Where can I find a chart of the VAERS death data over time (1980-present)?

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This is of the upmost importance. Please take the time to read this thoroughly... Rasmussin just released their survey report that they did Dec 28,2022 to Dec 30,2022. the results showed that 49% of American Adults believe it is likely that side effects of the Covid-19 MRNA Vaccine Injections have caused a significant number of unexplained DEATHS. 28% say it is VERY Likely. in addition they asked this question, "Do you personally know of anyone whose DEATH you think may have been caused by the side effects of the Covid-19 Vaccines?" 28% say YES, (thats 73 Million people)... The CDC has 770 Safety Signals in their Vaccine Data that have been ignored. As of Dec 30,2022 The CDC's VARS reporting System has received 1,494,382 reports of Adverse Events related to the Covid-19 "Vaccines". Among these are 33,469 Vaccine related DEATHS and 188,270 reported HOSPITILIZATIONS. There have been studies whose conclusions show the reports of Vaccine related Deaths and Injuries are vastly underreported and that just the Vaccine related Deaths are estimated to be more like 388,000... A just released FOIA request from a Pfizer Study showed that it is much more likely for you to DIE if you got their Covid-19 "Vaccine" than if you got their Placebo ! 1 other significant point is that most people DIE right after they get Injected. [ Within the first 24 hrs appox. 4,000 Suddenly Died, Day 1 saw appox 3,100 Sudden Deaths, Day 2 had appox 1,490, Sudden Deaths, Day 3 had appox 1,000 Sudden Deaths, Day 4 had appox 740 Sudden Deaths, Day 5 had appox 690 Sudden Deaths, Day 6 had appox 500 Sudden Deaths, and Day 7 had 550 Sudden Deaths reported. The CDC counts ALL of these Deaths as being UNVACCINATED !!! Yes UNVACCINATED !!! Actually everyone is considered UNVACCINATED untill 15 days AFTER their 2nd Injection... If no one representing 'US' in Augusta or Washington DC is alarmed enough to do something about this then we the People are demanding an investigation or a RECALL of all elected and appointed officials that are complicit in the Genocide and Mass Murder that is presently ongoing... Stand up and Do Something NOW !j wilderness has a you tube channel where he has been doing a monthly compilation of young healthy athletes dying suddenly of heart conditions, many on the field while playing. his series on this is called "What's Going On" I am going to copy the links below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhvjXeYEJnU&t=87s

vol 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZPkyQ6g66Q

vol 3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR27-QsExU0&t=18s

vol 4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v5KC-YtOjOs&t=125s

vol 5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9u3EkrM0lqU&t=22s

vol 6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EOINgQIr6lc&t=70s

do you see the elephant in the room. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFNjirSH58A

vol 7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_P8Gd-spDRc

vol 8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9IM-wbw0ZA

I've watched these numerous times last year now you can too

What's Going On? 👀

vol 9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ls2_Mrq00_o

vol 10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ls2_Mrq00_o

17,000 Medical Professionals say STOP the Experimental Covid-19 Injections NOW!!! They are killing 'US'... https://rumble.com/v230rmk-17000-doctors-sound-the-alarm-on-covid-vaccine-genocide.html?fbclid=IwAR3Yks0IPNIX3nFlfPvMw7fpP8BIuBkdZCNRb42tyrOcGWdTlgzd5oCr19k.

We must STOP this NOW !!! Maine's own CDC Director Dr Shaw sits on the panel of 15 that voted to allow the EXPERIMENTAL COVID-19 MRNA INJECTION for our Children. This issue must be brought to the attention of Maine citizens and and all of our elected representatives. All Experimental Covid-19 MRNA Injections must be stopped immediately.

signed, Hon. Ralph I. Coffman (Former Maine Legislator)

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Yeah but how many people were vaxxed? if 300 million were vaxxed and only 330k were killed by the vaccine that's just a small percentage

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I have tried to come up with an under reporting factor for the Philippines based on your data! I come up with 139! This could explain nearly all of the excess deaths we have observed here since the vaccine rollout in March of 2021. https://supersally.substack.com/p/estimation-of-possible-aefi-underreporting?sd=pf

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Thank you.

It hard enough losing your high school sweetheart, but the way it happened just ripped my heart out. Bless you!

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Oh man... So sad to hear that.

Was she forced/co-erced/blackmailed into it?

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Do we know the current and PRIOR covid statuses of those linked to deaths reported to VAERS after covid vaccination?

COVID infection itself is also logically under-diagnosed.

In the middle of a pandemic, how do we know that undiagnosed covid wasn't the culprit for most of the excess deaths?

A way to try to start distinguishing between these possibilities might be to look at excess deaths *separately* for 2020, when there was no covid vaccine available, vs 2021, when there was vaccination.

The difference seems to be of only ~93,000, which is much less than your 388,000 estimate:


The matter is still quite muddled up because 2020 had more lockdowns and masking; some might argue that these measures were keeping the excess death "down" (others might argue that lockdowns *caused* at least some of the excess deaths in 2020...).

In 2021, with the lifting of lockdowns and masking, perhaps the death rate would have skyrocketed out of control EVEN MORE without mass vaccination.

So it's really all convoluted.

The VAERS figures you present are interesting but in the end correlation does not imply causation, even less when there's a deadly pandemic in the backdrop of all this massive excess death. How do you *untangle* THE CAUSES of excess death to KNOW which ones are attributable to vaccination...?

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This is a long, drawn out story. I promise it will all come together in the end.

My wife had a compromised immune system. She was treated with steroids and low dose chemo for lupus for 12 years. Finally went to the Mayo Clinic where they confirmed she did not have Lupus.

She then (after being mis-diagnosed for 6 months) was determined to have a lung disease called BOOP. After more steroids, and being on oxygen for several years, the doctors at Washinton University Hospital in St. Louis saved her life after the local doctors overdosed her on steroids, turning her into a type 1 diabetic. She was in remission.

She was involved in a workplace accident that smashed her thumb, that was botched by workmans comp. Long story short, she ended up getting a staph infection requiring IV antibiotics, 3 surgeries, pins and screws. Four weeks into the IV antibiotics, we discovered the mail order pharmacy had sent her the wrong guys drugs. Some guy in Kansas was missing his Gentamicin for his bladder irrigation, which she injected straight into her PIC line. (If you want to be scared, look up the side effects of that drug on the Mayo Clinics website!)

Three months later, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The local doctors told her to go home and die, that she had less than 12 months. Back to Washinton University. Those doctors recommended some chemo, then performed the Whipple procedure, and she had been in remission for over 3 years.

Then Covid hit. Her doctors told her if she caught it, she would die, with all of her issues. She was doing extremely well when she got the Phizer vaccines. She started having problems with edema, was falling alot, had severe brain fog, and other issues. At the hosital for another fall, all they were worried about was the edema. They told us she had severe liver damage, which was causing the edema. They treated that with massive amounts of diuetics, antibiotics, and steroids. At her routine 3 month cancer screening, they told us they couldn't use the contrast because her kidney function numbers were very high. In treating her liver, it appeared they had now ruined her kidneys.

While in the hospital for this episode, they gave her the booster shot.

In about a month she was dead.

She died with 100 pounds of excess fluid on her heart and lungs because they refused to treat her any further. They never confirmed that her cancer had returned. They never drained any more fluids off of her. They just let her suffocate. It sounded like a coverup to me.

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What a story and travesty. I’m so sorry your wife and you endured this 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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I wish I had the words to comfort you as I would be a mess if I was to endure what you have gone thru. Grace be to God, one day you will join your wife in paradise! We HAVE to stay strong and fight this medical tyranny along with the other extremely corrupt/captured systems; Gov, big-tech, the Fed, IC, etc. I feel it's absolutely necessary to keep up with the flow of information from so many sources so we are prepared for the battles ahead. I have children and their future is in grave doubt right now. Prayers to you Randy. Take care, we need everyone to carry the word, the truth, and the way forward.

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Guy Hatchard in NZ has information that 2000 excess deaths in NZ while Pfizer Vaccine rolled out for 9 months last year -hatchareport.com

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Estou impressionada, acredito! Existe uma conspiração para diminuir a população mundial

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The jab gave my dad sporadic CJD. PRION DISEASE. Check out the CJD FACEBOOK GROUPS THE NUMBERS ARE SKY ROCKETING....My dad was extremely healthy and gone within 5 weeks of diagnoses. We all need to ban together on this...they are killing our kids now. When will we stand together and fight?

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I have read your article and the different links to other articles like cms whistleblowers data, with data about the death and vaccination.

I have worked around the stats in Belgium about booster vaccination and I believe that there is an increase in the number of death. In fact I could not reconcile the number of Belgians vaccinated with the booster particularly for the group 25-44 years old and 45 to 64. Too many deaths related to vaccine compare to the total death of these age group and the number of death for these ages groups for the years 2017-19.

I looked at the figures given in whistleblowers and check and openvaers for the number of death.

I could not find details by age group for the 9,476 deaths in the US however by states I could have it in openvaers. but they were "only "7,151 deaths. However as for the all 20.000 deaths some 7,737 age is unknown I guess that for the 9,476 deaths in the US some 2,300 age could be unknown.

However on these 7,737 deaths from the States extract, 5,275 were aged 65 or above! far from the 2,369 deaths mentioned in whistlebowers even if the date for that article was the 13/12 and mine the 17/12. The only thing I could see is that whistleblowers took one of the 2 ages subgroup (65-80 or 80+)

Based on the number of people vaccinated once mentioned by whistleblower and based on the age bracket mentioned in deaths reports (not age groups are not necessarily the same) I arrive for 65 years+ a rate of 94 deaths per million (I could refine this by dividing the 2 groups and finding the number of americans between the age of 75 and 80 who are vaccinated.

I did then some "rule of 3" (or 3 steps test) to find the rate of death per million for the age group 31-50 and 19 to 30, the results I found are:

65+= 94 per Million (pM)

50-64= 22 pM

31-49 = 7.5 pM

19-30 = 2.7 pM

12-18 = 2.4 pM

These figures make more sense. It will be impossible to apply uniformely the rate of 41 or 42 pM.

What is your opinion ?

Also thank you for your great articles/ info and works and I wish you a happy new year and hopefully truth will prevail in 2022

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It seems like you're not taking into account the presumed underreporting rate of ~44x that the article claims.

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Just noticed this recent VAERS Id# 1954456

"DEATHS; This spontaneous report received from a patient concerned 1,539 patients of unspecified age, sex, race and ethnicity."

If this is for real... Ouch !

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Does this correlate with actual all cause mortality? How about large life insurance companies and their actuarial data sets?

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I'm going to try and find some "excess deaths" data... To see how far above average the excess death are now... During 2020 there were NO signals for excess death.... A raging pandemic, yet death rates were NORMAL.... My guess is that the death rate has increased dramatically in 2021

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This does not seem to be true.

2020 seems to have had an excess death rate of at least 1%, while this climbed by an extra 2% for 2021 (for a total of 3% above what was projected as expected from 2019).


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I would love to see anything you can find.

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This is an important and thought provoking subject. If this correlates to how we think it does, then that’s the smoking gun to be used at any debate.

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Dec 24, 2021·edited Dec 24, 2021

Thank you so much Steve for this article, featuring perhaps THE most important information Americans (and people around the world) need at this time. I am spreading it around my email and social circles, and even printed out the entire article and have it taped to my counter at my store to red-pill those living in fear and ignorance, and also inform those who already understand the plandemic operation and what it is with these critical stats on the death vax. We need to stand up strong in the fight against evil, premeditated genocide, everyone!

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Dec 23, 2021·edited Dec 23, 2021

I think that in order to get to the true number, as someone in this Wayne from VAERS Analysis article has commented, we need to remove the number of people who are 65 or over likely to die in a 14 day period for any reason.

According to that commenter, the normal rate is 150 per 100,000 all-cause deaths during any 14 day window.

So if the CMS data show 189, then the true number of excess deaths that could be due to the vaccine is 39 per 100,000 people. Which still implies a huge under-reporting in VAERS, but not 44x.

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So the cdc and Fda are not interested, actually deny excess deaths? “The vax is safe”. Time for the people to reclaim their republic?

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I believe that there is a pressing need to carry out URF assessment for other databases, such as EU (Eudravigilance), UK, Australia and others if at all possible. It would provide corroborating evidence and help make the case appealing to wider audience.

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