Ya...have a young child zero family but him...and I'm literally the walking dead on a fuckin timer

..of ...no one knows how long I'll bloody live ...ya ...im the fuckin one lol..the defeatist ...i hope u fuckin get your face smashed rtf in with a train. Donkey tax...or donkey fucktard whatever tf your name is. You re a mouthy little bitch...that needs a lesson or two ...snide fuckin absolute pos. You d fuckin shit your panties one day in my life. Dumb fuck.

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Wherever donkeydick went who said thanks for your defeatiism can fuck right off as he has zno fuckin clue wtf I've been thru ...doubt he was tortured in many ways ....fuckin little bitch. Im gonna die now with that shit in me Mr. Kircsh is pulling tf outta ppl...cuz I was forced tf to inhale tons of nanotech under the threat of murder while being bloody tortured ...you stupid snide fuck.

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Well, that's an exaggeration but your point is well taken. I'm always torn between short/sweet comments and placing things in context. But honestly, I'm disappointed that Steve isn't better focused. He's turned everything into a pissing contest when he should be laser targeted into helping to get a major class action law suit off the ground with a really stellar law firm.

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The CDC needs to be completely dismantled. It's a VACCINE company that owns dozens of vaccine patents. Its employees promote all manner of "vaccines" because that's how they get paid. The CDC is nothing less than a criminal organization that rubber stamps its corporate overlords' plans to force us all into taking experimental jabs that have nothing to do with helping humanity and everything to do with increasing drug company profits. I pray the CDC is disbanded entirely when the currency collapses and the criminals can no longer print dollars backed by nothing but hubris.

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I can punch a bunch of symbols signs and numbers into a computer too ...and call it whatever I wish...the fact that it's confusing to the average individual is integral to this lie.

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Pgs. 103/104

Interesting that CDC accepted $15,000,000 (ad space) “gift in kind” from Facebook with the caveat not to be publicly construed as promotional


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In New Zealand we had the “single source of truth - Jabcinda Ardern https://twitter.com/realdailywire/status/1551690346039492608?s=21&t=HqVWGSCQ3g4CPihoSIdsvw

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These former humans have no souls ...they re sadistic and evil...possesed by satan and A.I. and insane completely at this point and want me dead ...they won't rest until they ve succeeded in ending my life one way or another and there's no help or escape...no where to go...no one to tell ...no one and no where to turn to. I can't even leave my city I've been stuck in for 40 years ..as of tomorrow it's my birthday. The police have commited serious crimes against me since at least age 12. I'm a targeted individual ...a real one not sick...not insane ...there's a camera/where weapon they have pointed inside my home....it's the police so ...I can't go to the uh police. And there's so so so much more abuse occurring toward myself as well ...from the very people charged with apparently protecting us ...please pray ...pray for my child...and if you could me too...cuz I'm all he's got.

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Thanks for all you do Steve. I too have written to Carol Crawford and will back anyone who stands up to this nefarious nonsense.

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My email to Ms. Crawford:

Hello Ms. Crawford

Please respond to Steve Kirsch and plan for a meeting with him about your requested censorship of social media accounts. I believe this activity is illegal and on direct violation of the US Constitution. Can you explain your position on this?

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Arnt there laws against this in the US.Cant you take her to court .This needs to be stopped.Maybe take on the head of the CDC in court.

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“Be nice, be respectful...”. No, Steve, it is way past time for that. As long as these Communists know that there will be no personal consequences for their actions, they become more emboldened and dangerous.

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LOVE IT!!!! Show em how it's done, Steve!!

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As sure as night follows day, there will be crickets from the CDC.

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Steve, I got this from the CDC Website today. What a bunch of freaking liars to state that “Vaccines approved and authorized for use in the United States are effective against the predominant variant circulating in the United States …”. That’s bullshit as the vaccines do nothing to protect against Omicron, which is the dominant variant in the US.

The SIG Variant classification scheme defines four classes of SARS-CoV-2 variants:

Variant Being Monitored (VBM)

Alpha (B.1.1.7 and Q lineages)

Beta (B.1.351 and descendent lineages)

Gamma (P.1 and descendent lineages)

Delta (B.1.617.2 and AY lineages)

Epsilon (B.1.427 and B.1.429)

Eta (B.1.525)

Iota (B.1.526)

Kappa (B.1.617.1)


Mu (B.1.621, B.1.621.1)

Zeta (P.2)

Variant of Interest (VOI)

Variant of Concern (VOC)

Omicron (B.1.1.529, BA.1, BA.1.1, BA.2, BA.3, BA.4 and BA.5 lineages)

Variant of High Consequence (VOHC)

To date, no variants of high consequence have been identified in the United States.

Vaccines approved and authorized for use in the United States are effective against the predominant variant circulating in the United States and effective therapeutics are available. CDC continues to monitor all variants circulating within the United States.

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