident and motorcycle crash stories come to mind. How do we know the data are accurate? The number of deaths went up after vaccinations but deaths were overly identified as covid and ridiculously undercounted as vaccine deaths. Non-American data may be better because the politics are different in various countries. Are the only accurate data the overall deaths? I wonder if you took OSHA accident data and other obvious accidental death data it would show an over counting in the covid deaths? Just thinking out loud here, you are doing a great job and I love your articles!

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"Are the only accurate data the overall deaths?"

Interesting question ... I've heard others mention indices such as insurance company claims, and demand for cancer treatment drugs. There may be many, I suppose. Some of them should be analysable by injection status, general health, and age cohort.

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Two thoughts:

1. Don’t forget about dry tinder, about how background death rates should go down after original strain and Delta took out the weak, the most-highest aged elderly, and those with the poorest health/co-morbidities.

2. By the same token however, I am not convinced you are looking at the same cohorts as flu vaccine takers and covid gene therapy shot takers. It was well known that COVID caused most deaths in the elderly, the obese and those in worse health. Is it possible the more healthy in the Medicare data refused a rushed vaccine under EUA? Is there any way to disprove that hypothesis?

PS I fully believe these vaccines ARE killing people and are NOT SAFE , but pose this thought to help bolster the case if possible.

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I have heard of them, huge white and aggressive as I recall. OK Ed, when I stop by I think I will call ahead!

. . . could they be more hard headed than a . . . cat?!

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All cause mortality is the best metric to examine. Figure 3 demonstrates normal daily deaths from January 2018 to March 2020. Notice that cold weather kills more elderly than warm weather. Suddenly, in March 2020, deaths soared after the US government released SARS-2 on the US population.

The FDA deployed the Pfizer lethal injections on 12/11/2020. This produced a huge death peak a month later. Notice that the combination of the injections plus the cold weather killed many more elderly than SARS-2 alone did in the spring.

The death peak in January 2022 is less than January 2021, but much higher than the baselines in January 2018, 19 and 20. The death peak in January 2023 is still above normal but improving. They need a new pathogen and a new injection.

The lethal injections have multiple mechanisms of murder. Dr. Burkhart proved it before he died suddenly and unexpectedly.





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The difference between a Conspiracy Theorist and Truth, is Time and Investigation.

Thank you for your time and investigation.

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Follow the $$$ to Gov “scientists” receiving royalties from poison jabs for some of the answer?

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I hope you don't mean to suggest that scientific studies could ever be influenced by the interests of the funder? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7IdLzxzINw

Next you'll be hinting that regulatory bodies or editorial boards could reach decisions in alignment with their funders. This would be astonishing, and hard for normal, hardworking, trusting, socially integrated, 'good' people to bear.

But by Grace, bear it they seem to do, one by one.

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