I just posted this on a Denver nextdoor:

Leif Smith

Wash Park West • Just now

Steve Kirsch has posted arguments against trusting the mRNA vaccines. He is rational, and he invites refutation. He may be wrong, but If truth seeking is important then he should be treated as constructive. I'm not sure his posts are deleted on the Washington Park nextdoor, but I've observed it happening elsewhere. We are harmed by such deletions. All points of view should be welcome as long as they are consistent with civilized exchange of ideas.

nextdoor's automated reply asks me to refrain from posting untrue things and requests that I add a link to a trustworthy source, such as the CDC or WHO.

I prefer to offer a link to Mr. Kirsch's substack so that readers have the opportunity to consider what he's saying and discover the sources he uses. Here it is: https://stevekirsch.substack.com

If my post is deleted please ask why that was beneficial, and to whom?

Steve Kirsch's newsletter


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I’m saddened by the group think or should I say lack of think!! Parents are you really going to let them inject your children?? You may be guilty of participating in their infertility!! These vaccines may make your child infertile! THEY DONT KNOW!

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Dr. Paul Offit mocked the weak evidence of the testing of 8 mice. One week later, after the CDC voted, he recommended adding the mRNA to the vaccine schedule for children. Trust nothing he says. Literally nothing.

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So glad you saved those screenshots!

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Bev sounds like an influencer. In the UK we have community health champions in many areas. These are unpaid volunteers who are encouraged to promote vaccines and discourage ‘misinformation within their existing social networks. All done for the best possible reasons of course. It’s totally nuts. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/community-champions-programme-guidance-and-resources/community-champions-programme-guidance-and-resources

An example of the implementation at the local council level:


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How long did it last? Anything that asks people to think independently on subjects they don't want on ND is censored.

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I wonder how many of those positive comments are actually from paid bots/or some sort of A.I.

algorhythm, in order to fool people into believing that the 'majority' are accepting of the 'safe n effective' kill shots. You know like how they always fudge the poll numbers during election season to try and give the perception that the election is already won by a certain party so those on the opposing side may as well stay home cuz it's not going to matter anyway.

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Setting aside the hurt feelings of censorship and rejection, it is interesting to run experiments on social media. Interestingly the response of NextDoor censors are similar to our body’s antibody response—there was a delay to initial attack and then the response became more rapid as social media zero in on keywords and posters. Since we are now all vaccinologists, we can draw parallel to antibody’s efficacy, duration, response to variants, autoimmune response, “original antigenic sin”, and many other concepts and then we can devise experiments to measure them qualitatively. Interesting.

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Is the supporting evidence for the "safe and effective" narrative pouring in yet? Truth does not mind being questioned. A lie does not like being challenged. As smart as a sack of hammers at Nextdoor.

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Things seem to be getting pretty desperate. Repetitive. Maybe take a page from Ye. CALL OUT YOUR OWN.

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Sorry, Steve. This Nextdoor post was removed too. Better you stick to posts related to cats and lighting. Animal excrement is always an engaging topic too.

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Hey Steve, why didn't you include the derogatory responses to your comment? as that would have made the thread even more amusing for me.

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Very much looking forward to reading the book Steve references.

Personally, I'm not a fan of Paul Offit though. How many people have been harmed by his insistence that vaccines are safe, pre-Covid?

For YEARS now I've asked for ANY research that shows the CDC schedule for kids is safe. And all I ever receive was this stupid IOM study that you can read yourself and quickly see how blatantly mislead we've been this whole damn time when it comes to vaccines. here's teh IOM "Study"


A couple books you can download for free about the history of the Vaccine propaganda are linked below.

Morris Bealle, THe House of Rockefeller



Ida Honoroff and Eleanor McBean "Vaccines, Clear and Present Danger" https://ia802301.us.archive.org/14/items/vaccination-a-clear-and-present-danger/Vaccination%20a%20clear%20and%20present%20danger.pdf

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Steve I am reading “Turtles all the way down” too and cannot believe the blatant disregard for the human life of children by the beasts inside these health administrations and regulators ie CDC,NIH and primarily the regulator FDA. They are criminals. Since the passing of the pandemic scam I was shocked but not surprised by their criminality that NOT ONE childhood vaccine has ever been tested with a neutral placebo such as saline to get factual background adverse event data. And to think I blindly believed in “the science” of vaccine technology before Covid. I became red-pilled on a lot of the corruption worldwide during Covid 2020, and it’s been happening in earnest since the early 1900s and I was blissfully blind to it. In some ways you can wonder, is ”ignorance bliss”? but then you wake up to yourself realising if you don’t confront it or it doesn’t hit the depths of depravity in your lifetime then your children and grandchildren will live through it so you have to do something now.

You are that person doing something now and getting the factual truthful words out to people to benefit humanity.

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And it looks like your comment has been taken down. There was a lively debate about it with 17 comments, though. One woman encouraged others to delete their comments so there would be no record of your post. Insane.

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I'm always trolling Nextdoor. I can't help myself even though they know where I live. Yeah, I posted several links to this Substack a few weeks ago in a mindless discussion of the vaxx. I'm in Hollywood, CA, and these people drive me insane. Yeah, the links were removed within 15 minutes, even though other links by compliant neighbors are still there. I got another warning. I'm hate filled and impolite. Just really insensitive.

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