The entire system is rotten to the core. Avoiding these poisons for my family is the best health decision I have ever made bar none

That includes avoiding the childhood vaccination schedule

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I can explain away the comments: “Its anecdotes!” See what I did there? I used a buzz-word. For some people the comments will now disappear from their mind, bevause their mind is trained to ignore stuff that some calls anecdote. Many people are trained to respond to certain buzz-words. Another buzz-word is Vaccines, another one is misinformation, etc. People are under a spell, when they ser tv spells are being cast onto them, hence the act of spelling words. Im just trying to say smart stuff, dont mind me, Im flying away now :)

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What the Holy Bible says of this horrific decade just ahead of us.. Here's a site expounding current global events in the light of bible prophecy.. To understand more, pls visit 👇 https://bibleprophecyinaction.blogspot.com/

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as usual Steve you continue to fight for truth and its soo rare these days! thank you

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FYI - NZ whistleblower Barry Young’s court case yesterday resulting in new court date being set for 28th April 2025. Justice delayed……. Ministry of Health NZ obviously floundering.

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It's true that the plural of "anecdote" is not "data". But a large enough number of anecdotes IS, as we see here, and would be statistically impossible if there really was no "there", there. And they cannot be readily explained away otherwise.

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And the die-hard lockdown and mask "public health" zealots (who still exist in small numbers) have actually, bizarrely, taken the lack of "vaccine" efficacy (to put it very mildly), let alone the mounting evidence of harm, as confirmation of the righteousness of their own zealotry. I had to do a double take and see whether this piece was really from 2024, not 2021:


I kid you not: this is NOT satire. There are literally still people out there like this!

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Thank you all your research into this and keeping it front and center.

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A Japanese patent attorney has found Stephane Bancel's legal estoppel.


According to Bancel's patent, mRNA-1273 = SpikeVax has been shown to be problematic.

Bancel knew this and marketed it. =Estoppel

Pfizer also ignored published patents.

① “DNA introduced into cells may be inherited by daughter cells or descendants.”

② “Endotoxin contamination is harmful to patient safety, so

Processes that introduce endotoxin into drug substances generally cannot be used in patients.'

③ ``The DNA template used in the mRNA manufacturing process has the potential to be carcinogenic in the patient population;

It needs to be removed.'

"qPCR underestimates residual DNA"

Moderna uses his qPCR in its manufacturing process

The specifications for mRNA-1273 clearly state that it contains residual DNA, so this point definitely goes against Estoppel.

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Plandemonium "In the Crosshairs of Covid-19 Scientology Operation" - Reiner Fuellmich and an operation to silence a CoS-Critc https://nuremberg2.substack.com/p/plandemonium-in-the-crosshairs-of

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The WHO says:

Misinformation: "the spread of false information without the intent to mislead"

Disinformation: "designed or spread with full knowledge of it being false (information has been manipulated), as part of an intention to deceive and cause harm."


So my question: is NAESM spreading misinformation (they're just being stupid) or disinformation (part of an intention to deceive and cause harm)?

Same question for FDA and the "you are not a horse" tweet. Are they just stupid, or was it an intent to deceive and cause harm?

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Apr 22·edited Apr 23

You know the answer. If it were due to incompetence, we should immediately shut down the "Academy of Sciences" since they are clearly neither competent nor deserving of such a position. They are a total joke. A joke of corruption and evil. All of these experts are clearly guilty of disinformation. There is no doubt in the mind of anybody with a shred of intelligence and common sense.

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Not a mistake.

A deliberate strategy to disqualify all dissenting sources.

You need to stop giving the benefit of the doubt to people trying to kill you.

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I said this to you about a year ago and will say it again. Don't Stop. But is there a way to get your/our views into the main stream media? The general public is being given a hugely distorted view, mostly due to censorship and fear.

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Steve I admire your tenacity going against such corruption.! May God continue to give you the strength.

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Of all the medical conditions in this report, I didn't see Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis which my vaccinated friend developed two years ago and is on meds at a cost of $45,000.00 per year.

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Dr Haider and others have worked on detoxing people who have been given the bioweapon jabs by autophagy to trigger the body to consume & eliminate the spike proteins. Is there a way to detox from other “normal” medications such as vaccines?

Btw 30 years ago canine cancer was rare in the US canine population. Then pharma paid politicians to mandate rabies jabs and the vets became vax obsessed - “keep up to date with all your dog jabs!” Now 50% of canines die of cancer triggered by vaccinosis. In the UK canine cancer is still rare and vets make less money because they cause fewer chronic canine conditions which require remediation.

So we have widespread evidence of the harm caused by mass medication. We had the evidence from the Smallpox scandal.

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