It appears Dr. McC is speaking about this Topic-too:


“I’m very heavily vaccinated. My kids took all the vaccines, too. I didn’t look at it critically when they were born. So let me tell you, just because I wasn’t injured by the vaccines; it doesn’t make it okay. I think it’s very important for people to hear this. Just because they did fine with the vaccines doesn’t mean it’s okay”

“When I was a child, the rate of autism was one in 10,000,” denoted Peter McCullough. “Now that rate today, the CDC says, is an emergency. It’s 1 in 36. It’s an epidemic.”

“I think we’re building a pretty strong case that Andy Wakefield, years ago, yourself [Paul Thomas] and other pioneers, that you were right all along — that HYPER-Vaccination is a determinant of autism”

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You are such a gem... keep up the good work! Anyone going along with this evil should burn in hell.

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Dr Howard has to resort to ridiculing and mocking your datasets as he can't credibly refute them. He's typical of the modern medical cartel - Shame on him. As for recommending this vaccine for young children; he's clearly not fit to practice.

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Steve, Dr. Howard is a classic shoot from the hip and hope that nobody calls him out on his lies. Anybody that has a pulse knows that healthy kids 19 and younger don't die from SARS-WIV. You have completely put him in a deep hole with your methodology, data, and facts. I'm expecting that he's going to bail on you as he can't refute you without looking foolish.

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Since Dr Howard is a fantasist, it's hardly surprising that he doesn't tackle Steve's comments one by one. First, he has nothing to oppose them. Second, he doesn't need any counterpoints, because he's a fantasist.

Claiming your opponent said or wrote something that he didn't is the sort of thing that reassures your own side, who seek merely reaffirmation of their beliefs. They're hardly likely to analyse what the doc wrote, so he doesn't need to be careful or accurate (or truthful).

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Israel just revealed that no health person under the age of 50 died from COVID-19

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Dr. Howard is flat out lying about pediatric covid deaths I'm trying find the study from Europe. It was a solid study with a very large sample set- It concluded that children are over 100x more likely to get heart damage or die from covid shots than covid.

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Japan - Weekly Excess Deaths vs COVID Boosters.

Just sad.


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Hi Steve, just posted up today, too late for your debate: ‘Criminal’: Confidential EU Documents Reveal Thousands of Deaths From Pfizer-BioNTech Shots - - https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/confidential-eu-documents-deaths-pfizer-biontech-shots/?itm_term=home. - - you may want to take a deep breath before reviewing this released data. BTW, good job in Amish country and Harrisburg!!

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Jun 25, 2023·edited Jun 25, 2023

I cannot align what you claim with what is written in the Thailand study.

"Myopericarditis was confirmed in one patient after vaccination. Two patients had suspected pericarditis and four patients had suspected subclinical myocarditis."


Where does the figure 3.5% comes from? It does not appear in the study and you did not explain it in your previous article. 1 confirmed and 6 suspected cases in 301 kids is at most 2.3%.

Also no control group in this study and the one confirmed case was treated with 2 weeks of ibuprofen.

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Great article and analysis. These people hide behind their quotes and it is great to see how big their lie is! It is not surprising that they wont debate world wide. Back to saying are they malicious or just dumb and underneath that living in fear!

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Jun 24, 2023·edited Jun 24, 2023

Years ago, "liberals" fought for free speech. They were anti interventional and fought for world peace. They opposed the military industrial complex and believed in personal freedom. They believed in the speeches of Martin Luther King and that character not skin color determined your character.

This is today's liberal platform.

1. There are over 70 genders

2. The government owns your children and can put them on puberty blockers.

3. Cutting of the genitals of children is ok of they have gender dysphoria.

4. Its ok giving a crack addicts like hunter biden millions of government cash.

5. Its ok giving a corrupt cocaine addict Zelenski billions as endless war in Ukraine is good.

6. All white people are evil and should pay reparations.

7. Our public schools are free to teach 4-year-olds about masturbation.

8. If you say anything on social media questioning Tran genderism or covid shots we will censor you.

We are going down fast.

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I see he's accusing you of "refusing to share information" with your readers--which seems oddly like instead of covering the facts, he's dwelling on you, personally. But possibly this is the best way he can handle a debate? In any case, it looks like he posted this response to your debate arguments today: https://sciencebasedmedicine.org/steve-kirsch-and-brandolinis-law/

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This is not directly related to covid but applicable when it comes up to the mindset and incompetence of physicians. Sure Dr. Howard knows nothing about vaccines or immunology, he is a neuropsychiatrist. Yet he claims to be an expert in vaccines? As a psychologist I have problems with psychiatry. Years ago, psychiatrists would talk to their patients. Now they just write for psychiatric meds. There are psychiatric conditions that require medications but most often not. I had a single mom patient last week; her dad had a stroke 2 days after a covid booster and died. Her family doc had a "cure" The cure was Zoloft. Situational depression is real, and you grieve and talk it out. All these medical morons do is write for pills.

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Canadians can sign the Petition for "The Charter of Health Freedom" - https://www.charterofhealthfreedom.org/

You can also subscribe to "The Natural Health Products Protection Association" -

The NHPPA focuses on identifying and responding to threats facing the Natural Health Product and Dietary Supplement industry. The NHPPA acts as an industry watchdog.


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There is so much distrust and contempt towards US doctors and I think most doctors deserve distrust and contempt. I was thinking, there are thousands of retired doctors out there. They can't be bought or sold and will place their patient's wellbeing above profit. Even though not able to practice I propose a new profession called "health care navigator?" The way this works is that retired doctors that know how pathetic and corrupt our health care system is can advise patients on what is best for them and make recommendations, not medical advice- to guide them to alternative providers. I do this for free to my friends.

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