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#1 Can we please stop the postings of people that have absolutely nothing to do with the article at hand. They are only posting for their own gain and sick satisfaction. NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU DO TO MAKE MONEY!

#2 I don't know congresswoman Eshoo. Was she born in this country? I'm not sure of the percentage of congress that were actually born in this country. But it's getting less and less all the time. It seems most of them are USA haters. It's amazing how they keep gaining so much momentum. Let's try a new strategy. How about we ignore them on the same level they ignore us. Oh yeah and turn off main stream media, and encourage friends and family to do the same. Only listen to the media that do give us "the truth". I might be wrong, but they all seem to thrive like psychopaths, on the attention. Maybe we can starve them to death.👵😇

Just thinking outloud.

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eshoo Nov 17 2021

"Dear friends,

I’ll be holding a virtual Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, November 9th at 6:45pm with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President, to discuss Covid-19. It is a great honor to have Dr. Fauci join us and I ask that you register and submit your questions for him ahead of our meeting HERE. "

funny tho, she didnt ask the questions I submitted.

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Jan 21, 2022·edited Jan 21, 2022

eshoo newsletter dec 10 2021

"Public health experts are continuing to gather preliminary data on the Omicron variant to determine vaccine efficacy and the transmissibility of the variant. Dr. Anthony Fauci has said there's “no doubt” that a booster shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or a second shot of Johnson & Johnson's vaccine provide “optimal protection” against the virus.

On the ‘good news’ front, the FDA expanded eligibility this week for Pfizer booster shots for 16 and 17 year olds. Booster shots, along with masking, avoiding large crowds and poorly ventilated spaces, are the most effective methods to fight Covid-19. If you haven’t received your booster and it has been 6 months since your initial vaccination, you can sign up immediately for a free appointment at your County’s website below."

villain ...

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crazy eshoo is still recently booking tony fauci at town halls and urging people to get their toddlers injexxxted. she never answers me either, wonder why ???

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Steve why don’t you guys in US make an official request under freedom of information for stats showing death only from Covid - not with covid - plus age breakdown. Like this stats from England. Surly Congress members can request such info. See this link: https://www.ons.gov.uk/aboutus/transparencyandgovernance/freedomofinformationfoi/covid19deathsandautopsiesfeb2020todec2021

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Awesome job Steve! God bless you forever!

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Steve you are doing a great job but these questions need phrasing more forcibly. Someone below has made a good suggestion for improvement.

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We do not have a government in the US. We have a world government as predicted years ago. Covid is a central bank coup of the globe. Look at Australia and Austria and Canada and what they are doing to the commoners ( this is what we are to them ) in these occupied countries. This is getting super serious now as we keep asking questions like " how do you think this end"? Steve: You do ask this question of many that you have conversations with. If you were to ask me I would say " We are being exterminated and if we do not start to fight like our lives depend on it we are done like dinner". This is a complete and total purposeful overreaction and purposeful mishandling of a non-emergency ( considering early treatments ) that the injections are making worse.

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You forgot to mention that she had Fauci at one of her "phone in Town Hall meetings", maybe you should ask her whether he should be indicted for lying to Congress, amongst his many crimes. I suspect her biggest supporters are Big Pharma, tis them that she serves.

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Thank you for all that you do, Steve. I wrote an email to Anna Eshoo and I got back a form letter saying she is following the CDC guidelines. Personally, I don't think there is any understanding of anything outside the mainstream media by our reps in CA. Creating some awareness of the science and injuries would be a start. How can they answer questions when they are following orders and all are in lockstep? Focused prevention, with choice is the key, not universal mandates. Britain just dropped it's vaccine passport mandates after pressure from citizens. It can happen here.

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Of course this isn't legal, but everyone who is pro-forced-injections should be asked to sign this paper:


Pro-vaccine pledge

As I think it’s important to force healthcare workers to take the covid injections, and to exclude non-injected people from some places, I pledge to support the injection manufactures by:

1) Take a covid injection every 3 months for the rest of my life regardless of efficiency, cost, or harm to my health.

2) Only get healthcare and healthcare advice from politicians with no medical skills.

Signature of the person who isn’t an antivaxxer threat to society

Texted name


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Steve, you're doing so much great work on behalf of these issues. But I'm afraid this could be a stronger message. These questions are diffusive rather than assumptive.

Here's how I would phrase them.

1. Does the Congresswoman support informed consent, as codified in the Nuremberg articles and various state and Federal Laws?

2. What are your plans to address the many vaccine-injured individuals who have been coming forward without receiving support from the government, media, or the indemnified pharmaceutical companies who harmed them?

3. Would you be willing to meet with an advocate group about vaccine safety, including those who have been personally injured?

4. Here is a video which expresses the pain of vaccine injured individuals, who must bear not only the serious medical consequences of these rushed injections, but disbelief and outright censorship.

I thought we as a society were in favor of consent and believing victims.

May I count on your support in ending all mandates and legislating compensation for those who sacrificed their health based on government assurance?

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Been thinking about you Steve and whether your kids took the booster yet for college. My son does not want to mix and match as he is worried about another shot. His first shot of J&J made him so sick he could barely move for 24 hours. He was very scared. Now in CA they are saying no J&J available. CDC seems to be blocking it. They are trying to force him to mix and match. I won’t have it. I’ll do anything. It’s bad enough he has to take a booster in order to stay in college but now they want to dictate which one he takes!!!

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I think most of us have already let our congress people know how we feel. Unfortunately, most of them don't even bother to send a form letter back to us. Keep in mind that there is $100,000,000,000 of covid funds missing and no one is even talking about it.

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God Bless you, Steve, for your excellent work to expose the truth!!!

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