Does this apply to green card applicants? I feel like we’re treated like second class citizens… because we’re not citizens

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Hi Steve,

1. I sense many people are no longer sharing deaths of close family outside of close family and certainly not with those considered anti-vax!

2. Very few will discuss the vaccine status of dead people as they simply do not believe the jab caused the death, or the injury.

3. Even many that harbour doubts, still seem to believe it was worth the risk, and/or the injury/death was taking one for the team!

4. I think we really need to start producing spread sheets, graphs etc focused around all cause mortality/injuries and such like. The undeniable data separated/listed by

a) Life years lost

b) Age group

c) Country

d) Injury or Death type

e) etc

5. Facebook seems able now to pick up some screen shots of graphs i share! And then attach a fact check/etc when they deem them counter pharma/government narrative!

* Today Facebook tagged my post and referred me to a Spanish language website which allegedly fact checks the graph suggesting it might not be correct.


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Can anyone give some links to red pill a mother who wants to vaccinate her 5 year old son? Thanks

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Hi Steve,

Unrelated, but currently all corruption is sort of related:

I just saw this: https://ourorganicwellness.com/amish-farmer-faces-250k-fine-jail-time-and-losing-his-sustainable-farm-for-processing-his-own-meat/

Could you help expose what is happening to this Amish farmer?

Also, I didn’t know that my grass fed beef is still treated with products at the USDA meat processing plants!

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I have written several emails describing hypnotic communication which persuades people that vaccines are safe and effective. The prime method of persuasion is to assume that which you wish to have people believe and focus their attention on other matters. For example: you wish to have someone sit down. "Would you prefer to sit in the blue chair or the red chair?" The assumption is "You will be sitting." Here are some other examples.

Here is the link to the offending NYTimes op ed: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/04/27/opinion/covid-vaccine-kids.html?searchResultPosition=1

The headline is "Did Faulty Assumptions Dash Parents' Hope for an Under-5 Vaccine?"

Already 2 hypnotic assumptions:

1)Parents' hope exists--parents are hoping for an mRNA vaccine for their babies

2)It is faulty to argue that young children shouldn't be vaccinated

Are you feeling helpless anger arguing against these assumptions which no one even questions?


The hypnotist suggests to the subject he will do some crazy thing after he comes out of his trance session but forget that he was given the suggestion. Suppose, for example, he suggests the subject will want to open the windows in 10 minutes (even though it's snowing and there is a blizzard outside.

(10 minutes later) Subject: "I think I'll open the windows"

Group: Are you crazy? What are you doing? It's snowing outside, the snow will come in and ruin the carpet!

Subject: No, but we need the air it's stuffy in here.

Group: Can't you see how crazy that is? Besides it's not even your own idea. You were hypnotized, for God's sake.

Subject: This is totally my own idea. A hypnotist could never persuade me do something against my will. Besides, I would remember if I got persuaded. I think I know my own mind.

Further challenge leads to more denial and hardening of positions (and of the arteries of the vaccinated)


It is common for hypnotized people to be able to believe 2 incompatible ideas and have no trouble believing both of them at once. For example, take negative hallucinations. It is common to hypnotize someone and suggest that they will no longer see a chair that is standing empty near them. They will, indeed, fail to recognize the object they have been suggested to believe no longer exists. But they will behave as though it does exist, but continue to say it doesn't.

HYPNOTIST TO SUBJECT: Look around you. Do you see any objects in front of you?

Subject: No, the room is completely empty. I don't see anything.

Hypnotist: Ok, now could you walk up to my desk?

Subject (Walks up to hypnotist taking detour around the chair which isn't supposed to exist) OK So what did you want?

Hypnotist: Did you notice the chair when you avoided it?

Subject: What chair? I don't see any chair. I didn't avoid anything.

Hypnotist asks another member to go to the chair and sit down in it. Now do you see a chair? Is X sitting in a chair?

Subject: I'm sorry, I still don't see any chair. X is squatting. There is nothing else to see.

What the hypnotist has done is split the subject's mind into unconscious compulsions that cannot be addressed because the subject doesn't realize they exist--and conscious rationalizations which will support the compulsions. It's quite clever because the hypnotist can rely on the subject to provide his or her own justifications which will make sense to the subject (even if they don't make sense to anyone else).

It is worthless to argue against the subject's rationalizations, because they exist only to support the deeper compulsion which the subject doesn't realize has been imposed on him. Actually most subjects vehemently deny that they have been influenced because now the influence is inside them.

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In general, I'm not a fan of surveys, but the more data and the more it fits with other forms of data, the more valid it stands as secondary or tertiary evidence.

There are biases to consider, always, but those can also be thought through to some degree.

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Steve, is there any way to find out even though a FOIA if any of these ACIP committee members have received payments from big pharma or govt gifts or such? I mean there was the 35 million NIH stuff recently released. Could we find out similar information exists for these member committees?? That would be the bombshell of the century and May take some serious undercover work but if so then bam! Explains why they keep approving without data to back the approvals.

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Thank you so much for speaking for us. (for myself no doubt) I believe there are strong-willed, good, decent people like yourself Steve, you have impeccable intelligence which is beyond remarkable. Being in nursing for so long...this JUST IS NOT RIGHT! I'll say this again...I REFUSED the vax BECAUSE of my underlying medical conditions...what part of that don't MY DOCTORS understand??? Still ongoing, but I still refuse the vax. I'm so glad I am NOT alone. -Again thank you Steve.

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Death is rarer than injury.

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May 20, 2022·edited May 20, 2022

My congressperson (Washington State) is not listening to me either. But your example inspired me to call him and I shall reply to his quite ignorant email.

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Thanks for all you do!

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I wish I could speak to the CDC. I have been researching vaxis for 23 years using CDC information and data.

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Thanks Steve. Nice presentation ... concise and a technicolor portrayal of the insanity the CDC sells. Shopping malls in NJ have long displayed propaganda posters with little kids and the cute red bandaid ... a ticket to “fun with friends ... off to Gramma’s ... family reunion.” Smiling adult in the background. Makes ya sick. That bandaid is a little participation trophy in the Darwin Awards. Winners will be announced later.

Here is an age stratified question (referring to my age). Did I forget or cease to care? What are the implications of 1. CDC approval versus 2. FDA approval. No one is waiting for either to shoot up everyone. When the “emergency” is over I guess you need option 2 for a mandate. Something like that.

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I'm going to say that it was because of you that there was one "no" vote. That's progress. Again, thanks for not giving up.

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Thank you for doing our part whatever the outcome may be. May your courage benefit many if not now, someday!

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This ten year old picture and post showed up yesterday, exactly why we don’t want experimenting on our kids 😞 https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10166450640785092&id=780780091&m_entstream_source=timeline

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