We've got a case of Bullies in the schoolyard - the Bullies are the criminal-minded corporate and governmental entities, the schoolyard is the world and all its inhabitants.

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Since journalism, or the lack thereof, was the topic of this particular discussion, I just wanted to say how incredulous I was to learn that the evidence as laid out by Dr Fleming seems irrefutable, and still no “reporter”, no journalist, not one newspaper (that I am aware of..) has yet to utter a word.

I will once again quote Dr. Fleming - “We have a problem.”

“Let’s roll”

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I believe the testimony was given in June of this year. “We have a problem “, Dr Fleming noted, when he explained how the Swine flu vaccine was yanked after 25 people died. But despite the thousands of deaths attributable to the Covid-19 “vaccines “, the atrocity continues and now it’s the childrens’ turn to be Guinea pigs. He reminded us that experiments on people were only done once before on this scale.. and we prosecuted the Nazis for those crimes at Nuremberg.

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I just read Dr. Richard Fleming’s testimony, delivered under oath, that the injections given to the public under the guise of “vaccines”, are actually gain-of/function bio weapons.

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I suspect they just had a snicker at the gluten free water cooler

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They will only attack you as a spreader of miss information!

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A government that is allowed to break the law during an emergency will create an emergency in order to break the law.”

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Steve, why didn't you have an option in your poll for "Seriously injured from COVID"?

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9-Year-Old With No Pre-existing Conditions Died 2 Weeks After Pfizer Shot, Latest VAERS Data Show


As more people report Covid rebounds after Paxlovid, experts insist cases are rare


Monkeypox: WHO recommends gay, bisexual men limit sexual partners to reduce spread


"He's Not The Same Anymore" - Mom Sues LAUSD after Officials at Barack Obama Academy Allegedly Bribed Her Son Into Taking the Experimental Vaccine Behind Her Back, Causing Him to Suffer Serious Side Effects


Why boosted Americans seem to be getting more COVID-19 infections - CBS News


CDC Colluded w/ Big Tech to Censor Vaccine Skeptics


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TENNESSEE GOVERNOR, LEGISLATORS PROMISED IVERMECTIN OTC. IT'S NOT WHAT WE GOT. https://honadle.substack.com/p/we-were-lied-to-by-tennessee-governor

I might buy the 18, except to many OTC MED ITEMS HAVE NO AGE REQUIREMENTS. And it's taken by kids in third world countries all the time. 80% of your immune system is in your GUT! I'm a Gastro patient, so there is a lot to learn.

The new law states, “a pharmacist, in good faith, may provide Ivermectin to a patient who is eighteen (18) years of age or older pursuant to a valid collaborative pharmacy practice agreement containing a non-patient-specific prescriptive order and standardized procedures developed and executed by one (1) or more authorized prescribers.”

Does needing a Dr Script and a willing pharmacy sound like OTC. I know way to many once prescription meds are now OTC. I take Nexium Tricare Life removed from it's Formulary, I react to the other 3. Nor is 20 mg right, Gastro said the OTC is 10 mg, False Advertising, I need 40 mg a day. Which has gone up to $30 for the 20 mg 28 pills.

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Jul 30, 2022·edited Jul 30, 2022

Yes! Statins are HORRIBLE for your body. Your BRAIN NEEDS cholesterol!


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They will respond by publishing hit pieces on the doctors treating the vaccine-injured, Steve.

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Steve, a great beginning! Suggest you widen the dissemination - way out...including other journalists?

Thanks for sharing great works!

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Meanwhile, in Ontario, Canada, 5 relatively young doctors have died inside the last two weeks. When did you last hear of something like that happening? Finally acknowledged by the media, but of course, the hospital denies that it was anything to do with the boosters. How would they know? No autopsies will ever be done. This needs to be investigated.


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Thanks for doing this Steve and for all you’ve done for humanity. They won’t respond for the following reasons:

1. FEAR of possibly losing their jobs, being seen as a troublemaker, anti-vaxer, etc.;

2. FEAR of harm to themselves and (possibly) to their families. This isn’t really talked about much, but I think it also plays a very big part and in why more people who know the truth (in Pharma, Govt, Healthcare, etc), don’t come forward. Those who are pushing the vaccine agenda are VERY powerful and will stop at nothing to silence those who speak up. Look at those whistleblowers throughout history who have lost their lives for trying to warn others.

I keep hoping there will be someone very powerful, with millions of followers and supporters, who finally comes forward and speaks the truth.

Slowly people are starting to wake up and I think this will continue. When the masses finally figure out what has really been going on, I think there will be hell to pay.

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I think they will ignore you and do nothing.

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