I'm sorry if you've already addressed this but I see a Dr. Lander Foquet is trashing it on twitter. Can you comment on his criticisms? https://twitter.com/lfoquet/status/1462888024862121990

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Attorney Releases First Pages from Subpoenaed FDA Files – Shows Pfizer Documented 158,893 Adverse Events with 25,957 Nervous System Disorders in First Few Months of Distribution


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The stillborn babies are from the vax, not from covid. Here's a study showing covid had no effect. "We did not find any special cause variation for preterm birth or stillbirth subgroups. We found no changes in slope or gap between prepandemic and pandemic periods using interrupted time-series analyses." https://www.cmaj.ca/content/193/30/E1164

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I was told by a former biology PHD student that this Abstract 10712 is totally invalid as it isn't peer reviewed. Basically to say that anything it says holds no value because of that. So because of that any scientist on the left will deem it debunked, holding no value, and it wouldn't be considered by bodies like the FDA etc

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I get all of the skepticism about this because I used to feel the same way. I've learned the hard way, though, that one should have an open mind. John Ioannidis has famously said that 50% of medicine is wrong. The "consenus" often merely represents the current bias and dogma. The most important thing I've learned about science is that it's really about finding "useful models"- NOT explaining how the world really is- and "all models are WRONG, some models are useful". One should be especially skeptical about biology becauses it's all hand-waving and just-so stories. Unlike physics or chemistry or electronics, you can NOT calculate anything because biology lacks useful mathematical models. Biologists probably don't understand even 1%- of how the immune system really works.

I suggest you look at BOTH sides before making up your mind and accepting what "everyone" knows to be true. The best single book on this subject is "Fear of the Invisible" by Janine Roberts. You'll be very surprised at what the real history of "viruses" is. (Hint- it's all about the money and power and fear and control.)

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Have you ever truly "isolated" a virus per these guidelines:


1)No one doubts that endogenous "viruses" exist. They've absolutely been proven to exist.

2) No one doubts that so-called "giant" viruses exist i.e. bacteriophages, which are an alternate form of bacteria.

3) "Cellular death" in a cell culture is NOT proof that an infectious (exogenous) virus exists.

4) "Isolation" via "cloning" i.e. using computer models/PCR/NGS to generate a genome sequence + all of the so-called "variants" is NOT proof the exogenous virus exists.

5) Measles, polio, smallpox, HIV, SARS-COV-2, ebola, influenza etc. have never been proven to exist. Alternative explanations exist for all of these so-called "viruses".

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If someone was hell bent on throwing a wrench into this diabolical machine.... what they might consider doing ... is hiring a team of individuals who would be deployed to troll popular Facebook pages (politicians, celebrities, sports stars etc etc etc).

I would recommend focusing on some key points that might cause the CovIDIOTS to reconsider their position on the vaccines.

That is more feasible than changing their minds on the overall covid lie...

The way to win the war on vaccines is to fight back with the same tool that is being used by all governments - FEAR.

For example, drop actual data from the CDC vaers site such as this graph. That is powerful.


Bombard them with information on healthy athletes who have collapsed soon after being injected.

Show them data from vaers demonstrating deaths and damage to children - actual graphs. Coupled with content that tugs at their heart strings... and inspires fear https://www.foxnews.com/media/ohio-woman-daughter-covid-vaccine-reaction-wheelchair

The thing is... for the most part sites like this ... Berenson etc etc etc... are preaching to the converted ... sure they are attracting and converting some people ... but it's miniscule.

What needs to be done is an army of people --- some paid --- who direct this campaign of Fear --- along with volunteers who are willing to help. This needs to be properly coordinated so that the most effective messages are disseminated.

There is not much governments will be able to do about this ... they cannot shut these FB sites down ... there are billions of FB pages... if some block you or on restrict comments... just find others.... this needs to be relentless... if a pro vaxxer comments on a site ... go to that pro vaxxer site and bombard it with the messaging...

Relentless massive drum beat of fear --- exposing the dangers of these vaccines.

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My friend had a mild stroke days after booster. Hospital for 4 days

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Everyone I know well enough lost their balance and had memory problems . Balance issues cleared up, somewhat thru physical therapy. Their memory still fails them. However they fail to recognize and acknowledge loss of memory.

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Satanics enjoy making Christians cry.

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Sallie Robin: sorry, for some reason I am not able to find the info you sought & my browser is not taking me back to your comment.

I’ve many thousands of messages to scan, so I won’t be able to return to your query, apologies!


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I just read an article about FIFA pro footballers suffering collapses on the pitch..due to heart attacks, or other non specific "heart problems".


Many of these professional athletes needed to be resuscitated on the playing field.

According to FIFA, there's been a "5 Fold Increase in Cardiac conditions in players". (my statistical analysis arrives at a much higher increase).

Health officials cannot find any cause or indication for this sudden increase in cardiac complications in healthy, young professional athletes.

....again, and I've said it before...

It takes complete cognitive disonance for health care authorities to be capable of ignoring the obvious, or not at least entertaining the conversation of what could be causing these very healthy young men to suddenly collapse with heart failure.

The number of "unchallenged collapses" in FIFA Professional Football prior to 2021 was on average 1 per decade.

Now we have had 28 documented "unchallenged collapses" due to heart problems in the last 3 months.

And the health care authorities have no idea or theory on what could possibly be causing this sudden surge in serious heart problems in the fittest athletes in the world.

What I find totally confounding is the fact that these athletes have received a significant medical intervention prior to the sudden and NEW onset of heart complications. That is the significant common factor in all of these cases.

Its very frustrating to know that the only common factor between all of these similar injuries is a recent medical intervention in the form of a vaccine, which has a known side affects of heart inflammation, myocarditis, pericarditis, and other cardio pulmonary pathologies.

But the health authorities are just confounded, and cannot seem to connect the dots.

It's insulting to anyone with any kind of diagnostic training.

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I was pointed to a Red Cross FB page that is being hit with comments about how the vaccines are toxic and asking if it is safe to be infused with the blood of a jabbed CovIDIOT....

The site operator responds saying experts say it is safe.

The commenters ask who the experts are and for references to the research.

There is no reply.

Others are slamming them with research indicating the vaccines are dangerous ... citing VAERS etc etc etc....

So far the comments have not been removed.

What I am wondering is ... if people want to get the word out rather than setting up their own FB pages --- which get banned... why not just bombard legit FB pages with this info....

FB obviously cannot take down all these pages ... the operators could be asked to remove comments and block people but this would be whackamole... they'd just move to other sites and continue... if FB tried to eliminate them they could easily register new accounts and continue

Seems a lot more effective than marching around the block with placards.

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