Just as one does not go into a gunfight with an unproven weapon one does no go headlong toward a vaccine that is untried, and loss or no loss, he'd have been far better off stepping out and waiting for the results. Had he done that the airline would have already hired him back and restored all the pay he'd lost.

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58:05 he mistakenly says company where he meant country... but it,s not a mistake, the US and it,s stake holders IS a big giant money making company, with bosses, and employees, making profits on other companies,/countries loss and suffering.

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From RFK Jr. site, but also covered I guess in _Epoch Times: Lawsuit against an airline for vax mandate violating Constitutional bodily rights: extended to other airlines:


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Interview with Captain Snow is followed by a list of six plane crashes. The heading of the list reads " Other articles about the vaccine and pilots." None of the six articles mentions vaccine. Please be responsible with this sort of thing .. the post is grossly misleading. Thanks for all you do, Steve, and congratulations on being exonerated. Bravo. KB

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May 19, 2022·edited May 19, 2022

I’m a pilot out with heart issues from the pfizer vaccine. I too was forced to get it or lose my career. The company has not contacted me. It’s been 8 months. I had clean ekg’s my entire career. My issues began after the shot.

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Hi Steve: Your interview with Captain Snow was truly phenomenal. As much as I love to fly, I have cancelled family visits and vacations, etc.because I know it’s just not safe and your interview just lends more credence to a matter that no one is telling the American flying population about. Thank you for all of your courage.

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I know of a United pilot who died after getting the booster. He got the J and J shot, and the two Pfizer ones, and the Moderna one and then died very quickly after the booster. He might have died of fright.

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I forwarded this interview link to a friend of mine who works in a national lab(paid by taxpayers), and like everybody was FORCED to get jabbed, and decided to get that 'one only' shot from J&J. After that an old injury suddenly 'woke up' and ended up with blockage impairing 100% perfect walking and the now proposed solution: 'hip replacement'...

Just received an answer to my email:





This is much, much worse than 1939!

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EVERY company or organization in the world that mandated or coerced its employees or constituents to get vaccinated should be held liable for all damages these vaccines caused.

As the pilot in this interview notes, this liability could be massive for just his company. Well, multiply this figure by every company and bureaucracy in the world. You thought BP’s liability was high for the Gulf Coast oil spill 11 years ago; you thought those companies that once had asbestos at the workplace took a major financial hit. There’s not enough money in the world to pay the claims and verdicts that could be deserved from mandating these toxic “clot shots.”

So it’s particularly odd that the trial lawyer bar is NOT champing at the bit to file such lawsuits and represent millions of damaged plaintiffs. This tells me they know what lawsuits they aren’t supposed to file. But if they wanted to, and devoted the same resources they do to other tort cases, they’d PROVE liability in probably two weeks.

It’s ironic as hell. There’s TOO Many potential plaintiffs, which means that no cases will ever probably be filed. And if any are, they’ll be thrown out by the corrupt “justice system.”

What these companies should have done is left it up to their employees to get vaccinated or not. Then they’d definitely have no liability. Instead they mandated these jabs, which ironically (again) opened them up to massive liability. I guess they knew that the Powers that Be would protect them from any liability. They probably also all knew that they had to “play ball” to remain on the good side of Big Brother.

Of course the biggest defendant in any tort action against compulsory or coercive vaccination would be Uncle Sam itself. I mean American Airlines isn’t going to get sued because the U.S. government isn’t going to get sued. But it deserves to be. If justice prevailed, which it almost never does any more.

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I'm glad to have pilot Bob Snow on our side. I was particularly struck by the part of the interview where Steve and Mr. Snow discussed why American Airlines won't do any study of pilots to ascertain if the vaccines are causing adverse health effects. It's the same old story: Don't investigate or study anything that might produce results that harpoon the authorized narrative. Doing such a study WOULD open this company up to potential massive liability.

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Really difficult viewing, at least for me. I switched employers to avoid taking anything. Of course, I also don't have kids. So I could not say what I would've done in his position. Stand strong.

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Steve. I had to cancel my card and my pay pal and I’m set up to pay you on there. Can you send me a way to make a new subscription and cancel the old but have it start I. A few weeks as I just paid recently. If u get a letter from chase saying the bill is in question. Just ignore. I will straighten it out. What a mess! Be careful of pay pal people!

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Global Coalition Statement: Commercial Aviation and Pilot Vaccine Injury 17/05/22

Signatories from Canadian, UK, USA, Australia, France, Netherlands, Switzerland and International aviation, medical, scientific and ethics bodies.

Learn more about GAAC and its members, who include:

Canada's Free to Fly, US & UK Freedom Flyers,

Free To Fly - Canada

US Freedom Flyers

Aussie Freedom Flyers

UK Freedom Flyers

Navigants Libres - France

Luchtvaart Collectief - Holland

Airliners for Humanity - Switzerland

International Medical Alliance

Global Covid Summit

Canadian Covid Care Alliance

Health Advisory Recovery Team HART UK

UK Medical Freedom Alliance

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

Pete Chambers, US Special Ops Flight Surgeon - Affidavit

Download and read the "Global Coalition Statement on Commercial Aviation and Pilot Vaccine Injury” here:


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Steve- You are the voice of sanity. Thank you for all you do!

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The following is informal guidance for any person or aircrew who feels that they may have sustained Covid-19 vaccine injury.

Fatality is a possible outcome of Covid-19 vaccination. The final section briefly offers some pointers about things to consider in this regard.

Please leave any feedback on what follows in comments or direct email and this document can be improved.

LINK https://gaacoalition.substack.com/p/informal-guidance-for-people-who?token=eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjozOTM4Mzk4NiwicG9zdF9pZCI6NTU0NTkzOTAsIl8iOiJGeEdwdiIsImlhdCI6MTY1Mjg5MTQ4NCwiZXhwIjoxNjUyODk1MDg0LCJpc3MiOiJwdWItODkyODY4Iiwic3ViIjoicG9zdC1yZWFjdGlvbiJ9.bgyHEe7sV-JLp5MfEOyQPKB4eagmZ1r20eKqlKx_uag&s=r)

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