How many "ordinary people" who were banned have been reinstated on Twitter?

As near as I can tell, somewhere between few and none.

Elon Musk has done a good service releasing the documents which prove beyond all doubt not just Twitter's censorship practices but their collusion with government agencies and the White House to silence particular political groups. For that he deserves praise.

But that does not change the reality of Elon Musk as a peripatetic and mercurial individual who was never the "free speech absolutist" he claimed to be.

Perversely, Musk's management of Twitter thus far does more to recommend Gab and similar platforms. Andrew Torba has a somewhat fundamentalist Christian view of the world and of his vision for Gab, but in the realm of free speech he genuinely walks the walk. Musk could learn a thing or two from Torba.

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I hope they reinstate your account soon. Actually it would be nice if they reinstated mine as well. 14 years and a couple violations and of course they did it just before musk took over.

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Can you expand on the following? Has this been revealed somewhere that I/we missed?

"he gets a kickback whenever someone gets a Moderna injection".

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Elon blocked Alex Berenson today LOL, and he's bitching and crying about it on his Substack.

I pray you and McCullough and the rest of the ousted get back on Twitter.

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He won't unsuspend me either.

I got suspended a year ago for using the "R" word apparently. Even though I'm autistic and have been called the "R" word numerous times, far too many to get banned for it. It's like banning a Black person for using the "N" word. Plus I've seen other people who have used the "R" word who are probably not "R" worded in the sense that I am and in a more pejorative context than that in which I used it too who haven't been banned. Maybe the real reason why was that my handle was "You'd take a bath in cyanide if FDA approved it". I got unbanned for like a day, not sure why, during which I changed my handle to "21st Century Coat Hanger", but then banned again without telling me a reason. And no they never gave me a chance to delete my comment and get unbanned either. Why can't they just lie and tell you "oops there's something wrong here can't post try again" to censor your comment like Instagram does? Or shadowban it in various ways like YouTube does?

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What an ignorant and rude person. He just disgusts me.

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and Fauci lied under oath - does anyone actually get prosecuted for that?

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Here a clip describing an attempt to get insight into the situation in the UK and the US via a FOIA request,

See clip:

"(2ND FOIA) request was for Anthony #Fauci's correspondence with his counterparts in Great Britain during the period of the lockdown & #GreatBarringtonDeclaration.

They gave us 61 pages, 58 of them are COMPLETELY REDACTED."


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Dec 12, 2022·edited Dec 12, 2022

There is an abhorent, organized sin being perpetrated upon young women and Children.

Thought experiment: perhaps this is the root cause of problems the deep state visited upon Donald Trump - think about it.

Organized crime against children have been episodically and frequently brought into the light causing a number of investigators to be disappeared from public view by questioned suicide and other suspicious facts surrounding untimely multiple deaths of those who have attempted to open this up, rivaling the amount of cover up of JFK assassination circa 1963 to present.

A visit to Bitchute search bar of realted topics will surface the pervasive (historical) length and depth of this emergency. HHS has recently been implicated (outright accused) of knowingly delivering children to sex traficing criminals.

Kindly review this link and honestly ask yourself if you are willing to get into this fight, and if not, why not. After all, do you know where your children are at all times, or even your grand children? Middle class subdivisions, shopping malls, amusement parks, theaters, even walking home from school are now being exploited as fertile hunting grounds for these preditorial killers and traffickers....


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I think he has said he “coded” 4 times. That may be what he was referring to.

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Be patient Steve. Your time is coming to reveal the truth. 👍😃

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It will soon be revealed that You Tube/Google is the biggest criminal actor in all of this 1st Amendment infringement. They kill people by withholding critical information from them. Brett would be a good guy to head up the 1st Amendment class action suit against You Tube.

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You might be correct with your unlikely suggestion that they might use guns to enforce their intended SLAVERY. But there are so many of us that know what's going on - the WAR they don't expect will come as a big shock! Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer!

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I was shocked at how many comments were defending Fauci. It seems a large segment of the population STILL has no idea about the awful things Fauci has done.

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