A major problem is the medical professional boards that are decertifying doctors, nurses, pharmacists etc. Expose their connections and investments with big Pharma. Subpoena their emails.

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Get people like Robert Malone, Peter McCullough, Brian Tyson, etc. back on Twitter so that their voices can be heard and not silenced.

How about getting rid of Twitter altogether and going onto a patriotic site, to spread the TRUTH.

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Steve Kirsch I have been a fan of nearly every article you write for the past couple of months. I shared most of your work on Facebook. My posts and group on Facebook have been shrinking. So I joined your subscribers on sub stack. Cheers, may God richly bless you.

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TY Sir for your fight for the truth and our freedom and health

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The House MD TV series showed how medicine should work. House's team were all about challenge and vigorous debate. One episode had House opining that "experimental vaccines" may be a factor in the mystery illness of gulf war veteran. The show is littered with quotes about how science should be done. The show probably couldn't be made today. Current medical TV series are propaganda. There could be a great article in how House's team would have responded to Covid.

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Jan 6, 2022·edited Jan 6, 2022

There’s a doctor in my town who is well respected. Claims to be holistic. She took the jab and encouraged others to do the same. I’m not a patient there, but my husband is. I printed out an affidavit I saw online from a military doctor outlining problems and injuries seen with the jab. I highlighted portions, and then left the document under her office door while she was at lunch. I did this because I think doctors are only likely to listen to other doctors. And giving her a document allows her to take her time and peruse the information. Also, if I’m being completely honest, I want her to know that there are people in the community who know that this jab is dangerous, and that we are paying attention.

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The Dangerous Road from Canada

(or America) to Rwanda.

Hi Steve, as much as it is obvious that our local globalist gigolo Justin Trudeau is trying to pit the jabbed against those who read the ingredients first, the problem is that with the constant hammering of that junk on TV, a sub section of Canadians will believe his crap. Recently, he was witnessed pathetically glueing the words "racists" and "mysoginist" to the "anti-vaxxers." The dumb blonds of the day interviewing him never asked him if he was familiar with Jung's shadow theory.

Though the world has figured out a long time ago that his generous head of hair hides the fact his brain generates 30% of the brain power produced by a sedated hamster, the fact is that he might succeed just because he owns the airwaves through the billions he gave to those media companies. There is no Zuck to pull the plug. It would be interesting to have a scholar review the United Nations investigation and conclusion regarding Rwanda to avoid a repeat and see.how guys like Trudeau, Gruesome Newsome and Danny Boy Andrew square against those who cranked up the hatred for a few years before D day... or machete day in Rwanda. A lot of folks don't see parallels with Hitler, etc. because it is too old but Rwanda was pretty darn real and happened during the lifetime.of most adults.

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Jan 4, 2022·edited Jan 4, 2022

How about asking people to ring up their doctors (or go in for an appointment, whatever seems best) and ask them to oppose all vaccines and all mandates.

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Steve, Joe Rogan may save the world.......... My previously brainwashed and double jabbed son (age 33) has been listening to Joe Rogan on Spotify and is swinging around after hearing both Peter McCollough and Robert Malone. He is now refusing to get a booster and would never get any of his children vaxxed. Not quite there yet on Ivermectin etc but at least would gargle 1% Betadine and gargle it when infected.

He works for Spotify and said Joe Rogan is the biggest podcaster in the world now and has 3 million followers in Australia alone. No wonder Spotify paid him $100M to be exclusive to them.

My son doesn't think Spotify will de platform him as he's now worth too much money to them and they are a fairly open minded bunch anyway.

Only 3 weeks ago my son thought I was fuckin' nuts and he was guzzling the Kool-Aid by the bucketful. He was begging me to get jabbed.

He will now influence my other younger children because they will listen to him. I seriously believe Joe Rogan might be responsible for saving the lives of my 3 children. I just wept tears of joy after hearing my son tell me the news today after I pretty much decided to shut up and say nothing for fear it would drive him further away.

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A bennie would be great. And luggage Tags so we can find each other in transit.

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We need buttons and Hats to wear to the march

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Steve, I know you are inundated with comments and ideas, so briefly..... I have 3 adult children in 20's and 30's here in Australia, who are brainwashed with the narrative and will not listen to me. I realise this Covid thing is so multi-layered and complex, it requires an incredible amount of work to swing the hypnotised back. I still find it hard to believe what is going on is true, so understand what a gap I have to bridge with my 3 kids.

Finally, my plan today......offer them each $2,000 for their time and inconvenience to just shut up and listen to my 'presentation'. We'll do a video linkup with screensharing. If they decide I'm not nuts after all and see what's going on, give me the money back and I'll donate it to RFK's fund. It will be best money ever spent If I can swing them around.

I'm going to start work on the mother of all Powerpoint presentations to give them the BIG PICTURE, not just the vaccine dangers and uselessness.

Just a mad idea...what about this becoming the basis of something we could do worldwide. Have trained presenters taking it to small groups online via Zoom etc (not Teams!!!) Make the viewers pay up front something like say $200 to make them turn up and listen. promise them their money back if they think its a load of BS but only if they sit through it, - no questions asked- money back. Use the money not refunded to roll out further. Train converts to be presenters and spread virally. A bit like the Amway MLM model.

IMO, has to start off with explaining we are in mass formation hypnosis. Then go through Gain for function, Wuhan lab, old examples from the playbook - AIDS, Ebola, . Show the same characters - Fauci Gates and co. Show the corrupted, captured regulatory agencies, and so on. Its such a big picture to explain and needs this 'super presentation' with presenters to answer questions.

Maybe we pay the presenters so they can do it as a job for the next year. If the Amway type MLM model was used, they could become very well paid. Hey, maybe Amway would be interested - I think they're going pretty badly these days and need a new product line that has no packaging or freight to distribute.

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Steve: I am sending a registered letter with many articles attached to Senators Cornyn and Cruz and Rep. Van Taylor (I am their constituent and have contributed to all 3 of their campaigns) and will include info from you, Dr. Robert Malone, Dr. Peter McCullough, and Aaron Siri. I will CC the 4 of you in and mail you copies of the packet. Are you comfortable giving me your mailing address? and do you have the address of Malone? I think I can find Siri's and McCullough's. My cell is 949-212-2414 and my email is cmonson@fastsigns.com. And do you thin getting others to send registered letters to their Senators and House Member makes sense? I am happy to share my letter and attachments of that helps.

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We of course need to do all the things you suggest, but unfortunately that will still leave us fighting against the tide, unless we address one all-important issue: CENSORSHIP.

Without freedom of speech--real (absolute) freedom of speech, not subject to the arbitrary, ever-changing and self-serving "community standards" BS--we cannot solve ANY of the things we want. Currently, one side gets to say whatever asinine thing it wants (however indefensible it may be in a sane world) and distribute it nonstop through every platform under the sun, while the other side is muzzled and shut out of the "conversation."

With true freedom of speech, the marketplace of ideas can sort this stuff out, and the best ideas, facts, etc., usually win.

The second biggest obstacle to the course correction we want is that we already have a Runaway Government:

1) When the lines between “private” industry and government are blurred and corporations are working ‘hand-in-glove’ as agents for the government to do its bidding, this is fascism.

2) When the technology companies—which control the flow of information and now serve as the “public square”—work with the government to censor free speech and quash dissenting facts and opinions, this is fascism.

3) When every editorial decision made by corporate media is designed to promote the government’s agenda and attack dissent, you have state media serving as an organ of government. This is what totalitarianism looks like (see North Korea).

4) When every mechanism designed to prevent corruption has itself been corrupted:

* different rules and consequences depending on ideology;

* district attorneys refusing to prosecute criminals and applying unequal treatment under the law based on political/ideological bias;

* judges, from local district judges to federal judges to Supreme Court justices, deciding cases (or refusing to even hear legitimate cases) in contravention of established law and legal precedent, subverting the precept of equal protection under the law;

* government itself flouting laws with impunity, violating the U.S. Constitution and the individual rights enshrined therein;

We are no longer a nation of laws. We are living in a post-constitution age.

5) When government fails to protect the natural/constitutional rights of its citizens, it invalidates itself.

It is time to recognize what is staring us in the face: Every lever of power has been captured and each and every one of our systems of “checks and balances” has failed us. THIS IS WHAT TOTALITARIANISM LOOKS LIKE.

Once totalitarianism is entrenched, it is extremely hard to dethrone. We can achieve the results we want, but, make no mistake, it is going to be a long, tough slog. The alternative, however, is not an option.

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Identify and harass the globalist voluntary active supporters. Make their lives as miserable as they make ours.

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Point out this is a gene therapy in sheeps clothing. Biotech is a gene therapy development lab for cancer. Watch the documentary made by Pfizer about this husband and wife team the run BioNtech. No doubt will be left as to what this is, gene therapy in a vaccine and the explain everything. YOU GENES ARE BEING ALTERED.

Now to scare you, look up the Thomas Malthus Theory, Bill Gates once said it is one of the most important in history. He now denies saying that, yet he is now the largest owner of Amercan farmland.

We are in for big trouble from these elites.

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