This author is cherry-picking data, a well-lnown logical fallacy. For starters, this is NOT peer reviewed and is clearly marked as such. Also, this shows a nearly 90% reduction for vaccinated people - "had a COVID-19 incidence rate of 5.2/10,000 (114 infections out of 219,842 person-days) for unvaccinated person-days and 0.6/10,000 (49 infections out of 830,084 person-days) for fully vaccinated person-days". He pulls one thing out of that study but ignores other important information.

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Is there an update from this November 2021 story?

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I don't know what to do - my fully vaccinated sons both had Covid in December and are now expected to get a booster before mid-January in order to resume classes in their universities. There is no recognition of natural immunity and the school health director is saying it's safe for them to get the booster as soon as their isolation period ends! Should I have them get antibody tests and try to contest it? Has anyone successfully gotten an exemption for natural immunity?

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I had covid one year ago (same as regular flu) and recovered fully. A few weeks ago I had an antibody test and it showed I had nearly 1,000x the level needed for the test to register positive (this is one year later!). I have excellent health overall (have never even had high blood pressure) and don't take any medications whatsoever. Two days ago I was forced into having Astra Zeneca jab (so I can fly to visit a seriously ill relative). Once I have recovered from side effects, which are significantly worse than covid for me (pounding heart, higher fever, night sweat...) I will test again for antibodies. This will tell us impact of covid vaccine on natural antibodies (at least in my single case). I cannot express how pissed off I am about having to get jabbed for no valid reason whatsoever - all risk, zero gain!

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Ummmm ..... if I'm an attorney this study is GREAT evidence.

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The point is natural immunity is more effective at lowering transmission rates than the vaccines. STOP immunizations immediately unless the goal is to enrich big pharma.

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The farce that is governmental response to COVID-19 has only one logical explanation: a New World Order. It must be stopped, now!!!

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The denial of early treatment protocols will prove to have been a CRIME by government(s) and the medical profession. Early treatment would have allowed most everyone to have weathered covid, developed superior natural immunity and helped us achieve herd immunity much, much faster & with far less loss of life. But then the vaccine manufacturers wouldn't have had such an enormous windfall $$$$$$$ to spread around to their enablers.

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Do you ever get the feeling we're being mocked? Behold: The Symptomless Variant

"New symptomless Covid strain 'more infectious than Delta' being investigated" https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/news/new-symptomless-covid-strain-more-22218807

"That’s right, medical professionals [say] that the latest version of Covid is “even more infectious than Delta”, but doesn’t produce symptoms. They are concerned that this new variant could “push Covid back to January levels”." https://off-guardian.org/2021/11/21/this-week-in-the-new-normal-12/

It's really always been this way, hasn't it? In favor of the "COVID does not exist" theory, they were openly reclassifying other respiratory illnesses as COVID, reclassifying other causes of death as COVID- "Dr. Birx: "We're taking a very liberal approach to mortality", all cause mortality went *down* in 2020, the PCR tests are meaningless, as the inventor Kerry Mullis would attest to had he not died suddenly right before Event 201, and nobody can find anyone who is capable of doing a test for Delta. This has always been a testdemic. The only real disease unique to COVID is the illness being caused by the injections.

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Could be that a lot of the health care workers in the study already had immunity prior to being vaxxed and the shot didn’t hurt their immunity or didn’t hurt it much.

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Steve i just heard today on radio that if you had covid and recover and don't get vaxed your 5x more likely to catch covid again per cdc

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Steve, similar article seems like something you could sink your teeth into. Lots of data analysis. Curious if you think their analysis is legit. Thanks for your blog. Appreciate it.

Official Government data proves the Fully Vaccinated are on the road to disaster and suggests the Covid-19 Vaccines are causing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (2021-11-21)


Some excerpts:

"To put it bluntly, the “fully vaccinated” are on the precipice of disaster."

"The real-world effectiveness of all available Covid-19 vaccines combined was as low as minus-47% in the 60-69 age group, and as high as +66% in the under 18 age group between August 16th and September 12th 2021. The only other age groups that the vaccine was showing to have positive effect at this point were 18-29, 30-39, and 80+. But as you can clearly see none of the age groups were showing a vaccine effectiveness anywhere near 95%."


"However, just look at how the tables turn just one month later."

"The week 41 Vaccine Surveillance report included the number of Covid-19 cases by vaccination status between week 37 and week 40 of 2021 (September 13th to October 10th), and the real-world vaccine effectiveness during this period was proving to be as follows –"

"The real-world effectiveness of all available Covid-19 vaccines combined was as low as minus-126% in the 40-49 age group, and as high as +78% in the under 18 age group between September 13th and October 10th 2021. The only other age group that the vaccine was showing to have positive effect at this point was again 18-29."

"What’s concerning here is that two more age-groups have surpassed the minus-100% barrier, with the 50-59 age group falling to minus-116% and the 60-69 age group falling to minus-120%. But what is perhaps more concerning is that the effectiveness of the Covid-19 injections has continued to decline in the 40-49 age group after already surpassing the minus-100% barrier in the previous month."


"We’ve clearly demonstrated that the real-world effectiveness of the Covid-19 injections wains significantly in a short amount of time, but unfortunately for the vaccinated population, rather than the immune system returning to the same state it was prior to vaccination, the immune system performance begins to rapidly decline making it inferior to that of the unvaccinated."

"This is evident from the huge number of Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations, and deaths among the fully vaccinated and the worrying projected number of Covid-19 cases, hospitalisations, and deaths among the fully vaccinated up to the end of 2021 compared to the projected numbers among the unvaccinated population."

"We’ve also shown that the fully vaccinated have a much higher hospitalisation-fatality rate and the projected hospitalisation-fatality rate is predicted to be up to 241% higher in the fully vaccinated than the unvaccinated this coming winter."

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Has anyone made a FOIA request for the actual wild type virus genome? I’m under the impression that there isn’t an actual SARS-CoV-2 other than 49 computer generated sequences used for PCR testing. If this is the case, then where is the genome doe the delta variant? There isn’t one - local health authorities review the bloodwork and symptoms and get to label it as Delta - there is not a test for Delta - to my knowledge. Will you write about this? Thank you!

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Great to see this as a Covid recovered (summer of 2021) but not vaccinated individual. The pressure is strong from family and friends to get the shots.

My question- is why do Fauci and CDC insist the Covid recovered get the shots? Are they obtuse, ignorant or have a financial or nefarious motivation?

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Hi Steve- A lovely, pro-vaccine local pharmacist couple have agreed to spend a couple of hours with me watching some content that they wouldn't normally come across, and have a sort of debate about the vaccine. I don't know where to begin, there's endless content! Where do you recommend I start?

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Steven Kirsch, this is my first comment on your excellent blog. Your work on the Adverse Events reporting system is superb. Thank you! The tautology of “correlation is not causation” used to dismiss all adverse events, has been very irritating to me.

Here us where I think the study pertaining to this post is perhaps misleading…

“ We further conducted a secondary analysis limiting the study period from July 1, 2021 to September 30, 2021, corresponding to delta variant predominance in Massachusetts (4). We observed an incidence rate of 5.8/10,000 (15 events out of 25,910 person-days) for unvaccinated person-days and 1.3/10,000 (39 events out of 308,267 person-days) for 14 days after fully vaccinated, resulting in an adjusted VE of 76.5% (95% CI: 40.9–90.6%).”

So this portion studied three months, July through September. By following the “only considered vaccinated 14 days after the second shot vaccinated protocol” the numbers are perhaps greatly distorted. In general this six week period ( from first jab to 14 days after second jab) is what, left in the unvaccinated column for that period, or excluded from the study entirely?

( The answer makes a difference)

I was not certain on the first read. The answer is critical, as this period as usually reported greatly distorts the numbers, falsely increasing the efficacy of the vaccines and obscures both crossover infections and adverse events. I know of two studies that show a 40 to 100 percent increase in general morbidity and even crossover infections during this period. ( Reduced general immunity is suspected) Just as your research shows the tremendous early spike after vaccination in adverse events. Also the secondary 3 month portion of the study covers a period that is likely about five percent worse ( increased crossover infections) each week! See the UK reports. What did the last two weeks show?

So yes, While I like the studies affirmation of natural immunity. I have some concerns that natural immunity of the unvaccinated is far better then natural immunities ability to survive vaccination. (This small study does not reflect that) Here is an article reflecting evidence of that concern…


With any natural immunity study it is cogent to consider the PCR tests, and the lack of information showing what cycle the positive test came in at. ( Perhaps not particularly relevant in this study as the limited number of past Covid Positive with zero reinfection cannot be improved on)

Yet this is good to keep in mind when reading the few studies that dispute the increased efficacy and duration of natural immunity verses vaccinated immunity.

Thank you again for your considered work.

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