Hi all, new info:

'Pilot warns of airline industry disaster due to Covid vaccines'

By Sally Beck

November 15, 2023


During 2022, mayday calls increased by 272 per cent. In the first three months of 2023, the increase was 386 per cent. The graph shows there was an instant, steep increase when the vaccines were mandated to pilots.

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Just saw this on reddit (random I know), did healthy 37-year olds used to die mid-flight for reasons their family isn't sure of?


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I gave my pilot a bottle of Nattokinase (a natural enzyme that breaks down clots and is inexpensive, derived from fermented Natto), and told him that I had heard about pilots having heart issues. He was grateful, but did not say anything beyond thank you, but I sensed that he knew.

I feel awful when I fly, but I am with my family for reunions and am trying to keep the peace, which would not be as easily kept if I insisted on driving.

I just wanted to do something. I hope more people just do something. Thank you Steve Kirsch for continuing to fight. Please include in your newsletter if there is something I can do. I am willing to stand outside of my local airport and hand out flyers as long as I can do so legally. Thank you

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Hi, wondering if someone can help me. I was pretty sure that Steve had mentioned in an article about a heart test that pilots should ask for that is most ideal for assessing the heart post jabs. I'm having a hard time to find it. I have a pilot friend who is interested to know what it's called to have the test done. I remember the article saying it wasn't the run of the mill test, and the FAA, if they cared about their pilots and safety, would run this test on all pilots. Anyone have any ideas?

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There is the d-dimer test, not sure if that is what you are looking for though.

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sorry Katie. I missed your reply. I finally found it it isa non-invasive test from this company:


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Just an eye browsing raising thought. I’m a 38 yr FAR121 airline pilot. Since I’m over 60 I am required to have an EKG once a year. October has always been my EKG month. This past OCTOBER 2021 my FAA AME noticed the box for a required EKG was NOT requested. He couldn’t answer why, so we blew it off till my APRIL 2022 visit. I suspect this was due to the FAA review of EKG parameters that has been modified with NO explanation. So who’s to say this issue to modify began back in last quarter of 21. And I thoroughly believe is sue to the vast number of vaccinated pilots who could not pass their EKGs. Hence the infamous pilot shortage!

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We are repeating ourselves, but it bears repeating that you (and a pitiful few others) are doing a heroic job of ensuring that our taxpayer funded govt and quasi-government entities are doing their job properly, using the appropriate medical standards, honestly serving the public, and being transparent about the whole process.

Most everything and everyone has been compromised (I am looking at you too, mass media), and it is astonishing that it takes civilians such as yourself to light and carry the torch to illuminate the darkness these entities live and operate in. Instead of enjoying your retirement or projects you are involved in, look at what you are spending your 24/7 time on!

Transparency and accountability are key!

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There are so many people in on this and with the MSM in on it as well won’t report on it. It’s going to take something bigger to help. I’m not a pessimist either.

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im in Cleveland and will volunteer to work Cleveland Hopkins international airport if needed

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how is this a secret plan, this is boring and not gonna do anything

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Is Thailand Princess Bajrakitiyabha still dead

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We are in unpreceded times as humans and things are getting terminal.

It's not just covid, it bs information about climate change, the Ukraine thing, Chinese balloons. War with Russia ect. The thing is this is all bs and a distraction.

I will plead to you but you will most likely ignore me.

1. Do not trust your government. They all lie to you.

2. Do not keep your smartphone on all the time and worship it like God.

3. Go into nature and limit your exposure to the internet.

4. Actually speak to other humans not just text them.

5. Love your family and friends that you still have. Touch them hug them.

6. If your human friends have left you. Get a dog and hug it.

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They Will fire pilots if they unnafilliate. There Will be scapegoats, and exemplary punishment as it was with vaccines/Jobs status ...! There Will be no anonimate or safety for them to freely express themselves, so the action must be in legal procedures. That preserve their rights.

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Most people do not know what an insurance actuary is. Basically, we are just mathematical statisticians that analyze risk. Some of us are independent, some work for big life insurance and other companies. I have been in the business for 30 years. It was not until covid mrna shots came out that I started seeing an alarming increase in deaths across all age ranges. I will not bore you with statistical analysis. Thats is what I will do with my fellow math nerds. But I will tell will you something. These covid shots are killing and hurting people.

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