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Saw his Part II article - it's excellent - more evidence that we've all been lied to from the start.

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Right, you need to "pay" to comment on his posts. Screw that...

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Keeps the spammers away

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Marc Girardot i do not know him but I for sure won't read it based on the title I read here.

My father died last year at the age of 102.

And just like Cuomo and Klaus Schwab Marc Girardot talks of a "socilal contract" a"promise to the elderly" which is an outright Lie at best a decption to fool you.

Marc Girardot is one of them I can see through the veil.

I care about people I cared for my father until he died and I did well.

I have an Invention on which we can change this world forever to the better something that as a person I fight to this day for recognition yet those schmucks like Klaus Schwab and Marc Girardot come along like cinderella and start telling us lies and propaganda.

I won't have it.

Marc Girardot is a fake propagandist I urge you to throw away.


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Get off the sauce before posting here, that way we have a shot at understanding wtf you are saying.

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never tell me what to do!!!

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We need all the voices we can get. If you are a writer, even if you only have a modest following, I urge you to write. Tell the world what is happening from your perspective. Tell your children. We don't all have to have big megaphones like Steve or Malone. Our micro voices will resonate and lift together to create the macro tsunami with which we topple the main narrative.

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Very good.

Do not let yourself be dicouraged stand up to those clowns and make their plans implode.

It is us they want to control.

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At the risk of hijacking this entry,

I’d like to draw the attention of my fellow Canadians and others on this substack to check out a wonderfully lucid explanation of the rights and obligations of all of us under the current tyrannical narrative.


Best to all!!

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Hi Jack.

Individual Human Rights that no Government can take away from you.

That includes actions if an or any Government has overstepped it's marks.

The mark has been overstepped a while ago.

The culprits are the World Economic Fascists who control all politicians coming through their programs and they work against us as do all secret Occult societies from Skull & Bones to the Bullington Club.

By their actions these are criminals.

Today we are on the brink of a new fascism made by Klaus Schwab Henry Kissinger the Rothschilds Warburg Wallenberg Rockefeller Schiff Vanderbilts....

It must not be allowed.

Good article.


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Comment deleted
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I keep thinking about a book written in 1941 that I vaguely remember frim a social psychology class back when dinosaurs walked the earth. Escape From Freedom by Erich Fromm. Merits a

re-read today I think.

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Had to check because we read Fromm among others when I did sociology and sure enough, there it is. Three major types, authoritarianism/destructiveness/conformity, and the concepts of positive and negative freedom as well as a lot of background for the very concept itself, such as "freedom" as we may speak of it (which really is more to the character of privileges in the original sense of that word) didn't exist before the Reformation.

A conclusion I would contest seeing as it is Fromm's bourgeois and german marxist background which formed it, but that's a topic for a proper essay. I'll just say this: be very leery of anything from "the Frankfurt school" of thought as it is inherently top-down autocratic in its outset, in all subjects of academia: it is Plato's dictatorship of philosphers in new clothing so to speak.

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Your perception is accurate re Canada. I put it down to fear and a resulting deference to “those who will save us.” Of course fear can be controlled by knowledge but that requires effort and time, both meted out stingily by many people.

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I want to direct my resources towards funding of research into removing carbon allotropes from humans. Do you know of any such studies?

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I think that this kind of research is very dangerous simply because it can be used (just like cancer research) to harm humanity like the covid hoax of dr mengele.

If you want to direct resources to something worth while i got a proposal for you.

Let us create a Zero Emission World in which the purity of Air and the purity of food together with the mindset of Zen creates a new better human for the future.

It is all based on my patent the invention the Illuminati do not want you to know about.


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Dear Mr. Fritz, please stop to think. Is the research dangerous or are buckyballs dangerous.? When you find out next year that your Bucky tubes are self assembling, maybe you’ll want to take them out. Just saying, how much fullerene and graphene oxides do you want in your children?

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If you don't think you are either an animal or less so you do not count so how do you actually access a computer?

The self assembling nanobots are from Klaus Schwab and the Wyss foundation that works together with Harvard Darpa and Elon Musk.

But maybe because you do not think you are neither intelligent enough to have an opinion or a Zionist who do not have any opinion.

Get out of the way.

To cure cancer we (the people) need to get rid of what causes cancer and that is done from a psychological standpoint to an environmental standing point with change to the human way of life beginning with a zero emission environment and a healthy psychological environment where we can have honest discussions about all things that matter.

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Puh-leese. It's been beaten to death, this zero emissions tale.

Locally, the electric charge stations, marked Tesla, of course, are connected to the diesel generator behind the plug in stations. Engine runs, spewing diesel emissions and car is charged up, "not spewing emissions" as it continues down the interstate.

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I have a different opinion.

I have a patent that says differently.

Who are you to tell me otherwise?

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Count me in.

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It seems like the propaganda ministry really is changing the narrative as in moving away from boosters. https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/if-you-are-a-vaccine-company-executive https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/european-drug-regulators-abruptly/comments?

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Yes they are running scared.

But in the back they create Starlink and an Army of DARPA (Tesla) Robots which they plan to enslave all humanity with.

It ain't over until its over and there will be blood.

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Another great substacker! 💜👍🏼 We are blessed buy all this great information and writing.

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The process of capture.

Detain - transport - holding - transport - imprisonment.

Any attempt to escape should be made at the earliest possible instance. It is better to escape before being detained than it is to try afterwards.

If not then it is better to attempt before you are transported to a holding cell or camp. If not then before imprisonment.

The more you comply and the further down the chain of capture you will go, the more resources the enemy will command against you.

^^The same principles will apply here to our political escape. It is better now than before widespread use of vaccine passports. And before supply shortages and famine. And before too many vaccines are administered.

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Yesterday, THEY identified age as a comorbidity.

So, age is now a disease?

Given I am 80, I guess THEY believe my age automatically means I will die

from COVID

I never considered age a disease

I did my homework in early '20 and am on the protocol

unlike others who believed, and many still do, the tales

Fauci has been spinning

Finally, what of the two men in late 30s who died from Covid jab?

One a physician, age 38 who dropped dead bleeding out

His colleague told a patient that the decease physician had

had been treating that the deceased doctor had had the jab

2 days earlier

The other a young banker who I knew personally. As the teller told me about

him her face was ashen. "WE are all so shocked by it. He was in such

wonderful health, so vibrant"

Finally, my friend Connie who believed her doctor assuring her since

she was a 2x cancer survivor it was her chance to begin life again

(she was recently in full remission)

THEY killed her with Remdisivir and a ventilator

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Age is a blessing out of age comes wisdom.

The disease is a lie on which the fools are driven to self execution.

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So sorry for your loss. Keep sharing, a few may be moved by age and wisdom.

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He is such a smart guy. I've heard him speak in other forums. What a great addition to substack.

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Jan 11, 2022Liked by Steve Kirsch

Thanks for 'paying it forward' and helping promote another writer. Great to see people lifting others up. :)

And keep up the great work, yourself - truly beneficial and appreciated!

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Steve, I’ll just be honest. I don’t know how you get the idea that the average person can just keep subscribing to Substack after Substack after Substack at $50 bucks or more a pop per year. I am subscribed to 7 different ones now. I won’t be continuing that next year! I just don’t have the change to do it, much as I’d love to do it.

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you can subscribe for free.

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Thanks, Steve. Warm hugs.

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Jan 11, 2022·edited Jan 11, 2022

Most give you an option of 'free' with only occasional articles.

Even though you might not be supporting the Substackers monetarily, you ARE giving them a holy-grail benefit of increasing their audience and reach (a quantifiable metric that is golden for writers and influencers.)

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All my content is available for free.

I never did that for the money. (though I could use it frankly :-))

I did that originally to free my friend from their deep fear.

I started 2 years ago on LinkedIn, but no one was reading it.

Substack seems like a better platform as there's no censorship.

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Thanks, Mary. I’ll check out a few more with free subscriptions.

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Both Steve Kirsch and Dr Malone have free options, and as Mary said above, others you can read some percentage of their posts for free, and if they are worthy to be shared, it maybe that others may want to financially support the writer.

If is so refreshing to read well-written material that is not censored!

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You don't have to subscribe to read them though. Only to comment on the page. Or am I wrong?

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It depends on the writer. Jessica Rose’s was $70 a year. Others are $50 a year. Toby Rogers, bless his wonderful heart, offers subscriptions, but provides everything he writes for free. Matt Taibbi and Useful Idiots has a charge. I think most people charge, but I’m not entirely sure. CJ Hopkins was $50 a year. I don’t know if Malone or Dr. Pierre Kory charge. I haven’t looked as yet if they do. Saagar Enjeti and Krystal Ball’s Breaking Points was $100 a year. And so on.

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Same here. You can read everything for free.

If some folks are generous that is very appreciated as I am pretty much bankrupt ...

But this effort all is part of helping others. So Feel free to subscribe for free.

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Thank you Marc! I have read your 3 articles & found them informative! Can you please inform us of your background & expertise. Are you a scientist, researcher, health care professional, etc. Thank you!

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Hello Gwendolyn,

Happy you enjoyed these articles. Thank you for taking the time.

Education is business & economics, INSEAD MBA. Background is strategy consulting, where I was trained hard applying the Scientific Method ruthlessly at Booz Allen Hamilton. Basically 30 years applying the scientific method every day in complex business issues.

I am a 15-year Cisco veteran, where I led the Global Automotive Practice for 10 years, advising CXOs on Innovation.

Prior to Covid, I had worked in biotech, notably for a universal therapeutic anti-cancer vaccine company. I spent 2018 and 2019 reading the latest and greatest in immuno-oncology: Tcells, CAR-T, vaccine technologies, immune checkpoint blockade (PD-L1, Tim-3, ILT4, HLA-G...), Tumour Associated Antigen vaccines, Gompertz models of tumours, etc...

During this crisis, I have been going after all the red flags I saw , spent probably more than 4,000 hours studying COVID on numerous aspect (bit short of proteomic evolution i'll admit) pursue cross-immunity early one, the correlation with population density, the link with mucosal immunity and Asia's low death rate...

I have written 10+ articles on COVID, the "piece de résistance" is: https://www.biznews.com/health/2021/08/16/pre-existing-immunity

I am fortunate enough to be part of Panda, as well as part of Steve's team trying to underline the vaccine craze. Hope this helps.

Best from Paris,


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Thank you so much, Marc! I greatly appreciate you putting in the time and effort to understand what is going on & sharing it with those of us who are trying to understand what is happening! I remain in shock at how highly educated intelligent people have no questions & believe the Vaccine Narrative! I question what it will take to break the spell and expose the lies!

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Many have not only pay subscription options, but free options as well.

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I have read a bunch of Malones and Jessica Rose's substacks and am not subscribed. I chose Steve Kirsch only. Not because he is a doctor but because he isn't, he draws conclusions from a broader picture and I imagine he has the wealth and resources to influence change. And the business mind to direct teams.

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The entire Covid-19 narrative is a deception.

“Covid19” is a crime scene operation not a “pandemic”.

The overwhelming evidence that “Covid19” is a massive scam has been at everyone’s fingertips this entire time. Just because the "true believers" of the Covid Operation can’t figure this out by now doesn’t make me a “conspiracy theorist”—it makes them a simpleton of the lowest order.

The Pharma ghouls and their investors do not care how many people die. They do not care how many people get hurt. All that matters is protecting the “vaccine narrative.” That narrative is worth trillions of dollars and it’s the key to the largest power grab in human history.

Pharma is the principle racket today, even more so than the military-industrial complex and it is

tightly controlled by the financial aristocracy.

The government, Big Pharma, and central banks are using the excuse of a “virus” to hide from the fact that they’re assaulting us on all fronts. And millions of people are signing up for a poisonous, experimental gene therapy believing it’ll protect them from a make-believe virus.

"Covid-19" has never been about an epidemiological emergency it is about the collapse of the financial system.

“Covid19” is designed for:

1) Redistribution of wealth aka THEFT (from the poor and middle class to the insanely rich);

2) Fear-induced digital enslavement- The Great Reset/4th IR;

3) Pharma making trillions in profit and introduction of mRNA gravy train;

4) Constant bailouts for the financial sector;

5) Entrenchment of the Bio-Security State;

Rather than focus on the manufactured in silico "disease" best to focus on the crimes such as but not limited to:

1) Largest transfer of wealth to investor class in history- theft of tax dollars;

2) Slaughter of elderly in care homes through forced improper medical protocols;

3) Destruction of millions of businesses through illegal policies;

4) Fraudulent trials and marketing of experimental medical product;

5) Reckless endangerment of the public through forced inoculations;

6) Media manipulation of public using illegal fear tactics to induce compliance;

7) Purposeful abuse of children through various lockdown policies, masks, trauma, etc;


"Covid19", the 4th Industrial Revolution and Great Reset are all massive frauds to create a series of monopolies, cartels and oligopolies that govern food, energy, healthcare and the most basic parts of our lives.

The plan is for a new phase of global capitalism is enabled by national states and governments, international organisations and quangos (EU, UN, NATO, IMF, WTO, WHO, Gates, GAVI)- with no clear lines between state and non-state actors.

Fight this now or resign yourself to tyranny.

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Between the Future and a Brave New World

there is them who stop humanity becoming what our true destiny is.


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There's something foul about incorporation and limited liability. These statist tricks lead to artificial—and pernicious—concentrations of wealth, commercial power, and social control, including influence over government. Capitalism, Inc., is inherently hostile to the "personal responsibility" which conservatives are often fond of crying about. The moral hazards it generates are intrinsic to its nature, and Capitalism, Inc. is plainly antithetical to healthy communities with rooted enterprises.

On the pretext of efficiency and private property rights we get rootlessness, sludge culture, and rapacious plundering. And now, thanks to a "Great Reset", we are getting totalitarianism, which is a recurring theme in democracy, too. (The GR is basically just a radical acceleration of longstanding trends.) We would be better off without incorporation and its tricks like ltd liability, perpetual lifespan, artificial personality, and whatnot.

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You experts in the fields of medicine especially the heavy hitters, the ivy league professors, famous neurosurgeons and physicians, field leaders, Dr Yeadon, Malone, Chetty, Hoffe, Cole, Carson, Doshi, Bhattacharya, Palmer, Harvey Risch, Bhakdi, Dolores, Montagnier, Nagase, Bridle etc must join together and produce something that can go viral on the alternative media platforms.

The piece will have to be short, at least less than one hour in duration. Other sources can be attached and linked as there will not be time to go into too much depth.

Simple. Short. Powerful. Logical.

Four key arguments.

1)The need for the response is disproportionate to the hazard it is addressing and more harmful.

2)The efficacy of the vaccine is pathetic and why it cannot work well nor ever could.

3) The safety profile is terrifying, both short term and the long term epigenetic consequences and permanent health affects should make you really concerned.

4) The morality and ethical, legal consequences.

The information is out there for sure. But it is too widely dispersed. Only those who have the time, passion and somewhat skill to interpret the data are able to do so. Thus it is not escaping into the wider public fast enough.

The target audience should be the directors of small-medium businesses. Busy people of influence. They are busy and only will take advice of the foremost experts. You will need to boast your credentials. And be factually very accurate as it will be attacked.

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Thank you for this suggestion! I like it a lot! Almost everyone I know believe in the jabs + boosters! They don’t want to hear any criticism of the vaccines! I have never seen anything like this! It is very, very scary. The CDC, etc., are backing up from many of their lies, but most of the people cannot see it. For example, admitting that most people who died had 4 diseases or were elderly, that the PCR Tests are being phased out, saying death “with” & not “of” Covid, 5 vs 10 day Quarantines, don’t need to test before returning to work after Positive Test, etc. Yet they are still telling the BIG LIE that the unvaccinated are spreading the disease! We shall see where this goes!

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Please anyonr who is able to influence this to happen. Start working on a three minute speech.

Who are you. Summarize your views. Show strong data in your respected field.

This is a akin to a 12 round title fight. 3 minutes per round. 12 rounds in total. We want a knock out. We want the message out that is hard to refute.

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