Updated article at 1:48pm with data from other countries. You'll love it.

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Steve for all intent and purpose you have smashed the notion of a safe effective covid shot or any vaccine for that matter.

It is time to go after those responsible from ceo of a big pharma corp, government officials starting at the top, all the way to a nurse who administered a shot to someone who was injured or died.

I have had to witness a lot of B/S in my life but this covid b/s takes the cake and it is fake as hell, there is not a shred of truth to any of this covid narrative.

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Dec 11, 2023Liked by Steve Kirsch

I saw the videos of the presentations made at the Andrew Bridgen event last week and was very impressed with you all. I have also followed what’s been happening in NZ and the vaccine data from there. It’s pretty grim and without people like you and social the general public would be none the wiser.

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I say the same. Thank you for your tremendous efforts, Steve.

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As your page doesn't allow comments Transcriber - can I just say a huge thank you for all your hard work too 🙏🙏 😊

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Thanks for your kind words, and thanks for reading.

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Thank you for this comment.

I read the transcripts posted by Transcriber B and savor the fleeting sensation of hope. These oral histories will endure when the internet, books, and history itself disappears.

Thank God for Transcriber B.

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I too read Transcriber B.

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She's awesome!

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What’s interesting is that people STILL test, still believe the positive findings, still isolate. I’m trying to remember who noticed-a doctor, not Yeadon, said that he noticed people don’t seem to care or be interested about the truth or death anymore. For example, if people are dying in excess of these shots, then why aren’t we seeing families creating funds for awareness projects all over the world? People, families, when they got sick of cancer or leukemia for example, first thing they did was get with their community and church and have bake sales and set up go fund accounts for the sick family member. They got local newspapers to do articles about it. If the family member died it was turned into research funding or donated to others who were suffering. Yet with the Covid virus that was never actually released, with the shots that make people sick and die, we see none of this family support. Why?

It is worth addressing instead of dismissing. Are we that cold hearted? Do we not care? Are people that beat down, that demoralized? Or is it more lies about data? And I’m not accusing you or anyone of lying because I don’t possess any evidence. In a world where there are so many lies told on a minute by minute basis by politicians, media etc., is it not reasonable to assume the data you’re finding was created to be found even though it’s false? Is this the reason we see no extreme outrage, no outcry’s from-everyone?

If the evidence is true that you have discovered then the question remains, why no massive outcry from every citizen of every city, every town, every state?

Instead we only see the few people such as yourself creating data-needed data. But we’re overlooking this important aspect of why no outcrying.

In my town which is pretty big the Covid lie is still believed in this central Texas town. I kid you not my hairdresser put up a sign yesterday that said she was shut down because she was isolating due to Covid! And I’ve shown her the proof that it’s all a lie.

Did you know that the VA regularly tests for Covid? These veterans can be the worst because they just let the Va test them! As if they are still under contract and can’t say no. Yet even though we present the truth-Covid wasn’t released, Covid is a form of a cold, the tests are fear propaganda, the tests are cycled too many times to read properly etc., people still believe the lies. Yet I see no mass deaths. Our graveyards are not full of thousands of freshly dug graves. We don’t see overflowing hospitals, we don’t see funeral car processions every hour, not every day, in fact, our death rates are normal. My point is, are we not seeing the outcry because the extreme death rates are not occurring? Is the hidden data you are finding being placed there for you to be made to believe you found it? When I research I make certain I look up from the data in the internet, in articles, on websites, in books to go out and compare it to what I’m seeing in reality with my own eyes.

For example, I went to a funeral a while back. I asked the director how business was. He said the usual. That was in Indiana for reference. Yet a friend trying to bury a family member in Washington state was told there was a three month wait to bury her relative. That’s a staggering difference. Why do we see these extreme differences? Is the data a plant? What is being missed?

Look forward to your response.

Thanks for all the hard work.

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Dear Mr. Kirsch,

I don't speak very well English and I also don't know much about statistics. So forgive me my question to the first picture under

Pneumococcal vaccine curve (Medicare 2021 all ages)

900 deats on day 0

What does it mean?

From how much people died 900 on day 0?

What may be caused the 3 times higher death rate on day 0?

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One cannot categorize away all cause deaths among a population in which a vast majority were affected. This is indeed very striking, but not at all surprising to anybody who has been paying attention. People of all ages have been dying and experiencing all manner of health issues at astonishing rates since the jabs rolled out. Democide accomplished; plausible deniability becoming more tenuous as more and more people are connecting the dots.

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Interesting article. Thanks.

FYI - The plot in the “Discussion thread on X” section seems to have the 2018 data labeled wrong.

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BEAM CR 852 from 8th July 2023, 13:31 hrs: 18.5 Million Murdered by False Placebo Vaccinations



… I already know that, also that there are some 18.5 million human beings worldwide who have been outright murdered by these false placebo vaccinations, as Ptaah explained to me, which of course is vehemently denied, because the truth is not meant to be known. This, just as it should also not be known how many thousands of human beings suffer from vaccine damage for the rest of their lives. Besides, I am only telling you what I said about …

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BEAM Contact Report 757 from 15th November 2020, 21:21 hrs one month before covid injection roll-out:


It concerns the vaccinations against the Corona virus, which are to be carried out next month in various states, as I remember from the time with Sfath, but as you also said the other day.

Normally it is the case that developments for such vaccination products take 10 to 15 years, with extensive tests also being carried out and good positive results having to be obtained.

This is before they are recognised as good and correct by a medical expert committee.

But what is to be done now regarding the forthcoming untested vaccination, you said yourself that this is negligent and irresponsible.

It seems to me that these very early vaccinations, which according to you are to be carried out from December, can only come about by ignoring all the tests and examinations and disregarding all medical-ethical forms.

The fear and panic of the human beings will be consciencelessly exploited, which inevitably results from the propagation of 'preventive' vaccinations, but which I have to declare in such a relativising way by saying 'that it could be just this way', because, as you know, they would not be afraid to take me to court for business and product damage.


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Steve you are working way too hard. There is even clearer data shown at Naomi Wolf's website. Excess deaths fit like a glove with vaccination rates in country after country. You Malone McCullough everyone has been missing this. These charts are self explanatory, no need to talk till blue in the face to a bunch of math-challenged morons. Just LOOK: https://dailyclout.io/to-the-editor-shutting-down-the-correlation-does-not-equal-causation-gaslighting-tactic/

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You have also to consider other causes for excess deaths, especially Covid. That's valid for Europe, but not for start of vaccination in Australia and New Zealand because Covid was quite suppressed. For Germany and Austria end of 2022, you have also to consider the flu.

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What this stellar research and summary is missing is an updated qualified estimate of mortality rate per 1000 over the 1 year post vaccination period. That is the bottom line on risk assessment for individuals. Will it change the conclusion in terms of what should happen with these carnage causing gene therapies? Absolutely not. And we have not seen the end of the carnage from the jabs either. But it is something that is most easily consumed and most conclusive.

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There are no safe vaccines. The result is not always death but every vaccine creates more side effects than the disease they are supposed to prevent. You CANNOT mess with nature. No one really knows enough about how our bodies actually work. The only safe vaccines is no vaccine. And we need to stop taking so many pills especially when most illnesses are caused by poor habits.

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Steve, how did you get access to this CDC data?

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Steve this time variant stuff is doing my head in.

For the chart with absolute number of deaths per day after covid vaccination, what happens when you compare it to the size of the population of each day? Can you extend the chart out from now to back when the injections started being given i.e around 720 days?

As the population of people at each day must fall, because those at later days have passed through time through the first days and people were vaxxed as time passed, that makes the chart even more precarious, right?

So if a million people got vaxxed, distributed evenly over a year, after a year the population which had passed through day 1 of vax would be 1 million, while the population of passed through day 365 post-vax would only be (1,000,000/365)-died=2,740-died

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Why are so many people hating on you lately and lumping you in with Malone??? I need to know Steve, because all I’ve seen is a man on a mission exposing vile filth.

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Deep State and Big Pharma have endless dark money funds to attack both Steve Kirsch and Robert Malone from every angle.

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A massive thank you for all the work and care behind this analysis . I only hope finally some media outlet will pay attention as it seems that governments all over the world are quite oblivious about it

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Well a lot of things are said. I have been using the same vaccines in animals for 40 years in over 30 000 animals and not observed this. I could write a book on my observations. Anyway, as long as they don't mess with our animal vaccines I will continue. MRNA, no I won't do it.

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Observed what?

Have you got the records for all (or most) of the animals you vaccinated vs how many days after they died?

Do you record when your animal patients are unvaxxed?

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Yes. Of course. Many (most) of the animals are in our care from cradle (6 to 8 weeks) through geriatrics to grave. Robust contemporaneous record keeping is a legal requirement. I also once did a (short) stint back in the day on the Europe wide helpline for colleagues for a vet pharma company which included adverse event reporting. Trust me, anything major I would have known about it. One death and we would all have been buzzing.

Was profit ONE of the drivers of the pet vaccine industry? yes. Was malfeasance a feature? not that I saw. Not worth it for anyone probably. Plenty wrong in the vet industry, I could write a book on it, but people generally bark up the wrong trees.

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One factor may be that, to my knowledge, veterinary shot makers do not enjoy the same liability protection as human ones. There are also numerous confounders in doing studies, including lack of verbal feedback from the subjects and the lower emotional/financial level most people have with pets versus family.

As a counter experience, my wife's large animal vet at one point told her that every vet eventually has an animal "die off the needle" and not to be surprised when it happens.

The MRNA jabs are reportedly being used in animals now and certainly will be in the future if this isn't stopped now. The "sunk cost fallacy" is alive and well.

Thank you for your engagement here. Please be well and alert.

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Other data from other sources seem to inidicate the same trend. The more you "vaccinate" (inject mRNA spike protein generators), the more you die. See the report below. This would seem to be the opposite of what people might hope for by listening to their respective government health authorities for medical advice. Could so many government health authorities be wrong? And if so, what should be done about it?


"In the 17 countries, there is no evidence in all-cause mortality (ACM) by time data of

any beneficial effect of COVID-19 vaccines. There is no association in time between

COVID-19 vaccination and any proportionate reduction in ACM. The opposite occurs.

All 17 countries have transitions to regimes of high ACM, which occur when the

COVID-19 vaccines are deployed and administered. Nine of the 17 countries have no

detectable excess ACM in the period of approximately one year after a pandemic was

declared on 11 March 2020 by the World Health Organization (WHO), until the vaccines

are rolled out (Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Paraguay, Philippines, Singapore,

Suriname, Thailand, Uruguay)."


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"The longer the mainstream media, Congress, health authorities, and the medical community ignores this data in plain sight, the more clear it is that they are corrupt."

It was clear they were corrupt, especially the first 2 - mainstream media and Congress - long before these mRNA injections.

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