found this talented singer /musician on your site- BUT it appears he hates Jews with a venom--fangs all out now! (why? why Santy Clause why?)

Oy Vey Shut it Down



The Christmas Song (about hating christmas songs by Jews)


Gets only likes so clearly he's appealing to his audience.

Maybe he doesn't know you're Jewish, Steve, but he sure hates Jews more than anything, which is odd for a man that seems to earn his living covering Tom Lehrer (a Jew), accompanying Silent Movie (by Mel Brooks--a Jew who made a moving starring mostly Jews--Cahn, Marceau, Feldman, etc) and also vocally spoofing movie musicals like Bye Bye Birdie by Charles Strouse--another MOT.

I mean c'mon--if he hates Jews so much why does he need to use their works to make his own? He can hate who he likes but it's a bit disingenuous to use them to spew hatred... he needs to use his own original works as not-a-Jew to spew, no? It's one thing to hate Kissinger who arguably IS a war criminal--but Irving Berlin? ALL Jewish song writers?

No longer wanting to support this man's work (and I would feel that way even if I wasn't the target of his venom as I'm not fond of snakes, I stay away from them, their posion)--very sad.

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Thanks for this Steve. A longtime follower and fan of Foundring, then Ragtime_rev then back to Foundring again. Kylan appears to be high on the list of disinformation spreaders just like you.

Perhaps invite Kylan and other artists to do warm up in person for one of the many meetings and conferences you participate in. This will make the movement more complete and impactful. And more fun. You all can inspire each other further.

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Update: Now I've been suspended by Twitter. Same deal...no warning, no explanation, no email, etc.


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lol. He still has a Twitch channel? Oh man, cry me a huggggeeee river

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Such bad business out of these people. Think of it - having spent so much time with the channel - perhaps years - and 100s of videos.. And then they just nuke your channel in the blink of an eye. So what do they do when what you said in the videos is finally acknowledged (I'm not saying proven true.. because it already has been proven true by many Doctors out there).. Do they offer retribution? NOPE! So that's the thing - people should NOT be doing business with these damn tyrants. Imagine if they did the same thing to your physical business.. just burned it to the ground, with no explanation or recourse. BAD BUSINESS!

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Unfortunately it's not just creators being attacked. I noticed about a month ago that I was no longer receiving replies to my comments from the usual people I talk to on the platform. I discovered that no could read my comments. I emailed YouTube several times over the month asking why I was being censored and have yet to receive a reply. I guess they think if they ignore me I'll go away.

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I reference the MTA song every time I meet a tourist on the bus from the Logan terminal to the rental car center...

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Thanks for writing about this, Steve. This guy is amazing. After watching this incredible performance: https://odysee.com/@foundring:1/i-ve-no-more-fucks-to-give-by-thomas:6 I'd be calling him if I was single. My family is rather addicted to his videos now. Amazing pianist and singer.

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We need legislation that can help curb big tech govt’s infringement of our inalienable right of free speech. If they’re going to act as a public square, they can not claim indemnity simply because they’re a “private” organization. This is fundamental to not just being an American, but to raising the collective’s awareness about the looming new world order. If we’re unable to change the laws that currently allow this censorship, then we need to create and support arenas that do.

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A neat bit of light humour to encourage the troops! TQ.

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Kirsch readers, consider doing this: go to the videos of one or two up-and-coming artists or established artists you like, and write something like the following, like I did today on a vid by the MonaLisa Twins, the interesting duo who also wrote "I Bought Myself a Politician." My note:

"Needle in haystack, but an OT note that yt is a Do-Evil abettor of ideological censorship. Learned from Steve Kirsch substack that they removed Kylan deGhetaldi's song "Speed of Science." Please, play it on Odysee ASAP, and write yr own note on a yt music vid. Music scene should not be subject to these despotism-mainstreamers."

Hundreds of needles in haystacks add-up.

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Technique-wise, Tatum is untouchable, maybe some moments of Peterson challenge that odd title, but to me, it is starkly obvious that in terms of style, J.P. Johnson, Teddy Wilson, Count Basie, Jay McShann, Bud Powell, and Bill Evans, heck, even Monk, are superior.

Youtube, you clutch of Do-Evil despotism-mainstreamers, your day is coming. Whistleblow now or wind up fired, or at least disgraced and hated by all decent people, in the end.

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If Steve has any charity to give, this guy needs a TOP lawyer.

If his 16 years of livelihood has been wiped, then he has been arbitrarily and capriciously wronged by the following:

1) a software architecture algorithm that is ill-suited for its purpose and which has caused lasting and material financial harm and distress to an individual and his proprietorship,

A) due to substandard or indifferent software engineering—sue the engineers as indifferent experts in their field and hold them financially responsible for malice.

B) corporate executives shall have had a shield in place to prevent such abuse—accidental or intentional—due to the monetization and ability to set up proprietorships via their vehicle. No different than locking a fire door in their owned and leased out building—it harms the renters. Sue the corp execs for either malfeasance aforethought for implementing a vicious retributionary device or for callous and wanton indifference and lack of oversight of their rogue or incompetent engineers.

2) a corporate policy that retaliates against viewpoint and perceived opinions counter to their accepted ones. This is viewpoint discrimination in business. The extreme claim a business could make was that parody crossed a line. Well, unless and until that line can be drawn, the company may not shut down a proprietorship. Thus, the policy is abusive as intended or otherwise the execs are awol on its effect on proprietorships—that’s indifference where responsibility is mandated.

This policy has all the hallmarks of intent, so their policy is all about retribution for unknowable causes. Ripe for a treble damage plus punitive in the $ billions.

Bottom line, the company owes this man a mint for their egregious acts.

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Listen to how Google freaked out over the word "COVFEFE" which was associated with "We will stand up" by Trumps tweet after his Saudi Arabia trip. They wrote entire position paper and algorithm to replace it with a shrug emoji worldwide.


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If you study Orwell and others - the totalitarian tyrannical takeover of societies and cultures. Censorship is the tool of evil tyrants. One of their primary targets is artists musicians, poets and the great writers as they serve a purpose to keep us sane and free. They are a threat to the globalists.

If Vonnegut, Hemmingway, etc were alive today they would be banned and persecuted.

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Thanks Steve! Still listening to Kylan. I love his truthful lyrics to the sounds of his wonderful uplifting piano playing.

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