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The Davos crowd are the true insurrectionists. They all should be arrested and prosecuted for crimes against humanity and climate insanity. They are the true anti-science crowd. All of the climate models violate the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

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What a bunch of poppycock nonsense coming out of her mouth.

Climate change is a 'structural system?' What the heck does that mean?

Misinformation and climate change are the threats. Uh-huh. These people wouldn't be able to diagnose a zit.

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Apparently Denver Health v@xxd staff for preventative measures re ebola. Just surfaced in last few days. Very important issue, urgent actually.



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great list. I would add this to it. If everyone knew of this data, Congress would be forced to run for the hills and hide or act.


Del Bigtree - New DATA Reveals Tsunami of COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths

Florida Governor DeSantos and Joseph Ladapo refuse to allow this systems Engineer & analyst John Beaudoin the data showing COVID protocols killed millions and COVID shots killed a million Americans.


Systems Engineer & Analyst, John Beaudoin, Sr., delves into his recent testimony before the New Hampshire Senate where he shared the extensive data he has gathered from death certificates, revealing a concerning surge in blood and circulatory-related deaths aligning with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.  Beaudoin and Del discuss how through cross referencing of data sets, Beaudoin was able to match death certificates to VAERS reports from those who died after a COVID-19 vaccine.  Albert Benevides is collaborating with John.

Hear some of the heartbreaking instances of young patients whose deaths are directly linked to the vaccine, exposing a disturbing trend of fraudulent coding on death certificates to conceal the true impact of vaccine-related fatalities.

Chart shows remedesivir deaths and COVID shots compared against pre-2020. Huge.

This guy got Minnesota state medical records with patient names. He got death certificates and VAERS reports to put them together so he knows the person who is on the VAERS report. There is mass medical fraud in the VAERS report about cause of death.

John presented this evidence to the U.S. Senate. The dems looked down and refused to watch the presentation while the republicans watched.

Hospital Protocols used paralytics like midazolam before ventilation.

Vancomycin and remdesivir cause kidney failure - both given

Midazolam given as paralytic so patients can’t breathe and can’t fight back from intubation/ventilation.

Hospitals gave perfectly healthy people who tested positive for COVID, a test with 97% false positives — to justify giving remdesivir, vancomycin and midazolam…

Hospitals lied about cause of death to increase COVID ICD 10 codes - to receive gov payments

Doctors are purposely not looking at the protocol that is killing people.

The CAERS Act purports to help people, nope, it’s to kill them.

— John Beaudoin Sr. Author of the book, The Real CDC —

Thrombocytopenia is major cause of vaccine deaths

John Beaudoin Sr. - Filing A Notice Of Criminal Liability To the CDC, NIH, & FDA

47:00 It’s a RICO scam between the Government, Hospitals/Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies. It is the government against the people, the government killing the people.

John can prove in court that Hospitals/doctors killed patients with protocol and vaccines. Committed medical fraud by lying about cause of death to inflate COVID numbers - so they could use those fake numbers for cash payments and to coerce vaccine uptake.

What can we do?

1. Need public health transparency with data

2. Have to have criminal prosecution otherwise the behavior will not stop

These people murdered people enmass and they knew what they were doing.

3. Need to send this proof to all Doctors and say now you know, any more protocols following your reception of this proof and you are criminally liable for murder.

4. Need Grand Juries

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Possible New Topic: Denver Hospital Caught Injecting LIVE Ebola Vaccine In Workers


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I am having a debate online and brought up Ivermectin. Someone said JAMA had a study debunking Ivermectin. Does anyone have a rebuttal link or info I can share in response?

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First, read the JAMA study and see it it REALLY debunks ivermectin or just the title does. Often the conclusion does not match the factual data.

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They had “rebuilding trust” several years ago as well. Well they rebuilt it alright. I rebuilt my trust to NEVER trust the WEF, WHO, and just about most of the three letter organizations. Including FDA, oh, and public health in America.

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How utterly F'd up Canada is!

They essential purge sex offender doctors records so their licenses and careers don't suffer.

In contrast, if you even slightly went against the COVID-19 narrative and tried to stand up for your patients, the College immediately initiated disciplinary proceedings that would tarnish and damage your medical license and prevent you from getting a medical license in another province or another country.


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Vax injury heart testing. I have been in contact with the company that does the multifunction cardiogram. Not many machines in the country. A simple non evasive 10 min test like an ekg. I am not a doctor but this test is finding injury in the those who took the shot. If you want info let me know. These evil bastards need to fry for what they did to humanity.

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there is no allah

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👍🏻They are part of the synagogue of satan!

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they took epstein out! do you really think he committed suicide?

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Y’all need to get this book “The Indoctrinated Brain” by Michael Neil’s, just newly released, Skyhorse press. This book explains what they are doing to us using peer reviewed and published scientific papers, unrefutable. Buy two, give one to a loved one.

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I’m not sure who said it but “if you repeat the same lie enough times people will start believing it,” I paraphrase.

The mainstream media, the government, (CDC, HHS,NIH etc) the pharma cabal even the bought and paid for medical and scientific communities have repeated misinformation for 3 year. That this disease will kill you, you will be hospitalized, you will have long Covid, you will kill your grandparents if you don’t take the shot. The shot that is “safe and effective.” It is a psyop that scared most people into submission. So their plan is working using false info and total lies, by continuously bombarding the general population with their misinformation/lies.

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ppl should have known. The demon govt never tells the truth, plus they admitted the jab was experimental. when brandon said you would not get sick if you got jabbed ppl should have known it was a lie. no virus can be stopped by vaccines, never have, never will. but this is a bioweapon. get jab or lose job took away your democracy-freedom of choice. They are already doing it and saying conservatives and trump will destroy your democracy. Vote for whomever you want to but stop believing their lies. 🤥👹

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"If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself."

Joseph Goebbels

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