I wrote an email suggesting that Dr. Marks leap at the opportunity to discredit Steve and all of his misinformation. I requested a reply, but don’t expect to receive on!

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My social credit score is plummeting...I wrote the email...how many others did as well? Feel free to copy and paste...Dr Mr. MARKS, FDA CBER Director,

You recently said on CNN, "We do have a problem with vaccine uptake that is very serious in the United States and anything we can do to get people more comfortable to be able to accept these potentially life-saving medical products is something that we feel we are compelled to do".

I would agree with you that there is a healthy skepticism causing vaccine uptake issues. Thank goodness the US public realizes this vaccine is ineffective, not to say dangerous.

If you care about what you say, they you should be eager and willing to debate Steve Kirsch and his team in public. He is more than willing to agree to your terms. So far people have just continued to spout their beliefs and tow the company line and not debate him. It tells us all we need to know if you aren't open to debate which is the cornerstone of science. If you are so sure this vaccine is effective and safe, then come forward and answer his questions and debate the data. I have a feeling you won't because the data shows it's not effective and unsafe. Again, if you stand by your word, the debate the data. No need to hide as you and so many others have because Steve is right and the data shows this is not effective and is not safe.

I will wait for your reply. I won't hold my breath. I do stand on the right side of history and know at some point this house of cards will come crashing down.

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I emailed Dr. Marks. Will let you know if I get a response.

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Jun 10, 2022·edited Jun 10, 2022

He said "more comfortable" not "less comfortable" Steve -inspired & brought to you by Pfizer's think tank 💉🐕 patent 6372224:


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Commenting a bit late. Concepts like “mass formation” kind of OK for understanding a vast swath of citizens. But highly educated guys (generic pronoun) in the HSS agencies’ leadership? Could it be prion disease? No, just to rule it out. May the depth of self-serving ambition in government where the financial rewards and stakes are so huge ... lust for the luxury lifestyle ... is more infectious than small potatoes like me can understand. I kind of think that is the intractable problem ... self image that is chiseled in stone and impenetrable. Scott M. Peck used this metaphor. Imagine the stone in a flowing stream where the current is composed not of water, but rather of facts. They flow around the stone with rippling flow lines indicating the shape of the object. Getting an admission may require something extrajudicial.

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Compelled to anything . . . . Includes lying?????

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They go on CNN etc to try and propagandise people into believing that 'the evil and stupid' people that won't take their vaccines won't debate them either.

It is all part of their propaganda deception.

People like him will never agree to taking part in open debates where the actually facts are discussed because to do so would expose them as liars who have been pushing lethal vaccine products for decades.

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I just took your advice and emailed Dr. Marks. Will keep you posted on his reply (if any).

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I sent an email repeating the offer to debate Steve, et. al. I don’t expect a reply.

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Just a thought - if you know the general area where some of these potential debate subject live or work, maybe take out Billboards on the highways in the surrounding area about your challenges to them. Let their neighbors and co-workers know that they're dodging defending their public positions, for even a million bucks. Respectfully shame them?

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"We know they are lying,

they know they are lying,

they know we know they are lying,

we know they know we know they are lying,

but they are still lying."

- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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I also sent him an email.

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I'm so tired of these FDA idiots trying to convince anyone of anything. How about we ignore all of them.

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I emailed him as well. Steve, have you ever asked Stupid Dr Dog to debate you? I think that would be highly entertaining!! He pretends to tear apart “misinformation spreaders” but it’s always with lies and actual misinformation.

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I sent an email suggesting discussion. Hope this helps. We need this!

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Steve, this probably won't make any difference in getting the pro-"vaccine" "experts" to debate you, but I suggest you consider it anyway.

A few days ago two undefeated boxers duked it out in Australia, for, I think, maybe the combined lightweight titles, and one of them insisted, in order to engage in the fight, if he lost, to have the right of a rematch, and the other guy agreed.

I think one time someone may have responded to one of your debate challenges by saying he did not want to do it as you might bring up something he was not prepared for. And that concern might be fairly wide-spread.

Some of these people actually think they are right, but they are concerned about not being as well prepared as they should, and they are concerned about going up against a high-IQ guy.

But the purpose of these debates, should they ever occur, should not be to humiliate one debater or the other, but rather to get out the facts in front of both sides, and see how each side views those facts, and to see what conclusions they reach from the facts - and to give each side the opportunity to point out the flaws in the other guy's reasoning and data.

I therefore suggest that you consider, in your future challenges, to include in the challenge a guarantee that the other person (or maybe both of you) can require a second debate if he or she thinks he could or should have been better in the first one.

Maybe, just maybe, it might loosen things up just enough, to make one of these things happen.

You are incredibly great. An amazing truth teller, with intelligence and determination.

Thank you so very much for everything you are doing.

Ned Jacobs, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands

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