They are holding on tight on their "white knuckle highwire ride" - "nothing can go wrong if we just hold on tight ! - (and make sure we get a saline)"

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They will never concede they made a mistake, until you place a Sword, Axe or Pistol to the back of their heads.

They (MIT) are the Enemy, and we are in a WAR for survival. So, you and others are the Victims, and will act as prisoners must do. Shut up and start digging a Ditch for us to plant you in.

Hitler wanting a Superior Aryan Race is Evil, so it was said.

Mutating, massacring and maiming tens of millions is part of the Looney Tunes Acme Restructuring of Humanity.

Isn't Hypocrisy a wonderful thing. This time no matter what results are brought forth it's a wonderful humane act, how dare you and others question what your demi-gods have brought forth for the good of Humanity. (OOOppsa I forgot I mean the Elites) How dare I speak Ill of Evil

You should just pray to them, no need to have a real conversation, because they are better than us and what gives Steve and others the right to interrupt their plans not matter what the cost.? Science is irrelevant because it was never about helping others with the Science.

Steve, trust me If I had had your money, just like during the Reagan Years when some Star Warss scientists had mysterious accidents. Or the folks connected to the Klinton's being extremely unlucky and clumsy., It would have been a common occurrence to see Adults on Gallon milk containers,

They would have been as scarce as the true facts are in Vaers. The world is mostly devoid of Honor and Integrity.

If the Science was solid, I figure the Russian and the Chinese Militaries would have received the same Vaxxine's the other screwed folk have.

All my doctors but one in last 7 months, just about all their personnel spout all the same emotional, illogical egotistical Crap.

That is why Trump had to be deposed, their might have been some hope but our Republic is dead, and now without even an emergency cable the truck or Cable car is free, and we ride it all the way down the Alpine slope till the end.

Whatever you say about Putin , With no leadership in the Western world. Diversity will be unable to agree on what flowers at the Grave, let along who pays of it.

Why do you think the State Dept. scrubbed the Listings of Bio Labs in the Ukraine? I mean is it because they have nothing better to do?

Passivity will not save us., Extreme Force driven by controlled logic and Science and implemented by people of Integrity might.

Except for the children and helpless I am too emotionally burnt to really care. anymore and figure I should just add the Dead on an Abacus.

Talking is a waste of time and just gives them more leeway to screw us further.

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The thing is, if they're right and if they know they're right, they would jump at the chance to host you in order to prove you wrong.

The fact that they won't sure as hell seems to me to prove that they're wrong, AND more importantly, that they KNOW they're wrong.

Contemptible people, today's MITers. Credibility shot forever. FU,MIT.

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Steve, I sent their head of communications a letter calling them out. Uhhh. No response so far!

Hello Ms. Allen,

Just wondering.

Don’t you very, smart people out there in Boston care what some of your very, smart Alumni think?


20 years ago Kirsch gave MIT $2.5 million dollars and MIT cannot even find someone to “sponsor” a debate in the auditorium named after him?

Quite a “Cancel Culture” in bean town.

Brian xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

BSME graduate of the University of Illinois, 1974

Elk River, Mn

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Come to Purdue University and talk. I'd love to see that.

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Just keep roasting them. Brilliant)

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University sounds a bit like universality, a requirement for respected institutions!

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I'm not sure the Awake in this country grasp the extent of the damage being done by this mindset. Being the majority, they seem to hold the strings of progress. So, assuming the truth does finally come out, what is a fair punishment for these people?

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MIT should be relegated to a bad community college. At least a college without integrity. Stephanie Steneff is a super-genius with a computational mind, although not necessarily correct. The fact 1000 faculty members at MIT think the vaccines could not be unsafe - that they're unwilling to support a debate at MIT on the issue - proves 1000 of the faculty members at MIT are cowards.

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Well I just hope in the long run when we've won and the TRUTH comes out on just how dangerous this Bio weapon is, then MIT can also be held responsible for keeping the truth away from the people.

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"What ever happened to open-minded scientists?"

They are a rare as hen's teeth. They are the scientists who don't take grants from Big Pharma.

Yep - hen's teeth! ;)

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How much funding does MIT get from pharma and from the State via Fauci?

There is your answer as to why you are not permitted to speak.

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The zealots have made the college campus their shrine. Anything contra to their dogma is not allowed to be spoken on a college campus. The politically active Left Wing students shout down or un invite anyone who speaks out against their narrative. Faculty may disagree with the ultra Left dogma but they dare not speak out, lest they be fired like Eric Weinstein. A counter movement needs be be launched. Take a page from the radical left, they started their movement in coffee houses. Their ideas were too radical at the time to be accepted on campus. But here we are, and the tables have turned. Once upon a time in Hollywood it was the communists who were exiled for their ideas.

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I really wish you could somehow bypass the faculty and administration by getting the support of some student group, or groups, who would champion your right to speak. (Or am I living in a bygone era when students sometimes cared about such things?)

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Steve, you are in a position that most people cannot possibly understand, ( and you know that !!), you are facing unprecedented pushback in the history of our country (world), ...with your background, intelligence, influence and, (have to say, ) your $, I’m guessing you have WAY more power than you think, how you decide to move forward is up to only you, failure now is a possibility but the big picture is what matters, not trying to be preachy but do what you believe is true and right no matter the consequences and don’t give up

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