‘“BuT iT’s MiLD mYoCarDiTiS!”

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I just saw Dr. Marc Siegel yesterday on Fox--he used to be pretty anti-medical establishment. And while be says the the most young people do not need to be vaccinated, he also said he thinks that cases of myocarditis are uncommon or however he phrased it.

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Thank you, Miriam.

Personally, I stand by the concept that anything introduced into the body, which is NOT natural, like all the "meds" produced from coal tar, (thanks much, Mr. Rockefeller!) cause strange and often misunderstood reactions. "No problem, though!" "We have a new drug to combat that symptom!"

Boy, have we been duped or what?

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I sure do agree with that sentiment! Except for one thing. "Kicking ass" is too lenient and most assuredly prone to making only slight "adjustments" to the perps' directive. Their genetic pool must be dried up and destroyed. Of course, it WILL be at some time in the future, when the "Executive Judgement" has come to fruition and caused everyone NOT written in the Lamb's Book of Life to be completely burned up and GONE for ever. (referring to the SECOND death; the lake of fire)

But it has become a hope within the prayers to God that "justice" will be at least given a whiff of a chance to show its face and be deemed as the righteousness it so aptly deserves. It will never be able (in this present reality of life as we know it) to attain righteous equity for all the misery, and tears for the affected. There's just no way. So, with that in mind, all we can do is look guardedly to the HOPE of such a thing, while NEVER doubting that God will repay. "Vengeance is mine" saith the Lord.

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Craig, my friend,

What would you estimate; Half or maybe more of the world believes in the "supernatural?" Does that give credence to such beliefs? Judging from the response by the "world" to the vacc rollout and its post physical reaction including SADS, I would argue, NO, it does not. Being a "mechanic" myself, I tend to lean toward "proofs" when investigating unknown circumstances, and tend to question accepted theories. With regard to the collection of books within the Holy Bible, a similar mindset by folks is usually brought to the table when their curiosity, or necessity calls. Here we find written by a myriad of authors, a common thread, separated by distances and/or huge blocks of time; some not understanding the words they were inspired to put to record for future generations' sake. In addition amid all of this, there, couched in parallel themes, arises a description of the Character of the one true living Creator God. His Commandments given to all for their benefit and well-being, and a plethora of examples to the contrary when rejected, gives the reader insight into a Loving and Caring Creator, whose patience and enduring love exceeds our most insightful understanding. OK, you say, and might point out that "every religion" has a similar thread, but there is not ONE, not a single religion on this earth, nor has there been one, which is rich in its perfection with regard to prophetic insight. This is what makes ALL the difference between them and the one true religion; that of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The prophetic word was given to us all so that we might believe. If we reject the most obvious proof one can possibly receive, then we are rejecting the Holy Spirit's advances, and are guilty of blaspheming Him, and therefore unworthy of eternal life. If someone cannot be reached with pure and simple logic, as we find in society today surrounding the affairs concerning the injectables, then we find ourselves moving on, and in a sense giving up on that effort to persuade. It's a human trait that I wish I had less of. As for religion, we are FREE to accept or reject Truth. God's Govt honors a state of freedom to make that choice, or we'd be enchained by servitude. Who wants that?

Atheists and Agnostics are prone to being far too fast in their criticism of the believers of the Bible. They parrot the narrative that Satanic agencies have fostered and fomented throughout the ages. When one after another becomes obsolete, two more are implemented to take their place. Absurd as they are, they provide fodder for the killing of time, and the separation between peoples, through customs and traditions held. In like manner, the "higher learning" institutions will never release their grasp on the absurd, because of the paradigm they cling to, just like the agencies of today cling to their absurd lies while being caught red-handed.

What it all boils down to (and yes it appears to be a thick conglomeration of contradicting ingredients) is the one question: Who do you trust and obey? Is it the God of Creation (fundamentally speaking) or the father of lies, who would take pleasure in destroying you and I today if heavenly protection were withdrawn. God has His Church, and Satan, the copy-cat, has his. If we are given ample time and a plethora of "evidence" to make an informed decision, and we fail to do so, then we're doomed, just like the devil, his angels, and all those who do his bidding willingly, as well as those who simply turned a blind eye. The universe will not be polluted for much longer. Judgement is taking place as we speak.

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I wish I could say this better.............. but I think to the best of my understanding .... the bottom line is ..... everyone in the U.S. .... vaccinated and unvaccinated .... should consider taking between 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 grams or even more if they are sick..... of liposomal vitamin c a day in divided doses of say 1 or 2 or 3 whatever works (or regular vitamin c ..... IV vitamin c for the very sick) ..... for the immediate future ..... to clean up the spike protein and any other toxins. Even heart disease is known to respond to therapeutic amounts of vitamin c. This is what I have seen .......... 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7NoUcktt58 The Power of Intravenous Vitamin C with Dr Ron Hunninghake Sep 18, 2020

Dr Ron Hunninghake is the Chief Medical Officer of the prestigious Riordan Institute in Witchita, Kansas. In this episode Dr Ron explains the uses and mechanisms of action of Vitamin C both oral and intravenous Vitamin C and it's uses in cancer, sepsis, pneumonia, shingles, hepatitis to schizophrenia and mental illnesses.

They also discuss the problems facing functional medicine/orthomolecular medicine vs allopathic medicine and the pharmacological model dominant in our system today.

They elucidate the the mechanisms by which intravenous Vitamin C exerts its powerful healing abilities and discuss the latest clinical trials and work by double nobel prize winner Dr Linus Pauling and subsequent research by Dr Hugh Riordan, Dr Barry Fowler, Dr Paul Marik and others.

This is a must listen to episode for those wanting to take control of their health and who want to dive deeper into vitamin c research. *************************** 2. www.orthomolecular.org select "Library", select "News Releases" browse titles ************************* 3. Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon State University; ************************* 4. Riordan Clinic, Wichita, Kansas https://riordanclinic.org/ *********************** 5. Dr. Robert Cathcart https://www.optimalc.com/images/xcathcart-vitamin-c-dose-chart.jpg.pagespeed.ic.9Q4ns_Xv02.jpg ************************* 6. Dr. Thomas Levy 's website / books on vitamin c and heart disease, etc (he is also on the Board of the Riordan Clinic) https://www.peakenergy.com/articles/nh20130728/Vitamin-C-With-Vaccinations ****************** 7. www.flccc.net Dr. Paul Marik ..... his Math + protocol for sepsis in 2016 and covid19 in March 2020 ......https://www.nfam.org/interview-with-dr-paul-marik-on-vitamin-c-protocol-for-sepsis

*********************** I don't think we fully understand how many cheap and easy health solutions we are missing because we have believed the pharmaceutical / surgical / high profit model ..... over the nutriceutical / orthomolecular model. Dr. Judy Mikovits says in her books Plague, End of Plague, etc that retroviruses from the production of vaccines are causing illness / cancer across the population .... Dr. Robert Cathcart says there is no virus that a high enough, divided dose of vitamin c cannot eliminate. They are starting to use IV vitamin c for cancer ..... www.ivtogo.com C-MAX ..... livonlabs.com .......... http://orthomolecular.org/resources/omns/v15n11.shtml ...... Vitamin D ... Dr. Michael Holick, page 245 of his book The Vitamin D Solution.... a number of cancers and illnesses reduced by 50% incredible information by upping vitamin d levels across the population even to 40... let alone the benefits to 60 or 80 .... ivermectin Dr. Hulda Clark/parasites and toxins cause all illness/disease .... There is so much people can do right now if they only knew... even without a prescription ... to save themselves and their families so much loss of health and loss of life. We need to turn to the last 60 years of research on the orthomolecular side. As Dr. Hunninghake says in the first 10 minutes of the interview in #1 above ....1000 doctors in Japan are using the Riordan protocol for cancer .... please how do we tell everyone just to take alot of vitamin c and check their blood levels of vitamin d and take ivermectin periodically ? 2023 can be the year of extraordinary health if we all do this. (and extraordinary savings too)

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Dec 31, 2022·edited Dec 31, 2022

Thank God for the citizen scientists like Steve. He's the latest in a long line of first rate scientific minds to step up and help humanity. The prime example, antecedent of people like Steve is none other than the father of epidemiology who was not an academic per se, but was a family physician, and who would that be? it would be the one and only John Snow of germ theory fame. In my opinion, Steve Kirsch is flirting with becoming one of the great minds of epidemiology history right now and it's awesome to see.

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STEVE. Fantastic info, revelations.

Come on. How can any one of conscience or intellect read or believe in ANY scientific publication again after this. They are ALL tainted. All the editors and publishers just dug a deep, blind, hole following the government narrative.

You and Dr. McCullough should startup a new publishing house for heart science. It will be the only one read in 10 years-- a no-brainer.

I am ready to invest with you!

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Thank you Steve for putting a reality behind the numbers... and drilling down on the real numbers.

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Dec 30, 2022·edited Dec 30, 2022

Big pharma, the medical community, fauci, the CDC and FDA will tells us it's impossible for any vaccine to cause a death directly. If anyone happened to die after receiving a vaccine, it was the result of some mystical, unexplained event such as Saturn's moon, Titan, going into a reverse orbit, or some such poppycock.

Face it folks, we are being systematically eliminated from planet earth due to the demands of gates, the WEF and leftists who hate every human. And the damnableness of the whole shebang is that so many don't have a clue. They still love big pharma drugs even though those very drugs are causing great harm and even death. They love abortions of convenience and apparently don't mind taking a hit for team pharma.

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In your world, perhaps. Faith in my experience wasn't mental gymnastics, rather an encounter with Divine reality. I was a hippie from the 60s and early 70s, & had stopped taking any drugs in 1972. I studied physics/math and eventually got an advanced degree in astrophysics.

Like others have pointed out on this thread, I observed evidence for design (hence a Designer) in the observable universe. Surrounded by atheism I kept quiet but thoughts lurked in my mind that there might be "something more."..

One day in June, 1977... love broke through. It was like waking up from the longest dream, how real it seemed.

Unlike the trivial construct in your 'tooth fairy' barb, God managed to break through the absolute death and darkness in my life and show me His love.

There are reasons perhaps, how and why you hate God. Maybe some habits or aberrant elements in your lifestyle, in other words, sin. I don't know you but I've encountered many making similar jabs in the 70+ years I've walked on this planet. I hold no ill will toward you.

I wish you the best and most of all to know the joy, peace and love that I've come to know.

It's possible to know experimentally and not merely theoretically.

Read the Gospel of John and ask Jesus to reveal Himself to you. It's possible that it's not too late while you still have breath ...

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My wife had a very prolonged reaction to her second Pfixer vaccine for covid in April 2021. I am a physician , She had several days of fever and joint pain which lasted almost a week. Several weeks later she developed progressive shortness of breath. We went to the hospital in June of 2021 when she presciently awoke one night and told me she thought she was going to die.

She was found in the ER to have marked abnormalities of her EKG, prolonged QT interval, and systolic heart failure. She was diagnosed with Takotsubo cardiomyopathy. Subsequently there have been several autopsies showing evidence of this as a manifestation of myocarditis from Covid vaccine. One week after discharge , she suffered a cardiac arrest, and I resuscitated her in a hotel room . She had an AICD placed following her cardiac arrest and suffered no neurological sequela. but was plagued by mul.tiple episodes of heart failure which occurred over the last year and a half. We went to multiple cardiologists who were quick to tell us there was no evidence of myocarditis . Eventually found one that was willing to do a right heart cath which showed a stiff ventricle that was explained as heart failure with preserved ejection fraction. I did not believe that this was just a case of HFpEF and started a regimen promulgated by FLCCC including low dose prednisone, ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and other vitamins to attempt to ameliorate what I believe to be a case of persistent t cell mediated myocarditis. The type similar to what Dr. Bakhdi found in his autopsies . I am busy trying to find a physician who will do an endomyocardial biopsy to confirm this and start a more aggressive regimen

Matthew Feller MD


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Thanks Ray! As you correctly say, influence on any topic can be paid for! regarding your reference to 'gods', I wonder which gods you might be referring to? Mine is the sun, for without it no other earth residing god can exist! Happy New Year! Mick from Hooe (UK).

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The most distressing thing about this topic is that so many people I care about don’t want to hear it.

The gas lighting is complete.

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They shout these lies from 'high places' so the gullible public assume the lies to be valid information.

Vax makers LIABILITY would immediately burst their bubble, Covid would fade away into Flu (Mk 2) and big pharma would disappear BANKRUPT!

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed because I joined the dots.

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There are many who will never return to practice medicine and nursing in this industry that is participating in open-GENOCIDE

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