I use a P100... but rarely. It fits really closely and well. You could be smoking a cigar next to me and I'd not know it.

I have leukemia (CLL) and secondary MS and a really over-reacting immune system.

NEVER have I expected others to wear any kind of mask around me.

NEVER have I needed those around me to be vaccinated (those things have me worry for those who use them).

We each look after ourselves, and that squashes the virus. PUBLIC health has to start with each of us taking care of ourselves.

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It took Science and Logic infused MIT this long to wake up??

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Wonder what MIT will do when the next “deadly variant” arrives?

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Mar 21, 2022·edited Mar 21, 2022

Interesting. In the old days there probably might have been a competition among MIT students to devise a foolproof test to see if masks are effective. Today? MIT students wait compliantly to let the mandate recede without the admission that masks were never effective or needed! And the Authorities refuse to admit they were wrong so that they can reinstitute mandates anytime they please -- be it for a face diaper or anything else!

Face diaper -- that's a quote from Dr. Vladimir Zelenko who speaks to the big picture per his research. He's in this well-paced, succinctly edited, informative, and up-to-date video "CovidSecrets" from videographer, documentarian, and I think also philosopher, Jonothan Otto. Earlier episodes focus on ways to address both covid and the vax side effects with a variety of approaches by doctors and health practitioners. Here: https://cvdsecrets.com/episode-6-live/?mpweb=1603-885-470789

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And I doubt that young people at MIT are pondering whether or not the mouth duct tape works.

They are sleep deprived and have a to-do list of 200 items.

They don't have the cognitive real estate to give a damn.

They are not mentally capable of thinking coherently in that state of constant sleep deprivation, other than solving the stupid problem sets in a robotic manner.

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If only they would give up on the Digital currency money fueling the NWO, global government etc.


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What's the difference between "indoor" and "shuttle buses"?

Clearly a bought title of "Phd" means nothing nowadays.

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Last night at a restaurant, a guy went outside and then we noticed an ambulance.

Our friends who were with us were both vaccinated. We told them the story from last summer where we went on a snorkeling tour and a 43 year old man from Chicago died of a heart attack while snorkeling.

Later, we were talking about censorship and she said she has a friend who has a heart problem from the vaccine and her friend has to refer to the Vaccine as "the V" on social media.

At least these two normies are saying they aren't taking the booster. They are blue-pill 100%.

I think we might be winning, slowly. If they plan to force the un-boosted out of society the way they tried with the unvaccinated in 2021, they are going to have a lot bigger problem on their hands.

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Maybe now they can focus on the development of cold fusion as a source of energy for automobiles.

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No mask required at DOD facilities - then why the military mandate for a failed vaccine? Good order and discipline is the answer from some of the best military leaders.

Sometimes there are no words and then sometimes a real leader responds with exactly what needs to be said.


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Download the iOS Reddit App, and navigate to vaccinelonghaulers.

(Viewing on browser ( www.reddit.com/r/vaccinelonghaulers/ )

will give you serious technical issues due to censorship.

It even appears to limit the number of posts you can view... so I now recommend using the app rather than browsing.)

After reading these stories, no sane person should ever touch that wretched jab.

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The Narrative slowly changes so no one (almost no one) notices the bamboozle.

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Mar 20, 2022·edited Mar 20, 2022

Do you guys actually think this is a win?

This move is awfully bipolar. This more than anything proves they have no idea what they're doing and they're just doing what they are told by the world governing body and lord Warlock. Want evidence? look around. Everybody is doing it. They're the same copy and pasters. Just a bit better at math and science. That's it.

Unfortunately, I don't believe your outreach has influenced this decision.

If it did, they would have repealed the jab mandate, repented, and declared that they will never require their students and faculty to get juiced forcefully.

That's not what's happening. What the "world leaders" are doing is re-directing the focus to the Ukraine "crisis" as a way to lessen the psychological pressure related to Vid. They're deliberately inserting a rest sequence. This is psychological engineering. That's all they're doing.

Don't be naive, folks.

Who cares about this "nice move" when they still want to genetically modify everyone?

This is a load of nonsense.

We'll be back to one after the election, when ronie-22/3 arrives. I guarantee you. It's arriving because they now nullified the immune functions in billions. Look at South Korea.

In 2023, we'll get three more shots, and possibly more. And there will be more (real) casualties, when the cumulative effect of this jab and the future jab annihilates the immunological landscape.

PS. I'm willing to bet there are myocarditis or neuro cases on MIT campus due to the jabby joo, but they're keeping quiet to protect their careers.

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One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

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Hand them a box of masks. Ask them to read the disclaimer from the mask company stating they do not protect against colds, flu or viruses. Why has this ever been a question when anyone with the ability to freaking read knew they did not protect against covid from day one?

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More older friends dying faster this year than I ever remember. Latest is double jabbed with a booster...his kidneys are shutting down....and he has covid. When is the rest of the world going to wake up?

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