Perhaps this has been mentioned in the 369 posts, but she might want to look into Dr. Bryan Ardis' work. He has the proof the jabs are created with various venoms. His protocol to rid the body of the venom is fairly easy to implement.

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Tell Marsha Gee to contact Dr. David G. Sas, 724-864-8488, he can help get the bad jabs mRNA off the body's cellular DNA; and he can help with detoxing it out of the body.


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Hi Steve,

any news on how Marsha is doing 2.5 years later? Thanks for dedicating a post/story about her plight as I had emailed her back in 2021. I am glad to hear she's survived as it sounded like she had very serious vaxx induced injuries with no help from her world of western medicine MD's she used to work with. Hope she's doing better.

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I'm a nurse for 45 I never even take flu shots because i know the crap toxins that are in them. So when this bullshit came along I went directly to the website which was still up. I proceeded to read the full ingredients...wow shit I had never heard of, so I begin to dig. Pure toxins mRNA nanoparticles to change your DNA. I said hell NO this is a kill shot I'm not new to their depopulation motives, I warned everyone I knew. Do Not take this crap. Some listened because I was a nurse, the rest thought I was talking science-fiction with a tin foil hat on. I guess everyone has found out. Well not everyone. Sad, they didn't listen. I'm a straight shooting kind of gal. I never lie about anything medical.

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I will never trust the medical community again. My heart goes out to those that have been vaccine injured. Neither my husband nor I took any of these experimental jabs because they were not properly tested. Now I will never take another shot of any kind again and will only go to the Dr. in an extreme emergency - life or death. No trust left.

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I (female) and three other people I know (two females, one male) have had bad Urinary Tract Infections after being vaccinated. One, who had it the most chronic, one for almost 4 months and it wasn’t responding to any antibiotics. One female had never had one before in her life and her and the male got theirs after they had boosters. Both them and I felt like they weren’t completely gone after a round of antibiotics and I had two within a few weeks of each other. The one with the worst UTI had an allergic reaction to a Penicillin family antibiotic she had no problems with before being vaccinated. It was so bad she refused the booster. Another friend who is not in this UTI group also had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic (not sure if it’s penicillin related or not) when she previously had no allergies prior, after be prescribed the antibiotic for a gut infection. I had the J&J and everyone else had a two mRNA one. Not sure which ones they got.

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As a vaccine inured Parent of 2 out of 3 vaccine injured adult children and a previous hospice and chronic care medical worker, Im honestly at the point after 34 years where I see the silver linings of this horrific Domocide: Finally the ADULTS will get a taste of what those of us who have dealt with infant or child vaccine injuries/SIDS have dealt with. This time its SADS. Im sorry to say it seems to have HAD to come to this. Im tired of being gaslit for 34 years and I just hope to God those alll connected to this Domocide are tried, prosecuted, and then put in jail for life, stripped of all assets and injected with ALL; Childhood vaccines, Adult vaccines and every one of the Covid shots and boosters. Fuck them all.

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We are in the uk and my mum had the vaccine and her symptoms after was and still are as follows -

She is insulin dependent diabetic - no amount of insulin would keep her blood sugar levels below 20

Numerous water infections that was resistant to all meds

Brain fog

Memory loss

Problems with speech

Problems walking straight


Behavioural and physiological changes

(Paranoia, hearing voices, seeing things)

Constant headaches

Weakness down left side which progressed to full paralysis (she had to learn to walk again)

Constantly sleepy and no energy

Absence seizures

Epileptic seizures

Swelling on the brain

Small bleeds on the brain

Bulge on the brain

Chest pains

One hospital sent her home saying it was mental health, another hospital tried to send her home saying it was mental health but I refused to take her home. I was spoken down to, threatened to be kicked out of the hospital, she was miss diagnosed twice and they refused to do an MRI or EEG, when I threatened them with legal action they finally did an MRI, the senior dr reviewed the results in front of me and told me they was clear, I now know that was a lie. My mum still isn't right but no one wants to help her and I just don't know what to do

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Steve, thank you for your tireless efforts at pursuing truth. I don’t know how you have the energy and maintain the positivity. Praying that you receive refreshment and renewal daily. Keep up the good work. I’ve been reading a long time and just now taking time to comment.

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Post covid inoculation protocol that is working wonderfully is available via autoresponder. Sent an email to cds@wellnessrods.com.

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Covid vaccine injured people need to check out the documentary at TheUniversalAntidote.com and checkout AndreasKalcker.com for more information.

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"Mrs Gee is simply suffering from 78 unrelated and unfortunate conditions all of which struck her completely coincidentally after she took a safe and effective vaccine." - a spokesman may or may not have added.

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Concerning these fake mRNA shots, I tell friends that I'm not Anti-Vaxx, but Anti-fraud, what these fake CVvax are abundantly, see https:// ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9062939

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Why, after severe vaccine injury do people persist in saying they are "pro-vaccine"? Maybe it is time to research them? They all harm. Every vaccines causes harm. There is nothing wrong with being "anti-vax" it just means we did our home work.

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Jun 2, 2022·edited Jun 2, 2022

I am so sorry for all the vaccine injured! There is no loyalty in a hospital system. I was pushed to quit after 24 years serving Kaiser Hospital. I will never be forced to take a drug I don’t want in my body. I have lost complete faith in our healthcare system.

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