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We can only pray that Western Civilization has the will to save itself. The near complete erosion/infiltration of our institutions is going to make it a tough lift. I for one will do my part in my sphere to do what I can.

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When will we actually rise up to STOP this ‘one world’ agenda. Bah bah

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Please explain how a reader of this article can respond to the report shown in the following article:

https://ourworldindata.org/covid-deaths-by-vaccination ; what are its flaws? How is the author trying to mislead his readers? At first glance at its graphs (see the one for the US), it seems to claim something true.

Ooop! I should have known better to reply to this article! It is over almost a year old; so no one is likely, even the author, to respond to my comment. Darn.

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I have NOT been misled by the CDC. I had no trust in these 3 letter organizations for years.

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I tried posting on FB and the “Fact Checkers” immediately took it down with the following reason:


Flawed reasoning: The claim is based on an ecological study that predicted current numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths if there had been no vaccines, based on data from the period when vaccines weren’t available. It then compared these numbers to the actual numbers of cases and deaths in the post-vaccine period, and found the actual numbers to be higher. Based on this, it concluded that COVID-19 vaccines increased cases and deaths. But this analysis failed to account for other variables that also directly affect cases and COVID-19 mortality (confounding factors), such as virus variants with increased transmissibility and healthcare capacity during the pandemic.

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James Corbett exposes fact checkers as part of the overall propaganda effect to smear people who stray from the Big Pharma and WHO/CDC narrative. Do your own research on this. He gives you plenty of sources.

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The only genuine fact check is critical thinking, connecting the dots, figuring out what adds up best, and recognizing that is subject to revision. Huxley nailed it when he predicted that people would be so overwhelmed with information - mostly trivia - that they would be easily bamboozled and led by those who have their misplaced trust..

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I'm pretty good at math, but this study is well beyond my capability of following it. We need more science people can UNDERSTAND, above all. While showing your work may be critical for the veracity of a study, explaining things in terms ordinary people can understand, as others such as Jessica Rose do, is ultimately more important. I appreciate your presentation clarifying it, Steve, but how to get from these thousands of points A to B is still quite the mystery.

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I have some lush lakefront resort property in Death Valley to sell anybody who believes any Reuters "fact check".

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I would like to believe it’s true but needs peer reviewed

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Reuters fact checks never pass peer review.

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Scientists have determined that flippant remarks are not a substitute for logical assessment. The Reuters piece presents arguments.

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This experimental gene therapy treatment must stop. It is destroying the future of all mankind. I fear we will be the last generation of true humans. Future generations will all be gene modified. Its the start of the downfall of the human race as we know it

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Es arī dalījos FB un tika paslēpts.

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I just shared this on FB and it immediately was "fact checked" and hidden (although you can opt to see the link). Nobody but God can fact check anything in 5 seconds. Must be irrefutable.

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Never believe anything until you hear the official denial. Since we (are supposed) to be in a constitutional republic they aren't supposed to be able to directly censor us, so they use the tech giants (although they're not supposed to use private entities to do that either)

It's about as close to a official denial as you get (although they'll deny that too)

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where is that paper from Pfizer they submitted to FDA that shows more people died in the vax arm of the study than the control arm

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I don't think in a paper. They released the clinical trials in a study which showed 15 deaths in vaccine arm to 14 in placebo.

However, last fall, I believe information from the FDA came out that showed the updated values were actually 21 deaths in vaccine arm vs. 17 in placebo arm.

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Hi Steve. Tests have now been carried out secretly in a few countries, including UK on the Pfizer, Moderna & Astrazenica jabs.

The tests were done in laboratories to reveal the contents & active ingredients.

It has been found that they contain harmful substances which were not declared in the list of ingredients.

Aluminum & Graphene Oxide which are harmful to the body & can cause heart problems, blood clots & strokes.

Also nano particles which penetrate the brain, blood barrier, blood vessels & cells causing changes which triggers Cancers.

The 1% Globalists & drug companies want to cull the population, as the world is overpopulated.

Get rid of the old, sick & vulnerable, plus the nano particles act with 5G to track people's movements.

Total control via a One World Order with them dictating what we can or can't do.

Control, Indoctrination, Fear & Propaganda used.

Covid was all pre-planned & engineered in a laboratory in China.

The drug companies had already been developing the jabs/bioweapons to treat it long before Covid hit.

Planned to kill as many as possible with no comeback on them, as all drug companies given immunity from any liability for harm caused.

Most of these Globalists have family connections going back to second World War & nazi Germany & the atrocities back then.

Bill Gates Father used to head up a Pharmaceutical company in Germany during the war.

The old banking families like Rockefeller & Rothschilds same.

All these people have created a system that keeps the 99% poor & in debt while they profit off us.

The banking system is broken, corrupt & about to collapse.

Real Interest rates have been hidden for years as well as the massive debt crisis.

America now has 30 Trillion dollars in debt & can't keep lid on it anymore.

Because all countries currency is pegged to the Dollar, every country became vulnerable to a US dollar collapse as all would be affected financially.

Covid became a plan to use as a distraction to hide what was going on with the Banks & Financial System.

All part of a UN plan/ Mandate for years if you delve into their documents.

The UN, EU, WHO, WEF, IMF, ECB, China

Globalists like Bill Gates, George Soros, Banking elites Rockefeller & Rothschilds,

BigTech & Big Pharma.

Global warming & NetZero also part of the deception.

A lot of weather conditions around the world like hurricanes, droughts, floods & fires are being engineered using Satellite technology to fool people & get them to move towards electric vehicles, renewables like wind & solar.

Another control method.

If everything is run on electricity in future, then easy for them to control everything with the flick of a switch.

No electricity, then no heating, hot water, cooking, lights, phones, Internet or TV.

Total blackout to control every aspect of our life.

No electricity, no means of travelling anywhere as unable to change vehicle.

Can you imagine the so-called

New Normal they had in mind for those of us who survived the jabs.

The Lockdowns, masks & Mandates was to get us used to taking & following orders.

Look at what is happening in Canada as the power & control has gone to some people's head.

Some people including doctors & Scientists have collected a lot of data & taking case to the Hague re Crimes against humanity.

I used my Twitter feed to put out the truth to the UK Government throughout the 2yr of Covid. Take a look back at my Twitter feed.

Surprised I didn't get cancelled, but think the fact the Government know I voted for them & for the PM & #brexit & helped advised them on many issues might have helped save me.

My tweets were always aimed at the Government & right wing press, rather than in general.

Joanne Cohen

Email talkback2020@outlook.com

Twitter @WhatsYourViews

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100% correct Joanne. Listen to Dr Shankara Chetty from South Africa. He also noticed how the different "waves" affected different ethnic groups. In South Africa it's easier to notice trends like these since we have large populations of black, Indian/Asian and white/middle eastern (Muslim) communities. He noticed that the first wave affected largely the Black community. The second wave was largely our Asian/Indian community and the next wave hit the White/Muslim community. He suggests that the virus is genetically engineered to target the various ethnic groups in that order.The racism is clear, but in reality the masterminds behind this actually hate humanity as whole.

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Ingredients. It's very clear what is going on.

The Globalists have been plotting their take over of the whole world for many years, going back to after the second World War at least.

This group of people are those who have always ran & controlled everything. They feel intittled.

These people escaped Nazi Germany & dispersed to many other countries including America & others.

They include the old banking families like Rockefeller & Rothschilds etc.

They then set up safe enclaves & their secret societies to plan & plot the day they would take over, rule & control the whole world.

Nothing is hidden. It's all out there to see, yet people are not looking in the right places.

This group of people who escaped Nazi Germany are the ones who set up the UN under the disguise of it doing good for Humanity.

Go & read the UN Charter & all it's updates over the years since it was set up. The UN is a Globalist run & controlled Organisation.

Over the years it has been captured by those with all the money.

Not just the usual suspects like the Rockefellers & Rothschilds, but by China who contributes millions to the UN. Bill Gates is also on one of their Committees contributing millions & has ability to set Agendas.

He has total Immunity from any prosecution. Why?

#Covid was a UN planned Agenda going back before it happened.

It was termed "A Global Pandemic Preparedness Health Exercise"

It was all planned & is really about addressing the underlying Banking & Financial imminent Collapse due to years of money printing & corruption by Governments, banks, financial institutions & multinational Companies over many years.

The World Economic Forum is another organisation they set up & control to spread their Agendas.

Go to the WEF website & see everything they have had planned for Humanity for years. Just a matter of when.

World Depopulation to kill as many of us as possible. This will be via the jabs, manipulating the weather using Satellite technology everywhere to cause hurricanes, floods ,droughts, famines etc to kill people.

They also use Chemtrails where they send planes up to spray chemicals on us.

WEF have been holding meetings annually at Davos in Switzerland with the good , great, rich & famous to bring them all on side to their Agenda.

There are lots of Videos on YouTube re the UN & WEF people can watch to learn.

Joanne Cohen.

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Hi Steve.

Thank you for what you are doing.

I live in the UK & have known what has been happening right from the start when #Covid hit in the UK.

I am an ordinary person, but who reads & research into things a lot, not just accept what told.

I'm black, 62yrs old & is a traditional trained nurse who qualified in 1985 in UK so worked as a nurse in the NHS & privately in different areas for many years.

Being black, 62yrs old & with underlying conditions of high blood pressure for years, treated by various different medication over 30yrs. I also suffer with asthma on inhalers & a form of autoimmune condition which means I have osteoarthritis, joint & back pains, prolapse discs in lower back & sciatica.

On ongoing doctor prescribed painkillers as well as medication to control high blood pressure.

My ethnic group & age together with my underlying conditions make me more prone to Covid.

The first wave in UK in Feb 2020 most who caught it & died were from black & Asian community including many doctors & nurses.

The first wave in UK which was the original virus, was like a bad flu.

I caught it right at the start, two weeks before the first Lockdown, so before anyone really knew it was Covid.

As a nurse I just thought I had the flu & treated it as I would normally myself at home.

I did not go to the doctor or hospital.

I had a dry persistent cough, really bad

sore throat & felt unwell as you would with the flu.

About 6 months before this happened I was feeling quite tired & lethargic, no energy or motivation.

I went to my doctor & told him how I was feeling & asked if I could have a blood test to check various things in my blood, including to see if I was anaemic & had a low haemoglobin level which can cause tiredness. This is to do with the red blood cells in body which carry oxygen, needed for breathing properly.

I also asked for other tests such as my blood urea & electrolyte & my Vitamin D level, another thing if low could be making me not feel well.

I asked for all these blood screens myself & because they know I'm a nurse they just did it.

When the results came back in September 2019, six months before covid hit.

I found out my Vitamin D levels was extremely low & I had Inflammation markers showing in my blood results.

My doctor referred me to see a specialist

Rheumatoid doctor.

He started me on an extremely high dose of Vitamin D of 20,000 units one tablet once a week for 3 months to build up my levels.

After 3 months I was then put on an ongoing maintenance dose which I am still taking now & will continue to take.

For 6 months before covid my blood pressure which was maintained on the medication I was taking suddenly started to go up higher, till it was so high I was feeling dizzy, lightheaded & was getting headaches.

It became dangerously high that I thought I was going to have a stroke.

I went to the emergency department at my local hospital in July 19.

My blood pressure was really high at this point & I was checking it myself at home twice a day & recording it on paper.

The hospital did nothing & didn't really take it seriously.

Again in December 19 I was feeling unwell again with a really high blood pressure, headache & dizziness.

This time I rang a friend to come & pick me up & take me to a different hospital a car drive away.

I arrived at about 12 midnight at the emergency unit.

I myself had worked as a nurse in this very emergency unit a few years before,so knew the staff & the unit,that I was in the right place to get help.

That night I was afraid to go to sleep, as I felt I was going to have a stroke & die.

I was monitored during the night, had a tracing of my heart taken, a chest x-ray & my blood pressure checked every few hours by brilliant staff. I was started on a new medication to bring my blood pressure down & then reviewed by the medical team in the morning.

I was discharged home on the new medication for my blood pressure & arrangements made for my own doctor to refer me for various tests & investigations.

It took about six months for my blood pressure to come back down to manageable levels.

Covid hit the UK in February 2020 a few months after all this had happened.

I caught it & treated like the flu as no-one knew about Covid at the time.

Two weeks after I had what I thought was the flu, UK was locking down for Covid.

To this day I believe that what saved me from being affected more was the fact that I was a nurse & could understand what was happening to me to take action.

The fact I went & asked for a blood test & found out I had an extremely low Vit D level & was put on a high loading dose is what saved me.

Most of those who died from Covid in the first wave were either older & with underlying conditions like obesity, heart or lung problems or they were from a black & Asian background. A lot worked in the NHS as doctors & nurses.

When I saw that I knew immediately what the reason was.

Most people with darker skins as well as the elderly are walking around with low Vitamin D without knowing.

That's because we get it mostly from sunlight reacting on our skin.

Darker skin people & older people who are not out & about much,plus in the autumn & winter are very low, which makes them more prone to infections.

I have been taking a high dose of Vitamin D of 50mcg per day, plus zinc & high dose Vitamin C.

If the Government, Doctors & Public Health had encouraged people to do this simple, cheap & affordable action,then less people would have died.

Google or look up what the body needs to build a strong immune system.

It's something all doctors, nurses, Public Health should know.

The fact no-one did is telling, that it was intentional.

From my own research & looking into every bit if information I could find, I informed & educated myself.

Even though I had Covid at the start, I didn't know that was what it was then. I just thought I had a bad flu & treated it myself as I normally do.

Didn't realise till a few weeks later when we were locking down the country.

The very first wave I believe was real Covid infection. A lot of people died in that first wave, including elderly, those with underlying conditions as well as a number of black & Asian doctors & nurses, who I feel died unnecessarily because of low VitD to protect them.

I have a bit of connection to the Government via my Twitter feed & I did vote Conservative & supported #brexit, so I do try to connect with the Government & mainstream Conservative press via Twitter.

I even suggested that Public Health should advise people to take high strength VitD, C & Zinc, but to no avail.

I personally have not listened to anything the Government, Public Health or the Scientific advisors have mandated for the whole 2 years of Lockdown in UK.

I have just carried on as normal & advised my daughter & grandchildren who are 2, 5 & 10.

I have never worn a mask, but carried a couple in my bag at all times, just incase.

I was able to get away with that by saying I was exempt due to my asthma as I couldn't breathe properly wearing a mask.

I went & got a free exemption badge which I also carried in my bag, but never wore around my neck.

I stayed in my local area & only shopped locally, going to the bank, food shopping & using the bus to get about all exempt from wearing a mask.

My daughter is a single parent & so I normally have my grandchildren come & stay with me every few weeks to give her a break. The 10yr old has special needs & a social worker, so continued to have contact as usual & just did what I would normally do.

None of us wore a mask & if challenged just said exempt, but had my badge if needed.

I never uploaded the Track & Trace App & never took a single PCR or Lateral Flow test ever.

My daughter caught the Delta variant of Covid & was really bad for a month.

I had to go round & collect the three grandkids & take them to my house to look after them as she was sick in bed.

I bought her Vitamin D, C & Zinc supplements to take, plus cough medicine & antiseptic throat spray for her sore throat which helps to kill the germs at the back of the throat as well. She developed a bad chest infection, which I encouraged her to get antibiotics from her doctor for.

She is 26yrs old & ok now.

My 10yr old grandson caught it from his mother & was quite ill for a couple of weeks. I nursed him & treated him with the same as his mum.

I then caught the Delta from him & was really ill for a month, also developing a chest infection which I got antibiotics from my doctor to treat.

Hopefully we all have enough natural immunity now.

The majority don't know that Covid was a preplanned UN Agenda from years ago.

The leaders of most countries signed up to a UN Global Pandemic Preparedness Exercise some years ago.

The idea was for countries to go away & put plans in place for this, but no-one knew when this would happen.

Meanwhile the real people pulling strings of UN, WHO, EU IMF & Countries were

the 1% Globalists with the World Economic Forum who would meet every year at Davos Switzerland.

It's leader is Klaus Shwab.

If you go back into UN documents Mandates/Agendas going back years from after second World War.

Many of these 1% Globalists are decendents from nazi Germany & the old banking families like Rockefeller & Rothschilds.

America & China is part of the plot.

They all realise that to achieve this they would need to follow the way China rules.

America allowed China to become part of WTO in 80s I think, then part of WHO.

Bush, Clinton & Obama all part of it.

Others include Bill Gates & all the rich Big Tech & Big Pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer & Moderna.

Anthony Fauci & #CDC, #NIH #FDA was paying China from about 2014 to carry out experiments on bat coronavirus in WUHAN Lab.

The Pandemic was engineered in a lab in China not from nature.

Klaus Schwab even wrote a book called Covid19 and the Great Reset.

The whole Banking & Financial System is also a big part of this.

Email talkback2020@outlook.com

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America is in serious debt due to money printing, greed & corruption for years.

They have been lying to their citizens as well as the world & hiding the real inflation figures by their constant money printing.

They now have 30 Trillion of debt they can't really service, so the lid is coming off & the know they have to do something.

Every country's currency is tied to the Dollar, so if the dollar goes down, then every country is in financial crisis.

The Pandemic was their solution to explain away some of the massive debt

They could carry on printing more money to deal with it & every other country's economy would also be lockdown & in same position.

This was the moment the Globalists could put their plan to take control of all countries under a One World Order, controlled by them, America & using China, BigTech, BigPharma, UN, WHO, WEF & IMF etc.

They believe the world is overpopulated, so need to cull some of us. The jabs are the bioweapons containing dangerous nano particles to track people using 5G, plus the Spike Protein which act on Beta Receptors & triggers the virus to replicate & cause inflammatory response in body & cells, blood clots to cause strokes, heart attacks & affect lungs & breathing.

Aluminum to cause cancer etc.

These Globalists all belong to secret societies who are into child trafficking & paedophilia.

They all have so much dirt on one another, including famous, Hollywood stars, royalty, politicians, Pope & Vatican.

Bush, Clinton, Obama, Biden, Bill Gates

Sorus, Klaus Shwab, Banking elites of Rockefeller & Rothschilds

Angela Merkel, Trudeau, Ahern etc

Either being blackmailed or paid large sums or both.

Email talkback2020@outlook.com

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The Covid case numbers were driven by the flawed PCR false positive results.

False positive because the PCR tests were never designed to test for Covid. The inventor of the PCR test died in suspicious circumstances just before Covid hit.

They are at 80% inaccurate as pick up dead Covid viral matter as well as matter from having a cold or flu.

If the swab tests are then put through too high a resolution in the laboratory above 25 say, then the results are not accurate. Most labs were running the tests at about

35 -40, probably deliberately to hike up the positive results to scare people to comply & make out the infection rate was higher than it really was.

No such thing as symptomless Covid. If you had it you would feel unwell, even if only mild.

Also the Data for Covid was being manipulated.

Having worked in hospitals & in Emergency Departments, I know that if an 75yr old had a fall at home & fractured his hip say.

Taken to hospital, x-ray, may need operation so needs to be admitted to hospital.

Before patient goes to the ward, they will have a PCR Test in the Emergency department first.

That is more than likely to be positive as most PCR tests are positive, even if not to live viral covid, but dead material from weeks ago or to someone who has a cold or flu or just got over flu.

The Tests are not accurate.

The patient even though came into hospital having had a fall at home & broke hip will now be seen as a Covid patient.

If that patient dies while in hospital or within 28 days of that positive PCR Test, then Covid is mentioned on the death certificate, but does not clarify whether he died of Covid or for other reasons, but had a positive test result within that 28 day period.

The Covid Test Result Case number Data is flawed & so are the Deaths Data within 28 days of a positive result as used in UK.

Hospitals in UK were also getting extra money for the number of Covid patients they had.

Big incentive to massage the figures.

All the main #Scientists advising Government were financially compromised or in hock to drug companies, had share in these companies or were getting money from them or from Chinese operators or Bill Gates Foundation.

UN, WHO, Universities,

News Stations & Media also hock to push the right narrative.

All driven by Lies, Indoctrination, Collusion & Propaganda.

Email talkback2020@outlook.com

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Hi Steve,

I had been reading and sharing your articles as a free subscriber. Recently I shared this one with a group of friends. His reply has prompted me to subscribe specifically so I could get your feedback on his reply after he read your article. Here it is:

He refers to the Danish cohort study by Hansen et al. that I've been using

to argue against the booster. "Durable" against omicron? Hardly. The

thing is, somebody will undoubtedly find some other preprint that shows a

different result, and the authorities will choose to follow it instead.

When there is a contradiction in results, I prefer to look at real world

data: Gibraltar is effectively 100 percent vaccinated, and they just had

their worst surge of the entire pandemic because of omicron; South Korea

is 80 percent vaccinated, and they are having their worst surge of the

entire pandemic because of omicron; Cornell University had over 900 students

infected in less than a week (about 4 percent of the student body) forcing

the school to move fall semester finals entirely on-line, despite the

student body being 99 percent vaccinated due to the mandate; the University

of Hawaii student body is 97 percent vaccinated, yet the football team was

forced to withdraw from the Hawaii Bowl because of COVID and the basketball

team was forced to withdraw from the Diamond Head Classic because of COVID;

the state of Hawaii is 75 percent vaccinated (80 percent of the eligible

population) yet it just went through their worst surge of the entire

pandemic due to omicron.

Check out our own FDA's web site with FAQ about the vaccine:


The fourth question is "Who may receive a booster dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech

COVID-19 Vaccine authorized by the FDA?"

Answer: THE FDA updated the EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION for the Pfizer-BioNTech

COVID-19 vaccine to allow for the use of a single booster dose administered at

least 6 months after completion of the vaccine primary series...

I added the emphasis to EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION. The "full approval"

received earlier was for the primary two-dose series. It seems the full

approval does NOT apply to the booster. Those mandating or planning to

mandate the booster appear to be unaware of this, thinking that the vaccine

has full approval for continued used. Also note the AT LEAST 6 MONTHS,

meaning that once you get the booster, you wouldn't be able to get a fourth

shot for at least 6 months, yet the Danish cohort study shows the efficacy

is only 16 percent after the first 30 days, so you're pretty vulnerable for

roughly 5 months.

But also of concern is the answer to the fifth question about the safety

and effectiveness data.

Answer: Safety was evaluated in 306 participants 18 through 55 years of

age and 12 participants 65 years of age and older who were followed for an

average of over two months.

Are you serious? Just 306 participants in one age range, and only TWELVE

in MY age range? Is this a proper clinical study?????

This is not some preprint. This is OUR OWN FDA.

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Hi Steve,

You are doing an amazing job, thank you for trying to make the truth available to people. This can't be an easy job, however I am glad you chose to do it.

There is compelling evidence of the fact that vaccines are not in any way related to making people better, of COVID or anything else, in almost every country. It is naive to presume authorities all over the world did not know this a log time before we started to suspect it, yet they keep postponing the inevitable moment of admitting it and keep vaccinating people, even launched "debates" about mandating vaccines all over the world. What do you think is their reason of enforcing these vaccines? What is their objective? Simple depopulation does not seem good enough to me.

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